Uh …. I Forgot — OH HELL, YES, IT’S UPDATED!

November 14, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The White House is where we’re reminded that the most dangerous airborne virus in America isn’t Ebola, it’s Amnesia.

Remember that completely unqualified guy the Republicans think is the next Antonin Scalia so they voted him a lifetime appointment as a federal judge, even though he’s fresh out of law school and has never tried a case?  Brent Talley is on the road to being a punchline in Trump era jokes.

I know you’re going to be surprised, but his main qualification is amnesia.


Now, that’s some souped-up, doubled geared, rootin’ tootin’ case of amnesia.  Oh yeah, I forgot, my wife is the White House counsel’s chief of staff, who is also being called as a witness in the Mueller investigation.

Ms. Donaldson has emerged in recent weeks as a witness in the special counsel’s investigation into whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice. She was interviewed by investigators recently about her detailed notes about conversations with Mr. McGahn on topics including the firing of the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, according to two people briefed on the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation with reporters.

Well, isn’t that just too cute!

I swear that the White House is the mob with all the crime families taking over.

Let’s see — he’s 36 years old, has only been a lawyer for three years, has held low level government desk jobs since law school, was only the second nominee since 1987 to be unanimously voted Not Qualified by the American Bar Association, has never tried a case in his damn life, but ta! da! he’s married to McGahn’s chief of staff!

Oh yeah, and Alabama’s two Republican senators recommended him.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

UPDATE:  Oh, the fun just ever ends.

(Please look down at your own risk.  Please don’t be drinking coffee or any crap like that.  Got it? Okay.)


Oh, it gets even better.

He also wrote books about paranormal activity and “has a cult following.”

You know that guy on the Discovery Channel who talks about space aliens?


I think Republicans are voting to give him a lifetime appointment as a federal judge.

This.  This right here is why we can no longer tell satire from reality.


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21 Comments to “Uh …. I Forgot — OH HELL, YES, IT’S UPDATED!”

  1. I have a law degree. Does that mean I’m in line for a federal judge?

  2. Paul, are you married to WH counsel…if not than you cannot be a judge!

  3. Yet another cockwomble nominee of note. Where in the cesspit does he find these er things? If this one isn’t sure proof of dementia, complete brain malfunction and an IQ of single digit I don’t know what does. Please please PLEASE, Mr Mueller, get rid of this cancer on our nation.

  4. Prup (aka Jim Benton) says:

    AND — according to Steve Benen and the DAILY BEAST:

    On his questionnaire for the Senate Judiciary Committee, a copy of which was provided to The Daily Beast, Talley says that he was part of The Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group from 2009-2010. The group, according to its website, searches for the truth “of the paranormal existence” in addition to helping “those who may be living with paranormal activity that can be disruptive and/or traumatic.”

  5. Okay, I have a question. I’ve read mainly headlines and leads without going very in-depth, but it seems like something’s not being said. Yes, the Douchebag administration nominated someone who is stupendously unqualified. Openly hyper-partisan. And yes, he omitted that his wife is neck deep in the administration. But the White House knew about it when they nominated him.

  6. ‘Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group’

    Now that he’s connected with the Trump Administration, I’d say he’s hit pay dirt.

  7. P.P., Donnie and the dufii knew Mike Flynn was up to his neck in Russia and Turkey kompromat, yet made him National Security Adviser. Husbands? Meh. There’s Jared. Then there is Hope Hicks, Spanky’s hairdresser. Dimwit Jr’s hunting pal Zinke and whoever, Eric’s wedding planner. A veritable list of “who is not qualified.” Then again, the fish rots from the head and there is no one more unqualified in the Dotard45 Maladministration than old Donnie.

  8. Tuscaloosa? Oh, not Bama again! Somebody please save us!

  9. On the Farm says:

    The problem I see with his interest in Paranormal Investigation is that he has NOT written THREE BOOKS on Constitutional Law or Judicial Process. His real interest is NOT LAW or the CONSTITUTION. I suppose his wife will be helping with the homework?

  10. Linda Phipps says:

    Quadruple shame on the panel who approved this wanker without checking him out first.

  11. All rise for Judge Ghostbuster.

  12. This is why Republicans won’t do anything to remove the gaslighting gasbag from the presidency: he’s loading up the federal bench with young wingnuts, all of whom are filling the vacancies left by refusing to allow Obama to fill ANY seat for two years. I’m furious.

  13. slipstream says:

    Who ya gonna call?

  14. Catherine Riley says:

    Please don’t put Giorgio Tsoukalos in the same boat as the vicious rethugs. He believes in aliens but he is not a soulless, mind sucking, lying sack of excrement like the GOP.

  15. Jane & PKM says:

    Origuy, oops, my bad. For a second I thought Judge Ghostbuster meant Neil “stolen seat” Gorsuch.

  16. Investigates activity that’s disruptive or traumatic. Well, that the whole ****ing government at this point– all three wings, and many state houses. Investigate it all, please, because I am disrupted and traumatized.

  17. Zyxomma, you nailed it!

  18. Marge Wood says:

    THAT HAIR! Hahahahahaha. He’d make a great cartoon character.hahahahahahah.

  19. Tilphousia says:

    Where did I put my tinfoil hat?

  20. Isn’t it obvious? Once Mueller’s investigation is done, THIS is the guy who will try the case. And all will be absolved. Case closed.

  21. This ijit is getting raked over the coals on any number of TV shows! This is exactly what his nominators don’t want. There might yet be some hope from that end. Of course, for the sake of his dear wife’s job, he might do the gentle-manly thing and withdraw his name. Please do not hold your breathe on that last one!