White Boy Happenin’s

August 31, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, I saw another Trump bumper sticker.  Youngish guy, tall, shaved head, immediately lit up a cigarette when he walked out of the store.  Click the little one to get the big one.



It’s in his back window.

Here’s something else on my mind.

Fort Bend County, where I live, has been named the most diverse county in America.

We have 6 district courts and 4 county courts at law.  Of those 10, none are minorities and only 2 are women.  All are Republicans.  (Note: We do have a Judge Morales but he’s only Hispanic at election time. The rest of the time he calls himself an Italian.)

So, one of the judges resigned for health reasons.  And who does Governor Greg Abbott appoint?  A white male assistant DA.  A highly qualified Asian American female applied for it but nooooooo, we are going for a world record of white boys.

I’ve asked a couple of the judges if they can understand why an African American female might think that maybe she won’t get a fair shake when the district attorney and the entire judiciary is white.  They look at me like I’ve lost my mind.  “We’re fair judges,” they respond.

Hummm … I keep going, would you feel the same way if you were accused of a white collar crime and all the judges and DA were black?  The response I get?  “It wouldn’t bother me, as long as they are qualified.”

Geezeee, the word “qualified” didn’t come up until I said black.

And no, let me assure you, you would not feel okay about it.

I will put my soapbox up now.


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22 Comments to “White Boy Happenin’s”

  1. Corinne Sabo says:

    To Republidans, ‘diversified’ means not a family relation.

  2. Yes, that sounds about right. It’s important that black and minority judges are qualified. White appointees need only be fair – – skinned.

  3. I had issues similar to this in my own parish. They could not understand the concepts. They were in the “fair and balanced” mode of Faux Noose. I no longer attend!

  4. Also, excellent parking job. Clearly a person of discerning thought process.

  5. oldymoldy says:

    I actually saw a Ben Carson bumper sticker on a car yesterday. The driver was perfectly attractive and sensible looking!?
    Go figure?

  6. Doranna, I was going to comment on the parking, but on second look, there’s a driver and the backup lights are on, so Trump Boy is pulling out.

    The GOP diversity concept reminds me of a line about that from “All in the Family”, something like “Off-white, lily white, snow white….”

  7. Of course all those guys are qualified. “White” = “Qualified.”

    But the usually have to be male too.

  8. Remember during the Prop 8 court case the nutcase challenged the judge because he was gay and thus could not be impartial?

    I suggest that lawyers all start challenging judges so if it is a Whaite judge he cannot be impartial to any one of color, an atheist can challenge any judge who as delusional who still adheres to a fantasy of a magic man in the sky who speaks to them or vice versa, a pot smoker can challenge any judge who doesn’t toke, so on and so forth.

    I do not expect any to work but a big enough movement ( see “Alices Restaurant”) might shine the light on all of the inbred ( in the south that is true in every way) accepted bigotry of old delusional white judges.

  9. Rhea–Oh, good eye. But he’s pulling out badly, too. So that’s okay. ;>

  10. Trump is an arrogant, scam artist and con man.
    Just ask the “students” of Trump University.

    Of course low-information voters refuse to believe the facts staring them in the face, just as this maroon ignores the facts about smoking and lung cancer.

  11. @Dorann and @Rhea stole my thunder aboot parking etc etc.

    But it is a Japanese (not white) Toyota (not American) Camry. See if your Amerika does not include non-whites and does not include non-Americkan companies and products you should be aboot that. If you trade with non-whites and you own non-Amerikan stuff, then you are not true to the view you espouse. Instead you are a lying (to yourself) idiot.

  12. JAKvirginia says:

    And off to the right, behind the green magazine rack, the folding, metal, anti-breakin, anti-riot curtain is a nice touch. My Exxon in VA doesn’t have that little architectural enhancement. Texas, huh?

  13. Marge Wood says:

    Well, Exxon is such a good place to start boycotting. Somehow they gotta protect all those zillions of dollars that they didn’t pay taxes on.

  14. Marge, I’ve been boycotting Exxon since Exxon Valdez. Now I’m also boycotting BP because of the Gulf of Mexico “leak” (doesn’t that sound like a couple of paper towels would clean it up?). I wish I could get an electric car and plug it into our wind-powered townhouse, because I’m running out of gasoline companies I’m not boycotting. Unfortunately the electric line for the charger would have to be dug through three neighbors’ yards.

  15. DH has had a Sanders sticker on his car for a couple of weeks. People are rude in traffic. Especially at the Astros game last Sunday. He took it off knowing he was going to need to merge into three lanes of traffic..

    He ordered a Trump sticker and some more Sanders stickers. He will put the Trump one on the right side of the back window for a few days to see if anything is different. His next Astros game will be on the 6th.Then he will put the Sanders on the left side for a few days before removing the Trump sticker.

    Just a little experiment to see if and how stickers have any effect on how other people treat the driver. Sure hope nobody keys his car while he tinkers around with his stickers.

  16. No. Just no.

  17. @Crone

    That revelation concerns many of us here. Friends don’t let friends f’up and defile a perfectly good motor car by plastering a tRump sticker on it. We’re here for ya. Talk to us. Put down that tRump sticker and back away from the edge.

  18. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Looks to be driving Entitled, that fella. Though MizJJ was in position to see if the car was straight its stall when it wasn’t moving.

    BTW, that’s a real wide space and I suspect the car’s covering up a blue handicapped-parking-mark like the one in the space on the other side of the striped area. The Whataburger I sometimes (!) stop at on the way home from choir practice has that arrangement–two blue-marked parking places either side of a striped section that has the ramp up to the door.

    The attitude of the local judiciary and DA’s office sounds just the same as that guy’s parking looks.

  19. @Elizabeth Moon
    Your post made me oh so curious!

    Using Google’s aerial photography, I believe this Exxon is located at 2251 Thompson Road. Miz JJ’s photograph above shows a blue something on the far right which could be the blue painted handicapped parking symbol. Such a blue something is not visible on the Google imagery. No dispositive evidence can I find!

  20. Micr.

    I keep telling him that the only people who can afford to go to Astro games anymore are oil company folks and corporate lawyers. The price to go is getting too steep for an old retired SBC soothsayer.

    He doesn’t want to believe Astros fans are mostly @holes.

    At least he didn’t buy the sticker from Trump

  21. Juanita Jean says:

    Crone, you’re hitting powerfully close to home there with criticizing my Astros. I go to a lot of home games and pay for my own tickets. There are $7 tickets in the nosebleed section and a $20 special tonight with no stairs involved. I have $30 tickets to an afternoon game sitting in the club section. The ticket includes a hot dog, a coke, and popcorn. That’s cheaper than a movie theater!

  22. Every year we get seats in a different place. this year, they need to be Sunday games because son moved to Dallas and comes to go with his dad and dad in law. They have all been loyal Astros fans since the Astros gave straight A tickets.

    Perhaps they are all just ticked off due to Spring training moving from Kissimmee and they can’t go anymore.

    Last Sunday, they had a hard time with merging situations, hence the experiment with the trump sticker.