Well, Yeah, I Mean, It Worked So Damn Good Before

December 28, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

In a bill that should be named the Lawyer Full Employment Act, Fort Worth Republican State Representative (already cringing, huh?) Matt Krause is filing a bill to do away with no-fault divorce in Texas.

Yeah, divorce should be a battle, with finger pointing, blame, recriminations, drama, and tons of lawyer time, dammit. It should also be as hard on the kids as possible.

Krause also wants to extend the waiting period from 90 days to 180 days because a fella might need another 90 days to convince his wife that she needs some beating.  And the lawyer needs more money.

Krause is a graduate of Christian Heritage College and Liberty University Law School.  Yeah, surprise, surprise, he’s a lawyer.

He says the bill will keep families together.  How, you ask?  One of his supporters, summed it up:

“It may lower the amount of people getting a divorce because I think they will learn to not be able to afford it.”

Yeah, only rich people should be allowed to divorce.


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23 Comments to “Well, Yeah, I Mean, It Worked So Damn Good Before”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    “Krause is a graduate” – but has he passed bar exam? ‘They’ say he’s an attorney per a cursory Google search. But none revealed when Matt passed the bar exam to become an attorney. Liberty U Law graduate, prove that you passed the bar exam, Matt.

    As for the rest of Matt and his little beliefs, he and his snacilbupeR brethren need a course in what exactly small government means, if they want to claim to be ‘small government’ conservatives. Or, if they only mean to keep yapping and peeking into our bedrooms, they need to refresh their 4th Amendment studies. That is, if Liberty U doesn’t omit certain parts of the Constitution from their studies.

    Give me the strength to google further for the curriculum at Hate Central. Anyone willing to bet that under some name they have a course specific to “how to pervert the Constitution in the name of your Dog”?

  2. “They will learn to not be able to afford it”? Is this another grad of Liberty University, who is unable to form a coherent sentence? And oh yes, it’s a wonderful thing when husbands and wives stay together only because they can’t afford the lawyering to get a divorce– that always makes for happiness and well-adjusted kids, along with an occasional visit to the emergency room.

    Republicans and religious people, glad to force everybody to live the “right” [wing] way.

  3. Pretty certain that Liberty U produces the spawn of Satan. I’ver encountered these theocrats in the past. Nothing positive to say.

  4. OK, if this passes, I’m gonna franchise “Sandridge’s XTian Expedited Spousal Deletion Enterprises, Inc.”. Informally/AKA known as ‘Hits R’ Us’ and/or ‘Murder, inc’.
    There will be a huge niche discount market opening here, and IOKIYAAR or XtnFndy in our brave new realityworld.

    Rod Serling covered this topic in a few “Twilight Zone” and “Night Gallery” episodes long ago, along with Alfred Hitchcock, (before NFDiv). Some of them were hilarious, some chilling.

  5. Oops, a slight name change for my prospective new biz venture:
    “Sandridge’s Expedited XTian Spousal Deletion Enterprises, Inc.”, to reach an abbreviation of “SEXSDEI”; thereby incorporating two of their favorite words in a memorable mnemonic.

  6. Here’s another way to make divorce expensive. Pass a law in Texas stating all divorce lawyers who graduated from Liberty U Law School must charge a minimum of $1 million per client.

  7. Why not pass a TX divorce law that requires a 2 year waiting period and 50% up charge per hour for lawyers fees if the client is or ever has been a registered Republican.

    Solves a whole bunch of problems. Gets more $ out of the folks who can afford it(or think they can), keeps the lawyers happily focused on those they can really milk, creates another status marker for the TX affluenza class, etc, etc. And may decrease the number of registered Republicans in this state.

  8. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. In the U.S. we have 2.45 physicians per 1000 souls and 4.00 lawyers per 1000. Must keep the lawyers busy,it keeps out of trouble after all.
    There are many cruel lawyer jokes that have been going around for years. The unethical actions of some attorneys has brought this distain upon this profession. Matt Krause carries on the tradition.

  9. e platypus onion says:

    Why not just open season on wingnut lawyers. Maybe a bounty of 50 cents for their ears. An extry 25 cents if they happen to be teabaggers.

    dumbass dubya’s abomination had a number of Liberty Lying Lawyers in it and they were not the sharpest legal minds in the drawer.

  10. WA Skeptic says:

    A bounty! I like it, kind of like “finning” a shark. But to sweeten the pot we should give a $5 reward for a Liberty U grad. And $1,000 for Krause.

  11. 1smartcanerican says:

    And Pence is one of these theocracy, Dominionist nuts also, too!

  12. They’re probably going to include a big decrease in funding for domestic violence services too. After all, some times ya jes gotta beat yer wimmin to keep em in line.

    Jeez, I hate snacilbupeR politicians and fake religious types.

  13. @Jane & PKM

    I feel like I took a bullet for the team, but yall axed ““Krause is a graduate” – but has he passed bar exam?” so off I went into the wilds of the interweb world-wide thingy with The Google. And I found Matt’s foppish Facebook page. At least he doesn’t allow himself to be photographed with hoors while wearing duckie jammies. He blathered on August 24 of some year that “And this entire situation makes me even more grateful for the dedicated faculty and staff at Liberty Univ School of Law who helped ensure our first class had the accreditation we needed so all of us could sit for the bar in state of our choice in 2007…” I know he didn’t say he PASSED the bar exam of some state. So yeah I go nuthin’.

    I can’t find him under Matt or Matthew on the public Texas Bar site. Most of the time when I’m looking for a licensed practitioner in Texas I can find them. So creeping out a bit on the thin part of the limb I’m thinking he hasn’t a Texas bar card. Now he’s bigly a Cubs fan so he may have an Illinois bar card. Or Liberty U might mimeograph Virginia bar cards on TP along with Liberty diplomas when one “graduates”. Who knows??

  14. Will you exempt us public defenders?

  15. slipstream says:

    Dick Cheney as not done much good in his life, but he did shoot a lawyer in the face with a shotgun.

    So you gotta give him credit for that.

  16. e platypus onion says:

    So sorry, Puaul. I get carried away foaming at the mouth when I think of what I’d love to do with wingnut lawyers I forget there are actually lawyers who do good works for the public. How do you feel about paying protection money to be left alone? (just kidding)

  17. All this lawyer talk reminded me of this:


  18. mb –

    Old song. In 2015, the American Bar Association showed 1,300,705 lawyers in the US.

    Not sure how I feel about that. If it indicates that people are more litigious, I don’t like it. OTOH, it beats the hell out of brute force, Money Talks, 2nd Amendment Solutions, and many other forms of conflict resolution.

  19. lunaragent –

    Yup, its old but funny. Don’t remember when but I got an autographed copy when Tom first recorded it – possibly as many as 25 years ago. I figured the 1 million mark had long since been passed.

  20. Tilphousia says:

    What is in the water in Texas? That thing is obviously a demented greedy slime. Hopefully, he will see the error of his ways when he is sued into oblivion. Of course, look at the (laughingly called) schools he went to. Liberty will take anybody with money. No brains, morals, or Christian values necessary. And he sure does not possess any of those. Hey, perhaps Lady Karma and her BFF Queen Nemesis are already working on him. Can only hope. Ladies of Texas UNITE and rid yourselves and the rest of the world of such vermin. VOTE DEMOCRATIC!!!

  21. Still laughing at the law school he attended! Hellspitanddamn! He is doing Jerry Falwell, Jr. quite proud!

  22. Christian Heritage College? I had to look that one up! Today it is known as “San Diego Christian College” founded in 1970 by – grifter Tim F. LaHaye, co-author of the totally bullshit “Left Behind” series of books!!!

    Guess who else attended this school?

    Carrie Prejean, aka, Princess Jesus Boobies of the Perkified Areola!!!

    And speaking of lawyers, she hired one to sue the pageant people who bought those new tits of hers, until another lawyer for the Pageant showed Carrie the XXX home video of her ….uh…”handiwork”. Yeah; that’s the word, “handiwork.”

    And if “Micr” above is correct quoting Krause as being, “…grateful for the dedicated faculty and staff at Liberty Univ School of Law who helped ensure our first class had the accreditation we needed so all of us could sit for the bar in state of our choice in 2007…”, well then that makes it all the more interesting as Krause graduated from Christian Heritage College in 2002. So, 5-years to get out of law school? Maybe he never passed the bar.