What a Stinker!

September 30, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

So yesterday, I get this real official looking letter delivered to my home by the good people of the United States Postal Service.

You will have to click the little one to see the big one.


So, I stand there with a real confused look on my face because I know those words are English language words but I do not have a clue what they mean and I’m liable to check the wrong box or something and lose my Medicare.  I am a grown woman with a completely official certificate from Dora Lou’s School of Beauty.  I am not stupid.  Well, at least I thought so.  So, I decided to pour a glass of wine to calm my nerves and try ciphering it again.

Holy crap, it makes absolutely no sense at all after a glass of wine.  It has scary words like “redistribute resources” and “quality of your care.”  Then on top of all that it has “The Obama health care law” right there at the beginning.  Hell, I support the man but this crap was scaring me.

It was then that I got to the tiny fine print bottom line.   Read that sucker.

So, I’m going to send this in and when Mr. Robert Hightower contacts me I am going to ask, “Does your mother know what you are doing?”  Y’all save up bond money in case I get arrested for suggesting that Mr. Hightower get honest work – like a piano player in a whorehouse, and where he can stick his “new regulations, taxes, and processes” about Obamacare to scare crap outta little old ladies.

Here’s where you’re supposed to mail this:



Benefits Processing Center?  Screw you, Mr. Hightower.  You are indeed an evil man.


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37 Comments to “What a Stinker!”

  1. What a putz. Sorry. Not really.

  2. e platypus onion says:


    Google Benefits Processing Center and see how much of a scam it is.

  3. Aw, Mz, JJ, I hate to admit it, but I knew that was bogus when I saw the “Obamacare” crap instead of its official name, “The Affordable Care Act”.

    But then I’m not old enough to collect Medicare, anyway, so “they” don’t scare me—yet.

    Good for you to process it slowly, and figure things out carefully. There’s a lot of B. S. going on, and you didn’t get snookered. Good on ya.

  4. The devil’s always in the details and this particular devil is counting on you not reading those details. Way to get the word out on Mr. Hightower and his ilk.

  5. Ahh Mr. Hightower, I have some free legal advice for you. If you hear from the Justice Department, it will be a mail fraud investigation. Lawyer up!

  6. I “googled” that business and address and got this at CorporationWiki:

    Company: “The Lead Connection”

    Industry: Direct Mail Advertising Services
    Durant, OK (580) 745-9626

    People Found at this Address
    Cecil Gaskamp
    Christopher Etheridge

    Its website says this at http://www.leadconnections.com/welcome_cont.html

    “…We feel that good direct mail leads are people who have received one of our lead generation cards and who have taken the time to return the card. These returned response cards are from retirees requesting information from a licensed representative, are what we call leads. We offer time tested scripts and support services for the agent to use and call the direct mail leads to book his or her own appointments. It’s our goal to help make agents successful in the senior market with our direct mail lead generation programs…”

    They are just direct mail bloodsuckers looking for gullible victims. Ack. I hate those jerks.

  7. I’d return that in their pre-paid envelope, the personal data blanked out/cut out, with all sorts of 4-letter words written all over it.

  8. I suggest mailing a box full of rocks using the return mail envelope as a label. Suggest that they should pick “leads” who are as dumb as the box of rocks you sent them.

  9. Here’s a tip for you: look at the postage. If it says first class mail, you’re possibly looking at a real deal. If, on the other hand, it says Presort Standard, or Prsrt Std. or any other thing like that, it is junk mail. If they don’t pay first class postage, I throw it out. It may work for you, too.

  10. e platypus onion says:


    BPC collects names,ages,addresses. Not BBB certified fpr whatever reason. Apparently they run scams.

  11. I’m shocked… Shocked, I tell you, that this sort of gambling goes on… through our postal system! Of course it’s legal, but gee-minee! They truly are (as noted above) going after gullible seniors! Isn’t there any regulation?

  12. VeeGee in VT says:

    Alas, there are already plenty of undereducated yahoos who fit that description, Gramiam. They are the ones who are so easy to terrify that they elect Gohment, Cruz, Bachmann, Steve King, Perry, Rick Scott, Santorum! Jan Brewer…I could go on, but you get the picture.

  13. glf is right. Send back the pre-paid envelope. Support the Post Office while making these horrible people pay.

  14. I’m sorry. I just keep beating this dead horse….. Here’s the website link that shows a variety of samples that can be purchased for generating direct mail leads by anyone with the money to buy this crap: http://www.leadconnections.com/envelope_mailers.html

    Pardon me. I need to go eat some Tums now.

    Then I plan to bleach my brain.

  15. Too bad Dante isn’t alive and writing these days. He’d have a lot more to add to The Inferno — such as adding a bunch more levels to his description of hell to accommodate such bloodsucking vermin. They should have been born with Surgeon General’s warning pasted on their worthless hides. And if I weren’t so timid, I’d tell you what I REALLY think.

  16. Don A in Pennsyltucky says:

    Looks like mail fraud to me.

  17. When I get stuff like this (or when my late mother did) I always send it back to them in their pre-paid envelope with a few choice words. I figure they can foot the bill.

    And, Glyn, yes—they are putzes.

