Well, There’s a Small Agribusiness Downside

February 29, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Okay, so some fancy pants writer in Colorado has a supposed solution for the way the Texas Legislature treated women this legislative session, especially the 24 hour wait period before a woman can get a perfectly legal abortion.

He thinks we need a moratorium on sparkin’.

Clearly there’s only one answer for this kind of Texas trash. Time to put a 24-hour hold on sex among Texans in the first place. For those Texans feeling amorous, they should be required to see their doctor or clergy, where they will be examined to determine levels of fertility. Then, they’ll be counseled about the problems of unplanned pregnancy and told that government programs may exist to help them with issues surrounding abstinence. Finally, they’ll be instructed that they cannot consummate their romantic notions for 24 hours.

We can’t do that.  We’d have to lock up the sheep.

Thanks to Larry for the heads-up.

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9 Comments to “Well, There’s a Small Agribusiness Downside”

  1. I don’t know which is funnier..the Colorado commentator or your reaction.

  2. daChipster says:

    There’ll never be another ewe.

  3. Olden Gray says:

    I herd all of the sheep were in Paint Creek.

  4. Oh, honey, that was so baa-aa-aa-aad…

    (sorry, the knittery goddess made me do it!)


  5. I bow to you, Juanita!! Thanks for making this Leap Day one for the ages! You made my morning with the $ister $arah poetry book info, and now your priceless sheep joke! Wish we could clone you!!

  6. Mary in San Antonio says:

    Sorry, but I don’t want any member of the clergy checking my fertility levels…ever.

  7. Dang! Now I have to clean my desk up. Should no better to read this while drinking my morning java!

  8. Senator Vitter and his wife have a unique way of avoiding unplanned pregnancy, he juust spends his time with a prostitute (and he just loves to be diapered)

  9. Uncle Dave says:

    The 24 hour waiting period is a terrific idea. With plenty of time for Viagra to kick in we old farts can be more competitive. J.J., who among the Texas legislature cam we call upon to carry the bill?