Undone by a Kid…And the Russians

December 31, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Uncategorized

Yesterday, the New York Times published a blockbuster article that fingered the guy who triggered the Russia-Trump investigation.  That guy?  He’s George Papadopoulos, a then 28 year old kid who was “advising” the Trump campaign on energy and international issues.  As early as April of 2016, Papadopoulos was aware that the Russians had hacked into Hillary’s and the DNC’s emails due to his contacts with Russian operatives.  In May of that year, during a drinking session with an Australian diplomat, Papadopoulos bragged that the Russians had dirt on Hillary.  Two months later, Australian intelligence alerted US intelligence of the hacking.

This chain of events is what kicked off the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign and its contacts with Russian operative.  Papadopoulos, who planned to ride Mike Flynn’s coattails into the NSA, ended up riding his coattails into a guilty plea of lying to the FBI.  He’s now, along with Flynn, fully cooperating with the investigation.

Tick, Tick, Tick

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14 Comments to “Undone by a Kid…And the Russians”

  1. A kid, eh? Too bad he wasn’t lucky enough to be born in time for the Second World War and in his babyhood learn to read from signs that screamed “Loose lips shin ships.” The same can be said for Trump who is looking more and more each day like the Madness of King George.

  2. That Other Jean says:

    So, one guy’s drunken bragging set the Trump-Russia investigation in motion? Not the Steele Dossier? A lot more Republicans have been lying to us, then. Good to know that Nemesis, in the form of Robert Mueller, is on their trail.

  3. I have confidence that Robert Mueller is putting copies of everything in an envelope ( a very LARGE envelope) and mailing them to himself or somewhere safe, you know, “in case anything happens to me.”

  4. Poor Papadopoulos. Covfefe happens…

  5. It’s the age-old story: if you value loyalty above everything else, and we know this is exactly how the Orange Moron operates, you get “Amateur Hour”. Or, in this case, Amateur (mal)Administration.

    Is anybody here really surprised by this?

    @AKLynne: Mueller (and everybody else) has likely taken his cue from the EPA folks who sent all their important data to Canada for safekeeping. He was the FBI Director for 12 years and knows where ALL the bodies are buried. I’ll bet Trudeau has a whole department dedicated to preserving all kinds of stuff from the US.

  6. I expect Mr Mueller keeps the New York Attorney General up to date on everything… the President can’t issue pardons for state law violations, and I expect there’s lots of New York state law violations as well.

  7. Jane & PKM says:

    El Jefe, one minor correction – George Pop-off-at-the-Mouth is not a kid, just as Stephen Miller is not a child. While both might be considered to behave as dim bulb adolescents which would make them 10+ years the senior of Dotard45 in that sense. However, they are both over 21 and of legal age. (yes, even morons can sign contracts, legal age)

    Ageism is dead; if not, it should be. Millions of millennials serve responsibly in a variety of capacities including the military and the State Dept. While plenty of seniors, unlike Dotard45, serve brilliantly in many capacities as does the Notorious RBG in the United States Supreme Court.

    The quick quiz. Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Ivanka Kushner? Chris Murphy or Tom Cotton? Donnie Trump or Barack Obama? Messy Trump or Michelle Obama?

    Obvious, eh? The answers reveal not age, sex or any bias. That was a mental health quiz to separate decent functioning humans from their polar opposites, Republicans.

    Back to old George, the younger Pop-a-whatever. While he may be a blip on the radar that was ahead of the Steele Dossier, he ain’t game, he’s not the game and that boy don’t have game.

    Winner and still fox at the hunt is Mike Flynn. Consider his crimes versus a mere single fibbed to the Feebs charge. Either Mike has dope, or Bob Mueller has lost his mind.

  8. Old Quaker says:

    Maggie likens Trump to Mad George III), better compared to Mad Ludwig of Austria. Both were builders but Ludwig’s castles are charming, one is probably the most delightful “mountain cottage” in the world. Ain’t no delightful or charming buildings with TRUMP on it.

    Covfefe is gaudy, even with gold paint.

  9. So is Drumpf’s urine blue as well?

  10. That Other Jean says:

    @Maggie: I’ve been reading a bunch of books on the run-up to WWI, and it seems to me that Trump more closely resembles Wilhelm II than King George III. Wilhelm had a pretty dreadful childhood, an imperfect boy raised by perfectionist parents and tutors, who grew up with an exaggerated opinion of his abilities; who promised more than he could deliver; who couldn’t bear criticism from anyone; and who created his own reality, blinding him to actual conditions in his country and the world. Poor George III was a sane, decent, intelligent man between his bouts of madness, which cannot be said of Donald Trump.

  11. @That Other Jean: Plus, he really, really wanted a war so prove how great he was. Didn’t turn out that way, of course… Willy abdicated in disgrace and fled Germany, never to return

  12. Jane and PKM, isn’t it funny how the Trump boys, Jared and Georgie are considered “kids” to the GOP – yet 14 is “old enough” in Alabama? I mean, I know girls mature faster than boys, but I didn’t know the gap was that big.

  13. Jane & PKM says:

    Cheryl, it’s that mysterious Republican version of math. It’s quite whimsical with entire shifts depending on whether a Can or a Democrat is President. 1.5+ trillion in added debt, 14 year old girls, 2 or 3 wars, 19 accusations of sexual abuse, maybe a rape or two all equals Donnie is the greatest in his mind and the minds of the Trumpanzees. Donnie can be impeached, voted out or carried out on an Article 25. But what do we do about the mental health of the 60 million who voted for him? Or, the more severe cases who still support him?

    Up is now down. But out is the word we sane folks are looking for in regard to Donnie Out. Out of office. Please let 2018 be the year of out.

  14. Charles R Phillips says:

    Sorry, PKM, look for an Texit in mid to late 2019. No way are the repubs going to impeach or Article 25 their own President. Like Donnie, they can’t, won’t, admit they made an error.

    Also, when he DOES go, watch the repubs blame it on the dems, particularly Hillary and Obama.


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