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January 25, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Author’s Note: Someone last week pinned a new name on Cheeto Jesus – TwitterFinger.  I like it, so will begin using it in addition to my favorite moniker, CJ.

Random Thoughts for today:

Favorite slogan from his aborted run in 2012:

TwitterFinger has been busy.  Besides signing a virtual plethora of Executive Orders (that Republicans hated until January 20, 2017 at 12:01 pm), our senior overcomber has been obsessing over size.  Size really matters, probably because TwitterFinger is a euphemism for TinyFinger.  Anyway, I digress.  Last night, about 9:30, his favorite subject, television ratings, was top of mind:

He congratulated Fox News for apparently having highest ratings during the inauguration. He also couldn’t resist another shot at CNN.  That’s right, folks, the President of the United States is still obsessed with not only ratings, but the inauguration.  Speaking of ratings, here’s one from a couple of nights ago about the same subject:

Here’s another attempt to jab the media in the eye, a photograph of the ceremony which will be hung in the WH briefing room (which he calls press hall).

And lastly, this gem TwitterFinger issued after his awkward CIA appearance bragging about standing ovations and packed house.

Apparently, he forgot to mention (or maybe 140 characters is not enough) that the standing ovations came from paid shills who he brought to cheerlead.





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21 Comments to “TwitterFinger and Other Thoughts”

  1. Look closely on the date of the picture, January 21, 2017. Something or someone is off.

  2. Fred Farklestone says:

    Look at that worn out face, big and puffy with huge bags under the eyes!
    And just think we’re only 5 days into his presidency! I think the photo was taken yesterday!

  3. Even if he were institutionalized, he would still be doing and saying the same things until he was tranked. SAD!

  4. I had the impression over the past year that CNN was regarded as having sunk to the same level of performance as as Fox News but without the appearance of being a GOP subsidiary.

  5. Open question for the ports of TWMDBS: which Shakespeare play is most like Trump? I have a feeling that the answer to a lot of questions lays with something Shakespeare already did.

  6. I think MSM has been too nice to CJ.

  7. Just stumbled over something called Vice. They are discussing an idea that blew me away and frankly, if activated, would not work inasmuch as 1.) this country is too darn big; smaller countries do this much more often and better, 2.) the secessionists in this country would use it to their advantage for at least a little while. Its their wet dream come true!

  8. daChipster says:

    Not for nothin’ but the upper and lower press halls are real and exist outside the press briefing room where reporters have access to WH comm staff. One of the very few things Dat Guy has been accurate about.

    As to the tweets, the recent ones are even further out there

    1) He plans to send “The Feds” to address “the carnage” in Chicago if the city doesn’t first First, he doesn’t have that kind of LEO power. Second, bring it, I think Chicago can take Trump’s SS.

    2) He plans to investigate the voter fraud he made up in his head and then “strengthen up voting procedures” – once again, voting procedures are controlled by EACH of STATES – Hello: FEDERALISM! It’s not just for anti-choicers, anymore.

    3) He plans to name a Supreme Court nominee next Thursday. Hopefully one familiar with THE EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE… as well as Letters of Marque and Reprisal. We should Make America Pirates Again.

  9. I have not seen one single thing that he has done that does not reinforce that this is all basically doing Reality TV show. Sigh.

  10. JAKvirginia says:

    Not. Any. Kind. Of. President.

  11. I hope the law suits come fast and furious.

  12. Trump Jong Un

  13. With every minute of his presidency, Liar-in-Chief and his minions roll back the clock toward the Dark Ages. Case in point: his latest edicts forbidding employees of federal agencies to speak to each other or the press and freezing any activity in the EPA. They must be stopped.

  14. Jane & PKM says:

    Silly snacilbupeR continue to hope for a new phase from Orange Foolius in which he resembles a sane man. It’s not necessary to read his tweets, listen to his speeches, or the spinning dervish of lies from his spox to know that is not happening. Bury that hope, snacilbuepR, until Das Donnie shows the first real sign of sanity and shaves or weed whacks his science defying synthetic material comb-over.

    Really. Seriously. How are the Democratic members of our US Senate preparing to meet this guy? Yes, they are both professional and statespersons, but there are limits to how far that can take a person. How will they not giggle, when the Orange Foolius enters the room? I couldn’t shake his hand without busting a gut laughing.

  15. Trump is probably under the impression that once he got the gig, his contract renewal is based on Nielsen ratings. Isn’t that how everything works?

    I just hope by next year he doesn’t decide he’s too big for TV, and tries to make the jump to a movie style administration. Then, at his first State of the Union speech he’ll ditch the traditional introduction by the Speaker of the House for the Voice of God movie preview guy:

    “In A World… Where America Is Finally Great Again… The PRESIDENT of the United States!”

  16. “OrangeFinger” also works for James Bond fans.

  17. Jane & PKM says:

    maggie, Act III Julius Caesar and everyone of the Reject Administration wants to be Brutus? Although Jared may be playing “yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look.”

  18. gabberflasted says:

    Personally, I prefer TWEETY BIRD as Trumps sobriquet. Or TWEETY TURD. Momma, that just slipped out, honest.

  19. He also forgot to mention that he never asked the folks at the CIA to sit down. No one sits in the presence of the POTUS unless told they may. So there was no standing, or at least there was no “rising to stand”.

    And aside from clapping by his paid shills there was no ovation.

    And I think he managed to piss off some of the CIA folks that started out on his side.

  20. Katherine says:

    Has anyone noticed that the gentleman who took the photograph was born in Iran?

  21. Aggieland Liz says:

    Really? I think it’s the newest reality tv show, “A Middsummer Night’s Nightmare” – Act I was his nomination as candidate, Act I was Election Night. We are stuck somewhere in Act III, I think.

    But it might be the Naming of the Slough, now that he’s drained it?