What Is Wrong With You, Woman?

December 06, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Susan Collins got herself in a mess of trouble when she got caught lying about the tax bill.

She told Meet the Press that the tax bill would use growth to offset the tax cut so the national debt wouldn’t explode.

She cited Glenn Hubbard, Larry Lindsey, and Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

Well hell’s bells, somebody called two of them and  –

Jennifer Rubin got ahold of two of the three, Hubbard and Holtz-Eakin. Both economists denied having ever claimed the Republican tax cuts would produce enough growth to recoup the lost revenue.

So Collins headed home to people who praised her for her courageous vote against the health care repeal to face some really pissed off people.  Some met her at the airport and turned their backs to her.  And it’s continuing.

An electrician, a nurse, a senior, and a veteran were arrested at Senator Susan Collins’ Bangor office Monday evening for refusing to leave until the Republican lawmaker promised to pull her support for the GOP “tax scam.”

“We are not trying to cause trouble, we are trying to be heard and represented,” Tina Davidson, a disability rights activist and veteran, said.

So Collins, the last Republican moderate, jumped onboard a sinking ship and is now cuddling to the donor class.

May God have mercy on her soul.

Thanks to SGray for the heads up.

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11 Comments to “What Is Wrong With You, Woman?”

  1. That’s gotta be so painful for her constituents. They were so proud of her after the snacilbupeR healthcare debacle. And now . . . . . .

    I realize there is one semi-positive thing I can say about my representative, Jason Loser. He been consistent. He was an a$$hole before he ever announced his candidacy, and he’s been an a$$hole every single day since. I’ve already contributed to his opponent’s campaign and have asked what I can do in my town. Angie Craig is simply outstanding and I think her chances against the sleezeball have to be good. I dearly want a Congressperson I can be proud of, rather than that shameless ball of a$$-kissing slime. [gag]

  2. Apologies if I’ve said this here already; things are stressful at home (very sick cat) and I forget stuff. But there is no such thing as a “good” or “moderate” Republican these days. There used to be– anybody else remember Lowell Weicker (R-CT), as one example?– but not now. They’re all expected to vote in lockstep for damnable ugly bills, and virtually all of them end up doing it, however much they sound reasonable ahead of time.

    If you want proof, look at the League of Conservation Voters’ scorecards: ratings of how each representative or senator has voted on a dozen or so key environmental bills. http://scorecard.lcv.org/members-of-congress is the House version. If graphed, the ratings would fall almost entirely into two categories: the Democrats are 80% and above, and the GOP are 0-5%. There are very few in the middle, and nearly all of them are Dems. If you like air that won’t give you COPD, water that won’t poison your kids, and national parks free of blazing guns and roaring ATVs, vote Democratic.

  3. Have followed Susan for some years now. Can’t help it. I do work with Capitol Hill on occasion on agriculture issues. She is very random in her performance and her thinking matches that matter. She really isn’t that much of a politician. Hillary is way better than Susan in that regard.

    And yes I do remember Lowell Weicker. Pretty good guy.

  4. Molly Ivins once wrote that a liberal Republican was a very civilized political animal, and if anybody would know, she would. Personally, I’m old enough to remember when such animals existed, but I think Newt Gingrich hunted them to extinction.

  5. Weicker was our governor as well as senator. I recall waaaay back in the day when he was a commencement speaker at our little college. He swept in wearing a gown that looked like he slept in it, was insightful, funny- and brief. Best graduation speaker we had before or since.

    Now we have senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy- guys who contact ME when there’s something afoot. (Chris has walked across the state TWICE to talk to consituents.) And my rep gentleman Joe Courtney calls to invite me to telephone town halls. If only we could figure out our budget this little state would be heavenly.

  6. Jane & PKM says:

    At the risk of sounding ageist, in my defense I recommend Senators in their dotage retire. Susu has lost her mind. Not sure if ‘orrible ‘atch ever had a mind, while Inhofe is busy chasing snowballs like a crazed cat after its tail. In the long litany of Republicans not to be trusted, Lisa Murkowski has sold her soul for drilling rights for unwanted oil at the expense of the environment. Their “good guy” Jeff Flake gave a piddling $100 to Doug Jones in what is epic Republican ism – token amounts to good causes while sending $trillions to the oligarch class. Then there’s wrong on everything Chuck Grassley ready and willing to fill Donnie and his heir pockets with unearned earnings from inherited wealth.

    The Democrats running in 2018 with a promise to RICO the last dime out of the donor class, then roll them again in death have my support. Bring back offshore hidden assets at a discount? No way. Pass a law and cyber the money straight back to the US Treasury.

  7. These nacilbupeR Congressvarmints deserve everything that gets said to and about them while they visit their home districts during the break. Thick skin or not snacilbupeR should be shamed over their actions since 1/03/2011.

  8. Too many people are willing to give credit to people like Lisa Murkowski or Susan Collins as somehow “moderate” Republicans.

    There are no such people as “Moderate Republicans.” They have long been extinct.

  9. Skepticat says:

    I regularly browbeat “my” senator Collins, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to remain polite. She’s always been an inch deep and only about a yard wide, but now she’s an embarrassment.

  10. That Other Jean says:

    “May God have mercy on her soul.”

    God might, seeing as how He works in mysterious ways–but I hope her constituents don’t. She’s definitely not working in their interests on taxes. I hope they tell her about it, loudly, every single day, and vote her out of office if she fails them.

  11. Elizabeth Moon says:

    I sure am tired of these “public servants” having people arrested or tossed out of town meetings (or not allowed in) just because they want to be heard. Servants are supposed to listen to their employers…clearly these “servants” are working for someone else than the people who voted them in. They need to experience some unemployment.


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