White “Identitarians”

August 31, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Alt-Right Racists, Alternative Facts

In his New York Times column this week, David Brooks dubs a rising segment of the GOP as White Identitarian.  The identity of this group was  complicated in its development, but straightforward in its result – overt racism.  White Identitarians may or may not be simply racist; its worse than that.  This group, which has risen from 6% of the party in 2005 to 40% today apply minority standards to themselves.  What this means is that these white people feel discriminated against and are aggrieved by that perception.  They want minority standards applied to themselves, even though they are in the majority.  An example of this behavior is the White Lives Matter folks that has emerged to oppose Black Lives Matter.

Like many cultish like groups, White Identitarians reinforce their own belief that they’re being treated unfairly by talking only to each other and getting their “news” from propaganda outlets that repeat that myth.  The idiocy of this belief reveals itself when these folks say something really stupid to normal people resulting in mockery. For example, they believe the term “old white guy” is actually racist and/or sexist.  Saying that is silly, of course, but these folks actually believe it and get even more offended when someone like me laughs at them.

The dangerous element of this belief?  Donald Trump is playing to White Identitarians giving rise to overt racist behavior such as we witnessed in Charlottesville a few weeks ago.  Overt racists have taken control of the GOP, and radical gerrymandering has put these overt racists (and morons) in positions of power in Washington and state capitals all over the country.  It’s tearing the GOP, and indeed, the country, apart at its racial seems and needs to be exposed for what it is – white supremacy.  Period.

How do you fight this?  Head on.  You have to call racism racism.  This is not dealt with by equivocation and the “both sides” argument.  Like Brooks says in this column – white identitarianism is noxious.  It is poisoning the GOP from within and will destroy our democracy if not stomped out quickly.

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14 Comments to “White “Identitarians””

  1. The morons of Texas (MOT) who identify with this [bowel] movement had best prepare themselves for what they’ve been asking, as they will be in a minority in just a few years. And then…….? Well, I hope — not for the sake of the MOTs, but for that of the soon-to-be-rulers of Texas—that the ruling class will not start treating the MOTs the way the MOTs treated the not-rulers over the past 100 years or so.

    oh……..”seams”, racial seams.

  2. SliderCrank says:

    At 81 years old I think I qualify as an old white guy. Looking back over my life I can see a number of situations that would have been denied to me if I hadn’t been white. I could have had several of them if I were a woman, but I wouldn’t have been paid as much.

    I could not have attended the University of Florida if I hadn’t been white, and that mechanical engineering degree made a huge difference. I also wouldn’t have been hired by IBM because I wouldn’t have had the social background to fit in with the company culture.

    These white identitarians are not being honest, even with themselves.

  3. NicaBrian says:

    Even as they move to the minority they will get only worse to maintain the present balance of power, such as the heartbreaking struggle in South Africa. More tricks, more intimidation, more laws to keep themselves in power.

    It’s a bit confusing as a white male to write ‘they’ in third person but I’m speaking of the overwhelmingly white party, the GOP. They ore more than willing to destroy the country as long as they can personally benefit in their lifetimes.

  4. If you watch the news from JJ’s Fort Bend county during the present flood danger, you will realize that the Good Ol’ Boys are in charge like they have always been. They can’t spell or even say “identitarian,” but they’re in charge, and they like it that way.

  5. The actuarial stats are such that the White Identitarians are going through a “natural attrition” and frankly I think that is what scares them the most. Hence, the cockamamie defense.

  6. Juanita Jean Herownself says:

    Mr. B, that’s so true. I watched County Judge Bob “Boss Hawg” Hebert’s press conference yesterday, and every mispronounced word reminded me that we were so much better off during the last flood when he was on a cruise and kept posting pictures of himself deep sea fishing on Facebook. For people in foreign states, Texas county judges are an administrative job and there are no educational requirements. Bob is living proof of that.

  7. It’s amazing how many people believe that just because they have the mutation that causes a lack of melanin in their skin somehow makes them superior to those that do not.

  8. van heldorf says:

    I’ve posed this question here before and received no response to it that I’m aware. Sounds like this is a good time to pose it again. I have said to a several white, polite, racists at heart; I will listen to you regarding white supremacy if you can convince me with evidence, proof, sound logical reasoning as to how you were able to choose being born white. After all, with 7+ billion pop and only about 25% being white, odds are against being born white. So, why would anyone want to choose being born non-white?
    Taking it further, one can ask the same question about every attribute of their being.
    IMO, the only choice any of us have is what to do with what we are given at the git-go period

  9. Is this P. Envy? Persecution Envy?

  10. WA Skeptic says:

    @#8: We may not have chosen where we were born on the color scale, but you have to admit it makes life a lot easier when your skin color and gender gives you an automatic head start. As Gov. Richards said “Born on Third Base and think you’ve hit a homer”. Or was that our late, great Ms Ivins (may her memory be ever green)?

  11. Studies have shown repeatedly that if you send out two identical resumes, one with a name like Jane and the other with a name like Denisha, Jane will get a lot more calls and interview offers than Denisha, and at a higher salary. Same with Stephen and Antwan. So I have trouble seeing all this discrimination against whites. Being treated equally instead of with an unconscious or deliberate advantage is not discrimination.

    But I know I lost the argument when I used the phrase “studies have shown”….

  12. Sandridge says:

    Sooo, Bobo snuffles around like a blind javelina and finds an acorn or two once in a while…yawn.

    I give him some credit this year though, he sure seems to be shocked at tRump’s overall effedupidness. I’ve seen him his usual PBS Newshour gig and he’s actually looked freaked out.
    Too bad it took him so long, must not be as smart as he thinks he is.

  13. City Pages, a Minneapolis alternative weekly paper, learned that the owner of a popular nightspot, Jaegers Bar, is a Nazi. The story was in Tuesday’s edition. Jaegers has been largely abandoned already, except for a few racist scum. Does my heart so much good and puts a a Big Smile on my face.

  14. “Identitarian”; new fancy-ass word for bigot.