Welcome to Trumpcare

March 19, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

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9 Comments to “Welcome to Trumpcare”

  1. I just want a great big “like” button here! Perfect!

  2. Don’t the snacilbupeR realize that this bill means *fewer* white people? We’re going to have to depend on brown people’s babies. Eeeeeek!

  3. Ten years after the passage of Romneycare, an independent study showed that it reduced the mortality rate in MA by 3%. If this same rate improvement was applied to the the nation as a whole, then that would save almost 80,000 lives a year: this is more than what is lost to motor vehicle accidents and gun violence combined. Or, to put it another way: one 9/11 every 2.6 weeks..

    This also means that residents of the US are 6700 times more likely to die due to a lack of access to affordable healthcare than by post 9/11 Islamic terrorism.

  4. Okay, so this is only tangentially related, but I’ve never let that stop me.

    I used to want “West Wing’s” Martin Sheen for president. Now I want “Madam Secretary’s” David Carradine. (It’s on right now, CBS.) He just told a retrograde snacilbupeR Congresscreep to shape up or Mr. President will “kick your ass.” Bwahahahahahaha!!!

  5. Debbo: We really need more Aaron Sorkin. The Newsroom was fantastic, but too short.

  6. Debbo, I said the same thing tonight as my husband and I were watching Madame Secretary. I want that President and that Secretary of State. Wouldn’t it be great to have grownups in charge again?
    P.P., I am an Aaron Sorkin and Newsroom fan also.
    Real life is too painful and discouraging right now. I am hoping that the sane members of Congress are working behind the scenes to protect our country (meaning figuring out how to get rid of Trump and his bunch), but it is taking too long. I think a lot of damage is being done.
    Thank you J.J. and the rest of the beauty salon for being here. You give me hope.

  7. Old Fart says:

    Maybe this time, when people do start dying, 45 won’t get away with it…

  8. Okay, am I the only one that thinks Donnie’s supreme court nominee looks like he oughta be telling really corny jokes about home videos?

  9. Jane & PKM says:


    Prior to the ACA our policy rate increases rose dramatically then began to stabilize under the ACA. We didn’t qualify for a subsidy, but we did benefit indirectly in the ways the insurance industry was slowed down in their attempts to hose us.

    Then Tom Price Gish gallops onto the scene with a chart demonstrating percentage of rate increases in several state. What he failed to mention were the states with the triple digit increases and lack of health insurance providers were those states in which the governors opted out of the ACA and expanded Medicaid. Tom, my leg feels wet, but that ain’t rain, buddy.

    See the correlation, Tom? Without Medicaid expansion we return to the old system where those of us with insurance pay for the care of those without insurance. The ACA managed to a decent degree to spread that cost equitably among us. So yes, those tax cuts about which you brag are coming directly out of my pocket, while providing care for millions fewer. Heck of a job, Tommie!