Whoa! Somebody’s Blind.

April 26, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The University of Texas at Arlington (think Dallas, Fort Worth) was a little stunned to find that redneck white people still live in Texas.

These fliers were found on campus yesterday.

I dunno if America is a white nation but I do know for a certain damn joyful fact that Texas is not a white state.  Only 40% of Texans are classified as white and I suspect that some of them are lying just so they can attend Klan meetings.

How you can tell if someone who is brown has a birth certificate involves magic and alchemy way beyond my intelligence level.

They have a really scary website, where they smear their faces out instead of wearing a hood.  By the way, “blood and soil” has its origins in Nazi Germany.  Here’s the outline of what they call “The Texas Offensive.”

By the way, I make it a rule in life not to go places where I have to hide my face.  But then again, I am especially beautiful and I kinda suspect those guy are anything but.


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15 Comments to “Whoa! Somebody’s Blind.”

  1. RepubAnon says:

    Well, they are offensive…

  2. To whatever degree you believe you know history, you owe it to yourself to type “blood and soil” into the Googley machine and see how other people view “blood and soil”. I did and the results ARE scary. B&S is also delusional and based on misinterpreted cause and effect. B&S has all the Hitler connections a Southern white supremacist loser/traitor could want. Topped with a cherry.

  3. treehugger says:

    These groups are evil incarnate and they have been emboldened by Trump’s words and actions since he declared he was running for POTUS. We have to stand firm against this horror.

  4. “America is a white nation” sounds like a little kid banging his head on the floor because the ice cream’s all gone. No, it isn’t, and there are plenty of native Americans who could tell you that it wasn’t when it started either. And in my experience, the people proclaiming the superiority of the white race are the ugliest, dumbest, most rotten exemplars of their “race” to be seen anywhere. Crikey, just look at Bannon.

    I copied this from a mystery novel:

    “I was adopted. I have no idea of my ethnic background.”

    “I think you’re part everything. The first time I saw you, I thought, ‘Here’s what we all will come to look like when we get over this foolish idea of race and just marry the people we love. And what a glorious result it is.”

  5. You are assuming that their faces were blurred out. Maybe that’s how their faces really look.

  6. “America is a white nation.” Just like “America is a Christian nation.” Nope. Nuh-uh. No siree, Bob.

  7. They don’t call them Native Americans for nuttin’.

  8. Well, damn! I am so old that I can recall decades back when there was a sweep out of anyone who looked even slightly Hispanic. I believe that was after the guest worker period of our history, especially in the southwest. American citizens got caught up in that one cuz the cops – not ICE – had no inclination to check IDs. Or believe anyone who claimed that their birth certificate was in the family bible at home cuz they were raised not to carry such important documents around with them. Somebody might steal them! Well, after it was all over, there were people (I’m being generous here) who looked around and said, Finally, we are really a white nation. Seems as if they had a lot of begats and their descendants are now doing the same damn thing. These are, of course, the very ones who don’t believe in karma. Frankly, I can hear Karma giggling from here. These jerks are really in for it!

  9. Tilphousia says:

    Few thing anger me as much as race supremists of any ilk. It is the most ignorant and stupid of prejudices. Makes no sense defies logic. And BTY, I’m adopted. I have no background at all. It’s great. I make my own destiny unincombered by any preexisting ideas.

  10. I hate white supremacists, who are also misogynist, classist, etc haters, more than all the rest. Evil, evil people.

  11. TrulyTexan says:

    Send them my way, my dirt is low in iron, so I can use some blood in my soil. I’m sure there is a hole around here they can fill.

  12. Charly Hoarse says:

    And they use the fasces as a symbol, no feces!

  13. JAKvirginia says:

    “America is a white nation.”


    So… how come y’all went to the time, trouble and expense to bring black people here? Hmmm? Couldn’t you find any white ones?

    (To Micr: I’m on a mental and physical health hiatus. But I just couldn’t let this item go easy.)

  14. Jill Ann says:

    I’m a super-white person, since I **do** know my ancestry…plus, it’s pretty obvious when you look at me. I wish these damn people would quit making us white folks look bad! We are not all ignorant bigots.

  15. Translate it to German. It will be more accurate and might even sound better. Blood and soil = heimat. Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuehrer.