Two Pigs in a Poke

November 14, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Trump

New Appointments to Lead White House Staff

New Appointments to Lead White House Staff

Yesterday, Cheeto Jesus appointed his two top strategists for the coming January 20th Apocalypse.  What was striking about these appointments was not only their similarity – they’re both well known pigs; but also their differences – outside pig versus inside pig.  The outside pig is Steve Bannon, CEO of that den of serial liars called Breitbart “News”; the inside pig is RNC chairman and serial loudmouth, Reince Priebus.  Cheeto Jesus couldn’t have chosen a worse pair to run the White House except for maybe someone like Hannibal Lector or Freddy Krueger.  The choice of these two characters is shocking, but not surprising.

Priebus has been chief liar chairman of the RNC since 2011.  Before joining the RNC, he was chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party and played a key role in inflicting Paul Ryan and Scott Walker on the American people.  He’s well known for his fast talking schtick, and is a regular on RW media, spewing nonsense and outright falsehood.  He jumped on board with Cheeto Jesus in his rise to the GOP nomination, and proved himself to the candidate by wallowing in the mud to help propel him to the White House.

Bannon, is a pig of a different color.  Starting out in investment banking, he developed a media firm that played to the right wing.  After he took over Breitbart around 2011, he’s propelled it from just an offensive lie generator sponsoring oddballs like James O’Keefe, who has styled himself as an “investigative reporter” and who is anything but.  He made a splash by publishing heavily edited videos of ACORN employees, and succeeded in wrecking that organization, which helped poor people find housing, and never really paid a price for his wholesale lies.  In recent years, though, Bannon has recast Breitbart as not only a RW lie generating machine, he embraced racist white nationalists and anti-Semites.  Not surprisingly, Trump brought him on board as CEO of his presidential run.  Unfortunately, Bannon did a brilliant job, and succeeded in getting the worst candidate for president in US history actually elected.

Priebus is a well known pig and he’s the insider.  Bannon, however, is a lesser known pig, and being an outsider is at best feral.  More likely, he’ll be Trump’s wild boar, goring everyone who gets in the way.

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20 Comments to “Two Pigs in a Poke”

  1. Bannon’s new status definitely sticks a pin into the balloons of everyone who thought Trump didn’t really mean it.

    El Jefe, I think you meant to say that Bannon succeeded in “ruining” ACORN, not “running” it.

  2. Raphael Kearns says:

    I called Sen. Cornyn and Cruz’s Dallas office today to ask that they publicly condemn Bannon’s appointment. Cruz’s staffer was very polite and took my information and said she would make sure the DC office received my info. Cornyn’s staffer really didn’t want to talk with me. She stated the Senator really couldn’t condemn him. I said he could certainly speak on the Senate floor in opposition. She asked my zip code then hung up on me.

    Well, least I called.

  3. Two for the price & size of one Chris Christie. The resemblance is striking though.

  4. They are not gonna last. They seriously don’t have it in them. The game playing has already begun as to who is really King of the Mountain and Trump would be gobsmacked to know its not him.

  5. Raphael Kerns, I admire your effort; I have up on the lot of them a long time ago.

  6. Tilphousia says:

    Well, transition means just that. Wonder how many “you’re fired!’ we will be hearing? Lots and lots, methinks.

  7. JAKvirginia says:

    Am I going to have to hear FOUR YEARS of this whinning? Is anybody truly surprised by this? And today Trump is seeking Top Secret clearances for his children who will be running his companies. What ever happened to “conflict of interest”, of which he repeatedly accused the Clintons, and the long established “need to know” protocol?

    I can only shake my head. The total assholes who live in this country just handed the henhouse to the fox. I guess it’ll be tuna sandwiches to eat this Thanksgiving. Thanks to the fox. Hahahaha…

    A song is in my head and has been for weeks. I don’t know the song’s title or the artist, but the chorus keeps ringing in my ears — And we will all go down together! How true. How true….

    (And Gwen Ifill died. Now that hurts….)

