Well, They Got The First Four Words Right In This Headline

December 20, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Y’all, Ted Cruz.  The Washington Times is a rightwing newspaper.



It appears that Ted Cruz has taken an interest in African Americans for the first time in his life.

Mr. Cruz wrote a letter to Smithsonian leaders on Monday, saying they “made a mistake by omitting the enormous legacy and impact” of Justice Thomas from the recently opened museum in northwest Washington.

“I became deeply disturbed upon learning that Justice Thomas’s moving story and incredible contributions to the country are not even mentioned, much less discussed in detail in the museum,” the Texas Republican wrote. “Making matters worse, the only reference to Justice Thomas is in regard to a single individual’s controversial accusation against him at his Senate confirmation hearing twenty-five years ago.”

Okay, okay, I’m betting that Cruz has not been to the museum. I am also willing to bet that poor ole Clarence could not get even one black person to complain and the best he could do is a Cuban/Canadian/Idiot.

By the way, Cruz does know that Anita Hill is black, too, right?


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20 Comments to “Well, They Got The First Four Words Right In This Headline”

  1. e platypus onion says:

    Cruz is deeply disturbed, right enough.

  2. In his own words, no less. Finally, a modicum of truth from Carnival.

  3. Please TX. do something about this retard. No don’t send him to AZ. We took 30 years for us to get rid of one retard as it is.

  4. Rasty, is it safe to assume that you didn’t appreciate $arah Palin moving to AZ….That’s ok, AK didn’t appreciate it when she returned. We still have to deal with the “Krusty Oosik”, Don Young, our scourge for 30 plus years.

  5. Yeah, there are any number of women who can most assuredly testify as to Thomas’s legacy and impact.

  6. On the Farm says:

    Cruz is “courting” a job on with The Supremes.

  7. Anything to keep his name out there.

  8. You do all remember that Teddy was a Law Clark for Thomas, right? Might have something to do with his shock and dismay.
    Also/too, I am sure the dishonorable justice will be honored when he has the good grace to die.

  9. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:

    “Retard is no longer an acceptable term for the developmentally disabled. Granted. But it’s an excellent term for politicians with s**t for brains. I like the term retread, like tires that come apart at high speeds.

  10. And in his own words no less. Clarence Thomas belongs in jail.
    You know it. I know it, and the American people (except for Sleazeball Cruz) know it.

  11. Barbara Heil says:

    Like anybody involved in that museum gives a tinker’s damn what Teddy has to say about any of the exhibits. As big as that building is, it’s still too small. Of course, trying to tell the 500-year history of many millions of people is rather a tall order.

    In other words, Clarence is lucky they mention him at all. I’m sure he really doesn’t want a compare-and-contrast with Thurgood Marshall.

  12. Steve The Returned says:

    “…enormous legacy and impact”? Clarence Thomas?


    And never forget: Anita Hill voluntarily took and passed a lie detector test regarding her accusations against Thomas. The best Thomas could offer was his frantic “high tech lynching” race card ploy. He is due no honors from anybody.

  13. Clarence (also-too AKA: The Grabber) Thomas is notable for being one of the country’s highest paid ‘do nothings’ ever. An extremely unproductive loser who got lucky and avoided a borking. Thomas is noted for mostly just sitting around warming the chair, he has rarely ever participated in the SC’s day-to-day and courtroom dialogue, rarely ever even signs an opinion (undoubtedly mostly written by pages and interns). Lazy, useless SOB, IMO.
    Another infamous Repuke judge is that WI one known as ‘The Choker’ (for having choked a woman peer justice, in her own office, IIRC).

  14. Cruz said he “became deeply disturbed” at this horrible injustice to Thomas. First, Cruz has been deeply disturbed for decades. And Thomas’s “incredible legacy” is not one that I think the average African-American would be all that proud of. Thurgood Marshall is an altogether different story.

  15. CT is one of those “skin crawly guys.” The Cheetoh-faced Ferret-wearing Shitgibbon Cocksplat is another. You know the kind, so sleezy the greazy slime just drips off them.

    I don’t actually Hate many people. I didn’t hate Scalia. I thought he was an arrogant idiot wrong about most everything. Ever since watching his disgusting performance at the hearings, I have wholeheartedly hated CT. Anita Hill, on the other hand, is one of my heroes.

  16. This is where my psych grad degree kicks in. Ted tackling the CT thing in the museum is just a front. He would really like to kick the bleep out of CJ but can’t so he covers with this.

  17. Be nice posters, you could very well be talking about the next Associate Justice of SCotUS.

  18. Mark Schlemmer says:

    People, People, People:
    One thing I have always loved about this blog is that Momma enforced a bit of a rein on our impulse to use harsh name calling and language. Sometimes it is frustrating BUT on the other hand it makes us more creative in the end. Makes us think an extra beat before hitting send.

    I get that this article is about Clarence T. so it is hard to avoid vile descriptors but it can be done with out resorting to swearing. Best one above: “crusty oosik.” I lived in Alaska and I know of what Coprolite speaks.

  19. Mark Schlemmer,

    As to CT, beyond my lovely and intelligent wife Jane, there are two people I respect, Mama and my mama. OK, there are more women I love and respect. Seriously loving the new women who have joined the US Senate.

    Feeling a little cocky from the newly BLUE NV with our Senate choice, Catherine Cortez Masto.

    As to Thomas, once silent moron under the control of Scalia, I have no need for expletives. He is an anathema to American values and a moron. Hurts me to the core that the little investigative hounds in the House ignore his wife Ginny. There’s wrong, then there is grifting serve yourself infamy. IOKYIYR – that’s something Democrats in our Congress need to address from Donnie down to every snacilbupeR scamming off the taxpayers.

  20. panchosanza says:

    Clarence Thomas’ incredible contributions to sitting quietly and going along with the racist majority in stripping away black voting rights.