What Happens When Texans Elect a Jackass

May 15, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Sumbitches

Ol’ Deepfryer Sid has done it again – a rancher was concerned that the label on a new feral hog poison said that eating the meat of a poisoned hog could cause illness or death.  Sid’s solution to that?  Just take that warning off of the label.   Yes, unfortunately you read that right.

What a jackass.


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19 Comments to “What Happens When Texans Elect a Jackass”

  1. slipstream says:

    Ol’ Sid there has a really tiny, tiny pistol.

    And grey matter to match.

  2. Sid’s making sure that when people say, “there ain’t nothin’ like Texas barbecue,” they’re right.

  3. RepubAnon says:

    Perhaps Sid needs some feral hog ham for lunch…

  4. “What Happens When Texans Elect a Jackass”– I thought that’s what y’all in Texas call a Tuesday.

    What the hell, let’s take the warning labels off everything and see what happens. The gene pool could use some skimming.

  5. Concur. He is just unwittingly (or perhaps intentionally, dare we give him that much credit), helping natural selection along and working to decrease some of that surplus population.

  6. One assumes Sid is a strict vegetarian?

  7. Any Good Samaritans in Texas want to send Sid some feral hog meat?

  8. Mark Schlemmer says:

    Sid, your Ag. Commish, IS a feral hog. And, I’m sure he is also poisonous to boot.

  9. Mary Ramos says:

    Hey, Rhea: If you take a good look at the people Herr Drumph is appointing to top positions in the gummint, it would seem that taking the warning labels off everything is at the top of Herr Drumph’s agenda. That’s what happens when the electoral college votes into office a fourth-grade schoolyard bully, whose income comes from all sort of interesting sources.

  10. Ol’ Sid has been munching on loco weed again. Time to gently lead the boy with the glass blue eyes and nothing behind them to somewhere he is safe from himself and won’t hurt anyone else. Tsk! such a shame!

  11. Karen in NM says:

    I think the reason that Ol’ Sid is always pictured wearing a pointy crowned cowboy hat is to hide his pointy conehead.

  12. Aggieland Liz says:

    Let’s look at the bright side: if someone dies we could make a case for ol’ Sid to be guilty of criminally negligent homicide, because there IS KNOWLEDGE afore thought. Unfortunately, Sid doesn’t have any thoughts at all. And then there’s the fact that I’m STILL waiting for Ken Paxton and Tom Delay to go to jail. Yes. Time to go home and start drinking. After we are done driving…

  13. maryelle says:

    It’s hard to take anything that wingnut says, seriously. That huge hat makes him look just like the Flying Nun. For those of you who are not a sexagenarian or older, Sally Field played a nun with an amazing huge wimple or headdress, who actually could fly. Ol’ Syd could do a remake.

  14. Mother Jones' cat says:

    Sid says: “I have it on good authority that the Jesus shot counteracts warfarin.”

  15. Rosemary from Indiana says:

    This guy is a dead ringer for the bad guy in the movie “Billy Jack”. Remember Posner, who rounded up some deputies to run wild horses from the rez onto land Posner owned so they could shoot the horses to make them into dog food (Boo!Hiss!)? I wish Billy (Tom Laughlin) wasn’t dead so he could kick Sid into submission. My theory is, the bigger the hat, the smaller the brain.

  16. Does this nut have stock in the company that makes the poison ??

  17. I think someone should invite ole Sid for a game of pork barbecue roulette, with Sid being the only contestant.

  18. TrulyTexan says:

    Sid needs to be listed on the label as the target species.

  19. What pray tell is the lapel pin on jackass’s left lapel?

    It looks like the Texas star commonly seen on some Texas county sheriff badges, to me. I compare it to the Agriculture logo on his website, which, btw, is a true waste of virgin Texas electrons.

    Yes I recognize the little tiny Colt pattern six-shooter pin on his right lapel. The idea Jackass has a carry permit gives me acute scoliosis and and momentary anal pucker.