urp…President Elect Calls for Close Ties With…Russia

January 07, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

One day after receiving damning intelligence reports of direct and intentional espionage against the United States, Cheeto Jesus called for closer relations with Russia and that those who opposed are “stupid” and “fools”. ¬†When Putin hands His Orangeness his own ass on a platter, we’ll know both the fool and the stupid.

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26 Comments to “urp…President Elect Calls for Close Ties With…Russia”

  1. Mister “I know everything better than people whose life work is studying it” thinks he knows more than 17 US intelligence agencies who have told him that Putin ordered the Russian interference in our election. But the Barking Yam won’t accept that because he thinks it makes his election victory less legitimate. (Gee, really?)

    We really, really need to see those withheld tax returns so we can find out how much he owes to Russian banks.

    Or maybe he’s just as stupid as my left buttock. That wouldn’t be a big surprise.

    How much damage is this glassbowl going to do to our country before he’s kicked out?

  2. RepubAnon says:

    Perhaps Mr. Trump feels he’ll need Russia’s help again – in 2020. My guess is that Mr. Trump’s trying to suck up to Russia to put pressure on China. However, my guess is that Russia and China will trick Trump into doing something stupid, and then take full advantage to seize a bunch of disputed territory.

  3. e platypus onion says:

    Pathological Liar of the US-elect is still lying pathologically. Nearly every one of Drumpf’s cabinet picks is facing ethics investigations and the Government office of Ethics can’t get in contact with Drumpf’s people. The Russians hacked the election, they hacked RNC site, even though Drumpf lied and said it didn’t happen. This guy should not be allowed to sully any part of America for any reason.

    Wingnuts are pushing to get these criminals vetted before the ethics reports are done. They are all crooks. Drumpf’s SIL is pushing a multi million dollar deal with Chinese gov’t while advising his FIL and I bet he doesn’t have security clearance and is not supposed to advise Drumpf because of nepotism rules. Where’s the damn cops when you need them?

  4. It is unlikely that Trump will ever realize–or admit–that Putin has handed him his ass on a platter.

  5. Can anyone doubt that impeachment for treason should proceed on 1/21/2017? While there is not one good thing about Pinch, I don’t think he’ll endanger American sovereignty like the cocksplat is.

  6. I find irony in the fact that we get all offended about the vile names the right wingers have called the Obamas and Clintons but do the same ourselves to their side. Naturally, I feel those names are deserved, but I think it’s a little nasty on our parts too. I hope while we think of names to call them, we might show a bit more restraint and class.

  7. slipstream says:

    AK Lynne, I do believe President Pussygrabber has earned his moniker. He bragged about it.

  8. I am perfectly willing to give Cheeto Jesus exactly the same respect, cooperation, and support that Republicans gave President Obama for 8 years.

  9. e platypus onion says:

    No one has more respect for calling Drumpf nasty names than me. I heartily second and third Slip and El Jefe while still having the utmost respect for Ak Lynne’s POV.

  10. AKLynne–

    You may have read the same Stonekettle Station entry I did. I’m not sure I’ll stay “on the wagon” all the time (sometimes I just need to vent, and this may be the “safest” place to do it), but I’m trying.

  11. Simple as pudding pie. Trump is Putin’s bitch. that should be more than enough to get the ball rolling on impeachment after making sure Trump’s private plane has flat tires.

  12. e platypus onion says:

    Drumpf has clearly committed impeachable offenses and should not be allowed to sully the reputation of the presidency of America. If wingnuts had any thoughts of their duty to the constitution-Drumpf would be forced to resign in disgrace and spend the rest of his unnatural life in prison and his family, except Ivanka, in the same cell.

    Nuttunjehu in Israel has been caught on tape offering to restrict circulation of one paper (owned b Adelson ftr) for favorable coverage in another paper. The crimes just keep on coming.

  13. This is why the Russians wanted Drumpf in the White House. He’s stoopid enough to be played over and over. He’s now painted himself into a corner where he can’t criticize Russia for anything they do. He’d have to admit he’s the stoopid fool. Just wait ’til he tries to reverse the sanctions, we’ll see how many fools in congress go along with it.

