Well He Certainly Seems Qualified

January 28, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Trump only likes the best. Terrific. Well, Honey, here’s you a gold-plated scam artist straight from Texas.


Let me tell you a little something sweet about Gregg Phillips.

First off, he owes over $100,000 in taxes.  Phillips contests that and says he “only” owes $50,000 – which, according to TASB, is more than a starting teacher’s yearly salary in Texas.

Gregg Phillips is well known in Texas scam circles.  Under Pay-to-Play Governor Rick Perry, an investigation of Gregg landed the Houston Chronicle some awards for investigative journalism.

When Deputy Health and Human Services Commissioner Gregg Phillips and private consultant Chris Britton helped write the $1 billion legislation to privatize Texas’ human services system, they apparently did so partly with an eye on profit — their own.

A Houston Chronicle investigation into the activities of Britton, Phillips and Texas Workforce Commission Executive Director Larry Temple found weaknesses in Texas ethics laws concerning conflicts of interests and cronyism.

Nothing Gregg did, even hustling taxpayer dollars over and over, got him in trouble.  He just kept getting state jobs in both Texas and Mississippi.

I’m not saying that Phillips and Trump are two peas in a pod, but, Honey, you couldn’t tell them apart in the dark.

Thanks to Bud for the heads up.


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10 Comments to “Well He Certainly Seems Qualified”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    Donnie has released all the fact free flying monkeys from the asylum, beginning with his own insane family and forced birther Mikey Dense.

    Next time Donnie is on the phone with President Nieto and has Jared whispering in his ear, he might want to have Jared acquaint himself with G20 before Donnie looks even more impotent than he already does.

    As for Gregg, shouldn’t he be in Hawaii couriering back all the conspiracy crap that Donnie paid to have created?

    Reborn fake Christians from birther conspirators to forced birthers need to have their heads examined along with Donnie. Or, maybe his man Mad Dog can water board them into reality, when cigarettes and a six pack just won’t do.

  2. two crows says:

    Um. From what I hear, the team Trump loves to tout has found one [count that — ONE] case of in-person voter fraud: a woman who voted twice. For Trump.

    Counting down to the end of the investigation.
    3 — 2 — 1 —

  3. 3,000,000 illegal votes?
    Please, tell me us it’s going to be printed on a sheet of paper (tiny font, TrumpHand Font) and waved around like a revved up Joe McCarthy when the findings are announced at a press conference.

    Make sure, Gregg, you tell everyone that although there’s certainly some communists on the list, it’s been brought right up to date with Muslims, Mexicans, and the rest of “them.”.

  4. e platypus onion says:

    two crows- there are at least three Drumpf staffers-Bannon, Munchkin and Macfarland, plus Drumpf daughter Tiffany that are registered to vote in at least two different states. Wouldn’t have far to look for potential fraudsters but they are wingnuts and won’t ever face charges,

  5. Donnie just can’t stand not to be the biggest and the best. Well, we had Grant, we had Harding, we had– in a different category– Nixon, but I’m sure Donnie will surpass them all and be the biggest and most corrupt scandal in presidential history. No need to keep pushing it, Donnie– you’re already well on the way!

  6. President Repulsive can’t pick anyone with ethics or morals because that guy would literally die of loneliness.

  7. BTW, does anyone else think Kellyanne Conwoman has too much skin on her face?

  8. “BTW, does anyone else think Kellyanne Conwoman has too much skin on her face?”

    that’s what happens when the sawdust in your skull becomes too compressed.

  9. Tilphousia says:

    Mangled apricot hellbeast wouldn’t know truth as he has conned his way through life. So naturally he surrounds himself with liars and thieves. Kellyanne is a sorry example of a big mouth with empty space behind. You know that old joke ” if you shine a light in her ear her eyes sparkle”. Guess one gets what one pays for. Oh wait! Trump stiffs everyone. So look at what he gets. BTW. Breitbart is losing big advertisers. Well that’s how ole rush limppaw was removed from his pedestal.