Under the Category of “Hey, Might As Well.”

November 30, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

A new Republican has entered the Presidential race, filed paperwork at the FEC, and should fit right in.

Momma, do not click this link.  Do not, Momma, and I mean it this time.

Thanks to Alfredo over at the Dairy Queen for the heads up.

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14 Comments to “Under the Category of “Hey, Might As Well.””

  1. Susan on the Left Coast says:

    Thanks! I needed that.

  2. Saw post on FB that this guy could not get a FB Account.
    Turned out later it was a hoax.

    Or maybe that’s what you mean by fitting in with the Clown Bus…

  3. daChipster says:

    Nice to see that Vietnamese-American rap fan voters have someone to root for!

  4. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    He must be North Vietnamese, if he thinks he can primary Snarly Failurina from the right in a primary. She’s no “weak sister” when it comes to her psychopath totalitarian credentials.

  5. Ralph Wiggam says:

    Such class.

  6. Not as objectionable as the other candidate’s comments on refugees, immigrants, made up news they saw with their own eyes on TV, imaginary biographical events…

  7. Kenneth Fair says:

    Hmmm. There is no 450 Tumulty Drive in Ballwin, MO. That address appears to be in the middle of an intersection.

  8. KF: From what I read, it is a fake id set up as a joke.

  9. What Rick said, twice.

  10. You know, of course, JJ, that when you write, “Mama, do not click this link,” the rest of us sprain our fingers getting to it as fast as possible. As Terry Pratchett said, if you put up a button deep in a cave somewhere with a sign that said, “Absolutely Do Not Push, we really mean it, dire consequences if you do,” the paint wouldn’t even have time to dry. ( I did see one sign that said, “Do not touch. Not only will this kill you, it will hurt really bad the whole time you’re dying.”) This also demonstrates that the god who put two people in a garden and told them they could eat everything but THAT fruit didn’t know squat about human beings if he really thought they wouldn’t.

  11. Sooooo… A Vietnamese American REPUBLICAN??? Are you kidding me. Of course you are.

    From the same 14 year old mentality that gave you Seymour Butts, Wun Hung Lo, and the Austin litigation boutique Sooem, Grabbit and Runne.

  12. Linda Phipps says:

    About the mystery “button”. We rented a house for several years that had a non-working doorbell. Landlord lived overseas and we never pursued the repair. In the hallway leading to the bedrooms was a wall switch that didn’t turn anything on so we just didn’t “touch” it. One day I did flip it up and shortly afterward, someone RANG the doorbell. All those years … I guess the owner put that in to ensure quiet or something. For that reason they also HID the circuit box behind some paneling in the family room.

  13. Lunargent says:

    PKM – I’m guessing this is aimed more at Hillary than at Snarly.

  14. Competition for Deez Nutz. Or all Doze Nutz lined up behind der Trumpfenführer.