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July 31, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Scarydouchey is out.  Kelly want him gone, and killing him seemed certainly desirable but it was eventually decided to just embarrass himself to death.

He lasted 10 days.


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30 Comments to “Washington Post”

  1. Fran Seyer says:

    Do you think a fresh wind might be blowing through the WH……keep blowing…….many more need to be gone.

  2. Sandridge says:

    Y’ll know those handy kitchen thingies called “lazy susans”? We got us a ‘lazy donald’ WH, the spinning wheel just goes ’round and ’round.
    Meanwhile our competitors worldwide are eating our lunchdinnersupperandbreakfast.

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Donnie has a sad. Gen Kelly took away his mini-me, The Mooch. Be careful, General, if you attempt to take away his twitter. He might bite.

  4. Cue Queen, Another one Bites the Dust…

    And popcorn. And Raisinettes. And Milk Duds

  5. Jane & PKM says:

    Sandridge, they’re going after our midnight snacks, too.

  6. John in Illinois says:

    Why do the words “dumpster fire” keep popping into my head?

  7. damn – I’d given him until 8/20

  8. To quote my daughter, “I’ve given up Bravo for MSNBC, same formula; liars, cheaters, vicious fights, thieves, etc.”

  9. Frau Free says:

    I’m sure he resigned because he wanted to spend more time with his new baby.

  10. Dammit! I hadn’t even settled in my favorite name for him yet! What a bunch of LOSERS!!! Orange Whore has no clue about how to pick anything besides his nose and a$$.

  11. Arakasi says:

    OK, so who on the staff of SNL has to call Joe Pesci and tell him that he won’t be needed after all?

  12. slipstream says:


  13. If this was Star Trek – Deep 6 Trump, all the crew members would wear red shirts.

    “No! Please! Don’t beam me into the West Wing!

  14. Old Fart says:

    Keep in mind:

    Ultimately our federal government is tied in knots. This period has been the bestest ever present for our adversaries. 45 is still there, and so is our mess…

  15. Robert McClellan says:

    Flash – Rance Priebus had to rushed to the hospital this afternoon; the doctor said “he was hysterical with laughter we had to calm down before he had a stroke”.

  16. Lunargent says:

    Words fail me. So;


  17. The guy I really feel sorry for is Mario Cantone who will lose a part made for him. And SNL didn’t even get a chance to parody him.

  18. Marcia in CO says:

    Oh, but, yes … the WH is running like a well oiled machine, doncha know?!? LOL
    So, I guess that leaves Huckabee’s girl to continue with whatever it is she does … huh? Maybe they’ll bring Spicy back.
    Oh, the drama!

  19. A chaos of clowns.

  20. maryelle says:

    It took General Kelly to set Trump straight about Scaramouche.
    Trump is just as vulgar, undisciplined and foul mouthed, so he refused to cut the thug. Only wish the General could convince Trump to leave before the flowers hit the fan.

  21. My fave headline so far, from the Daily Beast: “Trump Screws the Mooch”

  22. Gee, I wonder if Bannon taught Moochie his special trick before he resigned….

  23. Gone but not forgotten!
    Scarface Muuchie will always live in the Wingnut Hall of Shame along side of such luminaries as Sarah ‘word salad’ Palin and Joe ‘the fake’ Plumber.

  24. “Tell Me Everything” is talk radio hosted by John Fugelsang on Sirius. His gathering of comedians christened the current deministration the White House Fight Club.

    The first rule of WHFC is that Everyone Blabs About WHFC All the Time Via Every Existing Medium and Make Up a Few New Ones.

  25. Like I said, the Marine gyrene and the refugee from Jersey shore could never co-exist in the White House universe!

  26. This is horrible! First we lost the wonderful Melissa McCarthy/Sean Sphincter, but now Mario Cantone/the Mooch. Well my life is over. I’ll never laugh again.

  27. I so hoped the Mooch would bring Joe Pesci to SNL and out of mostly retired.

  28. Tilphousia says:

    Wonder what odds Vegas is giving for how long Kelly stays? Or cockwomble for that matter.

  29. @Tilphousia

    I read or heard somewhere that Drumpf was the Las Vegas favorite to win the presidential election in 2020.

    And here I’ve been opining all over the place that even if he survives somehow until 2020, which I doubt, I don’t see the Republicans nominating him again.