Uh, Well…Sorry Momma, There’s No Other Way to Say This

January 11, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Trump had a bipartisan meeting today in the Oval Office to talk about immigration reform.  After lawmakers proposed changes to immigration policies for African countries, El Salvador and Haiti, Trump said, and I quote:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

Afterward, the comment hung in the air like a fart in the middle of a church service.  The meeting had been impromptu, arranged by Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin this morning by phone.  They thought they would just be meeting with Trump, but when they arrived, they found anti-immigration extremists Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) were already there.  Apparently, after the meltdown on live television yesterday, congressional Repubs are riding herd on Trump to keep him from agreeing to things they don’t like.  The White House had no comment to elaborate on Trump’s statement.

Anyhoo, sorry Momma.  They made me do it.

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17 Comments to “Uh, Well…Sorry Momma, There’s No Other Way to Say This”

  1. Color me not surprised.

  2. slipstream says:

    How very presidential.

  3. As my mama used to say, “Takes one to know one.”

  4. Jane & PKM says:

    Dunno, Donnie. Why did you, your family and associates accept all that money from sketchy rat holes? Now be a good chap and have John or Ty trundle on out with your tax returns and Messy’s papers. We’re still waiting.

  5. the donald excels at insults.

  6. Donnie, repeat after me: “If their countries were perfect, they’d stay there.” See, it’s called logical thought. You might want to try it someti– Oh, hell, you’re over 70, you’re past learning how to think. Just try to get yourself a thinking-brain dog, okay? And not Steve Bannon, because that didn’t work well.

  7. At least Nixon had an enemies list with real enemies on it. McCarthy took the time to wave a blank piece of paper around in the air. Trump’s list? A fart in the middle of church service has more substance.

  8. Well, 2000 lies and 1 truth. 45 has to break type *some* times…

  9. Here’s another question for you, Trump: why are you and the rest of the Republican Party trying super hard (well, for nearly three hours a days in your case) to make our country more like these “shithole” countries instead of more like Norway etc.?

  10. He wants more people coming from places like Norway. Why on earth would Norwegians come here when they have better, cheaper health care and free college?????

  11. We’ll all want to go to Norway before long.

    Hard not to contemplate moving to those progressive countries while we watch Donnie try to turn our country into one of those “shitholes”.

  12. I have cousins in Norway. If things get any worse with this idiot in the White House, I may wind up on their doorstep one of these days, hat in hand, seeking political asylum.

  13. AK Lynne:

    Yep, I’d go there in a nano if they’d accept me. But I doubt they’d let in a retiree like me. Guess I’d have to marry a Nowegian.

    Cheryl: May I add: Generous parental leave, free pre-school, decent public transportation, sensible gun laws and a much lower murder/violence rate than the US.

    As for Rumpie I can think of a new name: Dotard J. Shithole, the GOP best and brightest (saw this one at the NY times comments and borrowed it)

  14. He is despicable.
    I have no words for what has been revealed about this administration and what Trump has done and said this week,

  15. TTPT:
    With things going like they are here, l personally would be grateful if you’d go ahead and bust a move on the ole “takin advantage of family ties to gain admission before it’s too late” trick. That way maybe you can put in a good word for the us when the rest of the world throws rocks at us at their borders.

  16. P.P: Or before Prez Sh*thole decides to use his great wall to keep us tax paying citizens in.


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