  8. No surprise here since their boss will be Perverted-Pig-in-Chief.

  9. JAKvirginia – Billy Joel? Or, perhaps more appropriately, Tom Lehrer?

  10. Glen Ifill’s death does hurt. She was a first rate journalist, the real thing.

    There is a lot of feces hitting the oscillator over a white supremacist brought into the White House. The Southern Poverty Law Center has published info establishing Pig Bannon’s hyper racist credentials. You can read more here:

  11. Anomalous Propagation says:

    el Jefe –
    This is good. Don’t get irritated with me. I’m like you.
    I believe it is soring [an animal], not soaring [in a sailplane/glider].

    Let’s find out if Bannon was fired by the Navy for racial misconduct.
    Anomalous Propagation

  12. Don’t waste your time on Steve Bannon, he’s merely the monkey. Robert Mercer is the organ grinder in Drumpf’s campaign.

    Mercer also owns whatever’s left of Kellyanne Conway’s soul as well.

    I expect to find a public connection between Corey Lewandowski and Mercer as well.

    I wonder how much business Mercer does with Russia/Putin?

  13. Now we are hearing tales that PET (prez elect Trump) wants security clearance for his kids and son in law.

    This is disturbing. Indications of nepotism, conflicts of interest (who’s gone to run the business). Maybe this is just simple clearance to go running throughout the WH naked, or the one needed to tell Dad to push the button.

    We will have to wait to hear what type of clearance PET wants for his offspring. Permission for naked romps, or those needed to help Dad determine the new location of their new hotel.

    This stinks.

  14. Okay, so we’re not slow at work anymore, so I haven’t kept up with the conversation. So forgive me if I just repeat somebody else’s question. I did read ( I think in here ) that now that Donnie Douchebag is president elect, his tax returns could be sued for under the Freedom of Information act. That’s great if true, but I’ve got another question. One of Donnie Douchebag’s main bragging points was his business success. I’ve talked in here before about that (bankruptcies, etc). But think about it. So many failed deals and Donnie skated away from most of them leaving investors on the hook. You know, people he convinced to hitch their wagon to him and he’d save the day. Sound familiar? So I say if the fact that he’s now president elect makes it easier to gain access to his records, let’s find out what his credit rating is, and has been through the years. And then find out what the credit ratings for all those business entities he screwed did when he was done with ’em. Cause like it or not, we just hitched our wagon to Donnie Douchebag. Oh, and I almost forgot. Remember how he’s talked about renegotiating deals after services rendered was just good, hardball business practice? And how he thought that was a good strategy for America? That’s where the credit ratings come in. And from what I’ve gathered from Sloan Sabbith (Aaron Sorkin :-), defaulting (which is what you call it when you don’t pay what you agreed to pay, even if you pay MOST of it) harms the credit score tremendously. I never went to college, but that sounds like info we need to know.

  15. Here ya go, JAKvirginia -

  16. It seems as though we are watching the rebirth of the Third Reich. Consider donating to the ACLU, NAACP and the Southern Poverty law Center. Our democracy has been turned into a fascist dictatorship. There soon will be no recourse for the oppression which we face.

  17. Damn! My undergrad professors said this would happen someday and they were painfully right!

  18. Annabelle Lee says:

    Funny, the lyric in my head these days is this:

    Went to see the captain, strangest I could find,
    Laid my proposition down, laid it on the line.
    I won’t slave for beggar’s pay, likewise gold and jewels,
    But I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools.
    Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools sail away from me.
    It was later than I thought when I first believed you,
    Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

  19. Larry from Colorado says:

    I forwarded the picture to my cousin.
    Her answer: Don’t insult the poor pigs….

  20. When you attend a funeral,
    It is sad to think that sooner or
    Later those you love will do the same for you.
    And you may have thought it tragic,
    Not to mention other adjec-
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    But don’t you worry.
    No more ashes, no more sackcloth.
    And an armband made of black cloth
    Will some day never more adorn a sleeve.
    For if the bomb that drops on you
    Gets your friends and neighbors too,
    There’ll be nobody left behind to grieve.
    And we will all go together when we go.
    What a comforting fact that is to know.
    Universal bereavement,
    An inspiring achievement,
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    Tom Lehrer. He was always right.