Wendy’s Songs

June 29, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Wendy Davis Eyes is my personal favorite.

The Bright Light Social Hour composes Wendy Davis (Texas Ellen’s personal favorite.)

If ya hear of any more, let us know.

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10 Comments to “Wendy’s Songs”

  1. Just dialed up Wendy’s Song on the Bright Light Social Hour!!! It is beyond coooooool!!!!! Every outfit/movement has a song. Civil Rights had We Shall Overcome. Wendy’s Song is IT!!!!

  2. Brian E says:

    The “Wendy David Eyes” is getting Error 404 – Not Found

    Here’s the youtube link



  3. Rock on!

  4. I see a new governor. I can really see it.

  5. Thanks for the YouTube link, Brian … love the song and the video … woohoo!!!

  6. innerlooper says:

    from the comment section: TheGweninator 1 day ago
    I am not entirely sure what I just watched…but it had a fire-breathing T-rex in´╗┐ it, so it’s OK.
    not a song but Taiwanese animation

  7. Well it looks like it’s getting pulled from YouTube. Probably an invalid dmca take down notice from the Betty Davis Eyes record company. Shoot. I really wanted to hear it.

  8. It’s still on YouTube just now at the link Brian E gave. If it disappears trying searching for it– it may be posted elsewhere too.

  9. The songs are very different, and both are great.

  10. Forest Aten says:

    Almost there, hold down the fort….