Well, Dang It

May 30, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

I have been to many, many political conventions, and this has never happened.

I have made fun of the Looneytarians more times that I can count, but I gotta hand them this.  A candidate for chairman of the party used his speaking time to dance down to his panties.  On damn C-SPAN teevee.

But the best was when three and a half minutes into the strip tease, one of the conventioneers took to the microphone and yelled, “Get off the stage.  You’re making an ass of yourself.”  just as the dancer leans over and sticks his hiney to the camera.  It was convention magic!

And silly you thought politics couldn’t get more weird this year.


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25 Comments to “Well, Dang It”

  1. It was the pointing and giggles that did him in.

  2. WA Skeptic says:

    Oh. My. God.

    I wish that the electorate would simply refuse to participate in this idiocy.

    Make it illegal to campaign for any political office any sooner than two months before any election.

    Spare us.

  3. We as a nation are reaching a point, that given the choice, we would rather see sausage being made.

  4. Oh please. Justin Trudeau he ain’t.

    Straight ladies and gay gents, if you’d like to spend a happy two minutes, watch this:


    Sadly, he doesn’t go nearly as far as that other guy, but (to borrow from Spencer Tracy), what there is is cherce. Oh yes.

  5. WA Skeptic says:

    But, you gotta admit, he has a nice rack.

  6. Marcia in CO says:

    Hey, Rhea … I’m an old straight lady and that beached white whale [Mopey Dick] was/is disgusting!
    You got it right: Justin Trudeau he is NOT!!!
    I guess being a Libertarian says you can take liberties! Ugh! And I just had my lunch!!

  7. Gee. I bet The Donald wishes he’d thought of it first. Of course, there’s still time.

  8. Rastybob says:

    OMG– Now we can never unsee this. It’s kind of like that, drink fueled, one night stand, you had years ago. You wish it hadn’t happened, and try to forget it. But it did happen and you will never forget it till you die.

  9. AKLynne says:

    Rastybob, you mean that morning when you wake up with a hangover, and you know somebody is in the bed next to you, and you wonder who it is and how to gracefully extract yourself from the situation…that kind of never forget it until you die?

  10. AKLynne says:

    …asking for a friend.

  11. The worst part of y’all’s morning-after was hearing the baaaa…..

  12. @RastyBob

    In rural Hunt county growing up in the late 60s early 70s, we called that “coyote sex”. That is when you woke/sobered up and saw the other laying in bed next to you, you would rather chew off an arm to keep from waking the other up so you could escape out the nearest door or window.

  13. Did anyone notice that gray haired woman who would not look? She kept her head down the entire time. With age comes wisdom.

  14. maryelle says:

    Look away. Don’t click on the arrow. Save yourself, please.

  15. I just knew that when Mary Matelin switched to the Libertarian Party that something BIG was gonna happen!

  16. I had wondered exactly what the term “libertarian” meant. Now I realize that the libertarian party must be made up of libertines! Makes perfect sense with this visual aid to guide us. If we can stand looking at it. Which I didn’t.

  17. Rastybob says:

    AKLynne — Kinda bin there an done that. The sins of my misspent youth.Also called the good old days.

  18. Makes perfect sense!!! He needed to use the toilet and wanted everyone to know he was going to use the right one!!!

  19. Elizabeth Moon says:

    They didn’t have iced tea with their banquet, did they? Or at least that one didn’t.

    The husky white guy in the original movie of The Full Monty was kinda sweet, actually, and the guys had at least learned some moves, but this guy…all I could think of was [TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY ETERNALLY REDACTED]

  20. Justin Trudeau stripping! Seriously! Give your eyes a reason to recover!


  21. Elizabeth Moon says:

    Trudeau can actually present himself gracefully, with humor. Weeks…is weak.

  22. Lesliefish says:

    Hey, at least this proves that the Libertarians have a shameless sense of humor! And I used to BE a stripper, back in my misspent youth.

  23. That Other Jean says:

    Just watched Justin Trudeau’s striptease. Oooohhhh, yes! Is it warm in here?

  24. treehugger says:

    Hate to compare this white blob to a beached whale. When did stripping become part of political convention activities? Please, Lord, keep the candidates clothed at the upcoming national conventions.

  25. Tilphousia says:

    Oh ick