What His Campaign Staff Learned that WH Staff Has Not

February 23, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

During the campaign, Cheeto Jesus’s senior staff was able to somewhat curb his twitter wars was to provide him a steady stream of praise by planting stories in conservative media like Breitbart, Infowars, and Daily Caller who would dutifully print them.  As long as his ego was stroked, he would tend to not get into as many twitter wars.  The new WH staff has not been successfully keeping his ego fed, and the result has been his late night drunk tweeting, gloating about his electoral win and ridiculing (companies, political opponents, television stars, foreign leaders; put your victim here) ________________.

So, the new SCROTUS has an ego so fragile that the only way to minimize his school yard bullying on Twitter is to keep him soothed with praise?  God help us.


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16 Comments to “What His Campaign Staff Learned that WH Staff Has Not”

  1. Why else have a campaign-like rally, if not to feed either his needs to fund-raise or his ego.

  2. Right on, except he does not drink booze, which is even more frightening, as the tweets are the real tweets of a very sad ego.

  3. And so it has always been . . . Asian emperors, Roman emperors, warlords everywhere . . . keep ’em fat and happy and far away from any kind of communication. At least and at last his base has seen him for what he is and have turned Town Hall meetings into something just shy of combat!

  4. Jane & PKM says:

    In a realistic world Orange Foolius would not be sitting in the Oval Orifice. He was enabled by a number of presstitutes all too willing to go for the circus ratings and ignore the fact that his empty rhetoric was devoid of any reasonable policy. Donnie’s ‘tax plan’ should have scared sanity into any voter with a second grade reading skill, but it didn’t. Then the Electoral College went partisan and failed to do the job for which the institution was designed which is keeping a madman from assuming office in the event the electorate lost its collective mind.

    Now we have the enablers in Congress so desperate to forward a conservative agenda that is unpopular with over 70% of the population that they are willing to ‘accept’ Donnie at least until they succeed with their odious agenda of undoing every popular gain since FDR.

    Exhibit #1, the recent letter Jane and I received from our critter, Dean Heller, as to why he voted to confirm Betsy DeVos. The weasel was incapable of accepting responsibility for his own vote. He waffled with this gem: “After careful consideration” blah, blah, blah … “Mrs. DeVos shares many of the same points of view as Governor Sandoval when it comes to our nation’s school systems …” blah, blah, blah …

    Wot? Wait. We know Brian Sandoval. He isn’t perfect and we disagree with him on a number of things. But this is “news” that Brian approves of profiteering the school system.

    Apologies for my lack of brevity. But one more thing, a question really, to which I defer to DaChipster and other experts at the WMDBS. We’re being bombarded with ‘campaign’ ads for Neil Gorsuch; including one with some actress claiming to be a former Obama administration employee in ‘support’ of Neil. Really?!? Has that ever happened where a USSC nominee cannot advance on his merits and an ad campaign has been deployed to put lipstick on the pig?

  5. Jane and PKM, we’re getting those ads in PA and of course they are provided by Republican money. Just not sure which PAC is doing this. There are similar ads decrying Democratic obstruction of Trump’s cabinet nominees and agenda. We need to counter with Dem ads which reveal the hidden lies.

    The current trend for Dems to fight this narcissist is to get his tax returns released. If only the Russian investigation could move faster. Even Susan Collins (R) has expressed a willingness to subpoena the returns.

  6. 1smartcanerican says:

    We are getting the Gorsuch ads on TV in WA also. I have no recollection of any previous SC nominees doing very political-like ads. It feels like he is being elected instead of being nominated and confirmed! I don’t much like this new way of getting a new SC judge. I agree Maryelle. The Dems need to counter these ads with ads of their own if they feel strongly that Gorsuch is not the right fit. Make it a damn election by the populace since that is how this feels!

  7. It seems likely that something dire will happen to the ACA and that any replacement plan will be phony.

    Dems need to get ready to ramp up “Medicare For All.” That could be an incredibly popular issue, especially as more and more people see their health care at risk. This stand would offend some corporate donors, but Dems are losing elections anyway so the risk is small. I have always thought that the Dems refusal to defend the ACA after they passed it allowed the Repubs to demonize it and use it as an election issue.

  8. charles phillips says:

    The thing to do then is load that internet thing down with bad things about The Donald.

    Oh wait, we’re doing that now, right?

  9. maryelle and 1smartcanerican, thank you for your information and well considered responses. Ads do have a purpose, as do our e-mails and phone calls to Senators. Jane and I are looking toward a “enough is enough” message to our rubber stamping Donnie clown Dean Heller and his snacilbupeR enablers. Something along the lines of “OUT” with their corrupt lack of integrity.

    We’ve read through so many of Neil’s ‘judicial’ decisions that trying to summarize them is a challenge to rational thought. We could begin with “Hobby Lobby” or summarize and illustrate that Neil is a smooth talking, agenda driven hypocrite. He’s beyond Mike Pence with a good suit and decent haircut. Neil is Sharia Law/Teabangelical and an assault on American jurisprudence.

    So, the question remains: how do we express to our snacilbupeR Senators that Neil is the “bridge too far?”

  10. JAKvirginia says:

    A few weeks ago I read ‘The Enchantress of Florence” by Salmun Rushdie. (My first Rushdie encounter.) Most of it is set in India. And I would smile when the court members would address the emperor in the most elaborate of ways. Like:

    Yes, Saviour of the World, Holder of Just Laws, Keeper of the Faith, Lover of all that is Good and Beautiful….

    After that, Mr. President just falls flat, I guess.

  11. All those people getting ads supporting Neil Gorsuch, please refer to them as paid admirers since the repugs keep calling everyone who disagrees with them paid protesters.

  12. JAKvirginia says:

    Jane & PKM: “… how do we express … that Neil is “the bridge too far.” I would start by reminding your Senator(s) that a Supreme Court position is for life. Theirs is not. And a bad decision on their part can affirm that fact at the ballot box. I’m just sayin…

  13. WA Skeptic says:

    Those Gorsuch ads are showing up here as well. I consider them extremely unseemly, and a reason to vote AGAINST him.

  14. austinhatlady says:

    Oh, snap, glf! That’s a great idea! I’m adopting it ASAP.
    And JAK, that is a great comparison. Been reading the stories sbout EH staff trying to mellow out the dude. (Originally mis-typed that as “dud” then changed but thinking my fingers stumbled correctly.)

  15. I am reminded of a quip from the Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” books. He had a recently elected galactic president that could have been a dead ringer for 45.

    Paraphrasing: “the purpose of the president is not to run things, it’s to distract the public from noticing the people that actually run the galaxy”

  16. No SCROTUS ads here.

    It’s interesting to note that the most effective was to handle the Orange Whore is the same way you’d raise your toddler: Positive reinforcement, keep them busy to keep them out of trouble, give them plenty of opportunity to play till they’re too tired to create mischief, etc.