    When Drumpf and the Rethugs spew nastiness, lies, bigotry, misogyny and downright cruelty, they make it impossible to refrain from suitably labeling them.

  14. AK Lynne–

    I agree. I read Jim Wright as well. But it’s so hard not to use word bullets like “Barking Yam.” I try, but it’s hard.

  15. Rick Stelter says:

    I do wish that you would stop referring to the Cheeto Benito Mussolini as “Cheeto Jesus”, what has Jesus ever done to you? He’s supposed to be a good guy and if you change it to Cheeto Benito, there’s no good inferred in that nickname…

  16. Jane & PKM says:

    Donnie, you have been exposed as a half splat fragile little ego with tiny little disadvantaged fingers. So, maybe it’s only fair to give you an additional 24 hours to come to grips with the geopolitical entity known as Russia. As VP Biden told you Donnie, “it’s time to grow up.” Be a big boy to your pal Putin’s little man. Tell Vlad to back off Georgia, Crimea and the Ukraine, then maybe we discuss Syria.

    Wrap your foolish ego around the fact that you lost the popular vote by 3 million and your Electoral College numbers are no landslide. Ergo you have no political mandate, despite whatever future dates you may be imagining with Vlad.

    Ask Congress for the funds necessary to strengthen our cyber security. Fuhgeddaboud wasting money on your st00pid wall, until you are briefed about minor geological facts like the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the skies.

    As for your cabinet nominees, you expect us to trust them and believe you that they are the ‘greatest’ to lead. To date those people have demonstrated they cannot fill out the necessary paperwork expected of any job applicant. NYET on the oligarchs, until they fill in the squares. BTW we’re still waiting on your tax returns and citizenship papers for wifey #3.

  17. Calling him names does nothing but make you feel better.
    We need to keep focused on his treasonous actions, his lack of ethics and his lying.
    And keep after the Republicans that support him.

  18. Coprolite says:

    @djw and AKLynne, I read Jim’s article at Stonekettle also, and agree with his point, but I will still RESIST and make life generally diffucult for his administration by whatever means legal and financially possible.

  19. Sam in San Antonio says:

    Putin’s bed has got to be getting full with Trump, McConnell. and Tillerson snuggling up.

  20. Whatever I’ve said about Trump and whatever names I’ve called him are mild compared with the vile racist abuse the Obamas have received. And yes, I agree that that’s a very low standard to try to surpass. But it’s difficult to be on the only side behaving with “restraint and class.” Especially when Obama is a calm, cultured gentleman and Trump is a narcissistic immature bully who thinks the sun shines out of his backside. And I’m not calling names there; I’m being honest. He is dangerous and frightening. I thought Reagan and George W Bush were unqualified fools, but this one is freaking scary, because he is absolutely sure he knows more than anybody about everything, when he doesn’t know more than anybody about anything, especially governing the most powerful (for now) country on the planet. His “election” was engineered and unjustified, and I am all but powerless to stop whatever profound damage he and his hoard of billionaires are going to do to my country and my Earth, so I will call him whatever I damn well please as a poor substitute for jerking his ignorant ass out of power to save things I care deeply about.

  21. OK, ok! I understand that there is an old adage like keeping your enemies closer, but really, I did not ever dream of keeping them in the same bed! And just how is keeping who closer?

  22. Marcia in CO says:

    Amen, Rhea … I, too, shall continue to call him the SOB-elect POS because that is exactly who that disgusting pile of Twatgrabbing crap is!!

  23. e platypus onion says:

    Drumpf already has his head up Putins ass. How much closer can they get. Bet he has trouble getting a Tic Tac in his mouth.

  24. “disgusting pile of Twatgrabbing crap” hahahahaha! That’s great Marcia.

    Calling the cocksplat by various names gives me a sense of more power and less fear, so I don’t plan to change either.

  25. epo, it’s more a case of Putin having his hand up Trump’s ass. That’s how you operate puppets.