  18. e platypus onion says:

    If rethuglicans don’t burn in Hell,it will be solely because the liberal EPA has banned the incineration of toxic wastes(i.e. rethuglicans). Ironically,if they do burn in Hell,it will ne solely due to rethuglicans pulling the teeth of the EPA and deregulating them. Irony is delicious and good for Libs,too.

  19. Hey, it’s open season on a whole new industry – Obamacare scams. We can expect a ton of these in the next few months, especially since folks have received almost no information so far. Another thing. If you currently are a Medicare participant, including buying supplemental coverage through a private insurer, don’t sweat the Affordable Care Act. It’s primarily for people who have no health coverage at all.

  20. Marion (formerly known as MM) says:

    I’m pissed that that vermin’s name is Hightower.

    The Texas Hightower is such a good guy.

  21. UmptyDump, right you are! I know a number of people who are likely to get stuff like this and freak out. These guys have trouble reading. If they don’t get it on the first blink, they spas. Unfortunately, these spazes have guns. They never get beyond the first blink and read carefully, including the small print. Makes sense in a way. They never read anything else in the Constitution but the Second Amendment cuz its shorter than all the other Articles and Amendments.

  22. Can this be prosecuted under mail fraud?

  23. There is no Hightower currently licensed in the State of Oklahoma for anything. There was a Robert D Hightower licensed who went inactive at the end of 2009.

    I like to find a bunch of rusty old washers from the tin can in the garage, tape to sheet of paper, wrap in a paper towel and use the return envelope. Costs them big bucks.

    I would report them to the Postal Inspector too.

  24. Have none of you ever had a substantial tax lien?

    Years ago, the IRS mis-read a line on the report from my family’s little S-Corp; I had received one hundred forty five dollars, but the IRS thought that I had received one hundred forty five thousand dollars.

    Hilarity ensued; they led with a lien. Liens are public, and in the next four weeks literally hundreds of “tax relief” lawyers flooded my mailbox with offers to mediate the dispute. There were a few reputable ones, but most of them were bottom-feeders who took great pains to make their mailings look as if they came from the IRS: the same fonts, multipart forms just like a W2, fake seals similar to the IRS logo, OFFICAL USE ONLY.

  25. I don’t think we need to worry about bail money for JJ. Rumor has it that she is married to a writ-twit who can run rings around these miscreants with both hands tied behind his back.

    Personally, I have lost patience with people who can’t be bothered to learn anything other than what they hear on Faux News. I mean, doesn’t being a responsible citizen require at least an ounce of effort?

  26. Love the box of rocks idea. I tend to take whichever circulars came in that mailing, remove all ID from them and send them off in that postage paid envelope. I consider it recycling. These bottom feeders need to feel a little downside to their attempts to terrify folks.

  27. The same kind of devious scammers run a lot of deceptive “Obamacare/ACA” related ads targeted at seniors on the teevee too now (and with a ‘free prescription discount card!’ too, just give us your info).

    If they get ahold of your name, address, ZIP and phone number they will never let go (email too).

  28. I read it twice and nowhere does it say that I’ve won the Nigerian Microsoft lottery and/or that the widow of a minor Congolese government minister will compensate me generously for helping her extract his ill-gotten millions.

    It’s even less plausible and reputable than that.

  29. Heck, it’s a pre-paid return postage. Wrap up your stinkiest… and heaviest… garbage and send it back.

  30. Ed Meadows says:

    “It may also redistribute resources from those that pay for their own health plans.”

    Poor grammar. Should be “those WHO pay for their own…
    A competent writer should know the difference.

  31. Okie Dokie says:

    Bill in KC is right. If it says STD or standard CR it is junk mail. I work at the post office and we get that stuff by the semi, many times a day.

    Feel free to write what ever you want on it and mail it back. Just don’t threaten them.

    Make them pay to get their crap back.

  32. I watched mSNBC until 11:15 or so. It was sad when the panda am turned off

  33. Marge Wood says:

    On the subject of all this, anyone ever heard of CLICK2PROTECT? They go inside your computer and wander around to fix it. I just want to know.

  34. Karla Furr says:

    I got the same green card with the same return address in Durant,Okla. But at the bottom it says:”Not affiliated with any government agency.I understand that licensed agent Marilyn Thomas #1450429 will be contacting me in regards to Medicare Advantage.” I tore it in half and threw it away; had to fish it out of the trash to see if it was the same as yours.

  35. Like some lawyers, these b*s*ar*ds belong in the bottom rung of hell chin deep in indiscreet refuse where the order of the days is “don’t make waves”.

  36. Marcia in CO says:

    Marge Wood … do not CLICK2PROTECT and just delete whatever you get from them. More then likely they can collect your personal info and infect your computer!! Don’t ever trust any of that stuff but get someone local who knows computers to do any clean-up if you need it to be done.

  37. e platypus onion says:

    Moi received a green BRM from Omaha Division Insurance Agency,that has info about added and/or expanded Medicare benefits. BBB gives them an A+ rating,and they make no mention of the ACA or Obamacare. I treated this like unwanted,unsolicited junk mail. They request age,phone,spouse’s name,age and signature. They are not affiliated with any government agency,legitimate or not.