What We Know So Far

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Da Chipster

Well, the first half of the 2016 Republican National Convention is over and this is what we’ve learned:

→ Chris Christie is unaware of who the nominee actually is.

→ Condi Rice is unaware of who she worked for, never mentioning him by name and only once by “Administration.”

→ Clint Eastwood is a much worse actor than we thought.

→ Mike Huckabee is much creepier than we thought.

Ann Romney IS a witch. With a capital “B.”

→ Paul Ryan’s divorce from reality is final.

→ John Boehner hopes minority voters will self deport. (h/t Bob McC)

→ The GOP elite often wonder how the other 99.9% live. Actually, I’m guessing they rarely wonder at all.  (h/t BJH)

→ The GOP as a whole seems to have lost their diaries covering January 2001 thru January 2009, except for family.

→ Finally, some guy named Romney talked, but has yet to produce an original thought, an honest statement, or a complete tax return.

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24 Comments to “What We Know So Far”

  1. On Ann’s comments – “grownup” is the new code word for white man.

  2. TexasEllen says:

    The Romney campaign cannot manage four days of vetted, scheduled performance before a totally adoring audience, yet they expect people to trust them with the 24/7 of White House reality.

  3. She would like to hear Michelle Obama speak? Because she might get some pointers on speaking? Ann Romney can not be considered an articulate speaker. While we wait for the tax returns, lets ask to see her report card, and her grades for speech communication, rhetoric, and basic English. Erudition and critical thinking are banned substances for that blonde’s brain.

  4. Well Clint was supposed to be the Suprise guest, and he did suprise everybody with His “talk”.

  5. I know this is rational and not something the republican party would ever admit to…..

    But the former republican potus GW, was not invited to the convention. This is really a startling omission by the GOP.
    They know how bad a potus he was. They are admitting it by not inviting him. He had 8 years to screw up this country and what a time he had, he and his merry band of thieves.

    Yet, the republicans want the American people to think that POTUS Obama has ruined this country in 3 short years.
    Literally everything that is wrong with this country is the Democrats fault.

    I know they think Americans are stupid, otherwise why lie to us? It is much harder to come up with a plan, to have to tell the people the hard stuff and to tell your rich friends they have been on the gravy train too long and will have to start investing in the U.S and paying their share of taxes.
    Nope, it is easier to give the conservatives what they want.
    Glitz, lies and actors that don’t know what they are talking about.
    That sums up the gop in my book.

    I’m glad I read my book.

  6. Bush is to the GOP what releasing tax returns is to Romney. They can’t be seen with either of them so they hide them in a box.

  7. Bo Leeyeau says:

    Well said, Chip.

  8. Everybody with a normal number of working brain cells has read your book, Diane! I read it twice! LOL!

  9. No, no, no…She-Romney-bot is a Bitch; I am a witch.

    Now…if only I had a few strands of hair from the non-witch.

  10. Actually, I didn’t catch much – don’t see the point since it will only anger me – but I did manage probably the best point…when Clint said “Tell Romney to do what to himself? I can’t do that.” Now, at the time, I did not understand what the chair represented…so I thought it might be God he was imagining saying these things.

    Like I said, not turning in for more than a moment led to some of the best amusement. Like catching a random line in a conversation you haven’t been listening to.

  11. O would like to hear someone ask Romney about his ‘aborted fetus disposal service’
    When Romney said in his speech ‘Mr President you were elected to lead’ my first thought was the Grover Norquist statement that they did not care about Romney’s stupidity, they wanted someone with 5 finger digits who would sign what they put in front of him.
    I would say they have their perfect man.

  12. Just in time for Christmas:


  13. ks sunflower says:

    Every time I see or hear Ann Romney, the tune and lyrics of “What Do The Simple Folk Do” from Lerner & Loewe’s musical Camelot starts to play in my head.

    It is as if both she and Mitt are straining to figure out how simple folk live.

    They try to convey that they have “suffered,” but when you discover that the basement apartment was mandatory married student housing at BYU for those under 21, and that they sold excess stock to avoid working that first year or so, then

    “When they\’re beset and besieged
    The folk not noblessly obliged
    However do they manage to shed their weary lot?
    Oh, what do simple folk do we do not?”


  14. innerlooper says:

    A juxtaposition like no other! ………. mission accomplished


  15. Sam in Kyle says:

    Chip, I know Condi seems to have forgotten her boss’s name but I’m pretty sure she has posters of him all over her bedroom.

  16. daChipster says:

    Sam, playing that Divinyl’s song?

  17. Sam: I agree! I remember seeing a photo of her with GW and the look on her face was pure adoration. She was/is goobers over him!

  18. daChipster says:

    I don’t think Clint was exactly clear on the whole convention concept.

    “Okay, Mr. Eastwood, the convention will actually still be in session, so technically, you should address your remarks to the Chair.”
    “The chair?”
    “Yes, that’s the proper protocol.”
    “You want me to talk to the chair?”

  19. We also know that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is either senile or confused, or both, check out her endorsement of President Obama


  20. LongRider says:

    @daChipster #18


  21. @Bananas She was probably just drunk, but she is a scary b…witch. Or maybe she was trying to do Rick Perry one better.

  22. @Sam, didn’t Condi refer to GWB as “her husband” one time? Since Condi has never been married, it was a strange “slip of the tongue.”

    As for Ann, she has a strange little nose, which looks very different than the one she had in pictures of her when she was younger.