Twitter Joins Google and Facebook in Leading from the Rear

November 16, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election

Today, Twitter announced it was suspending alt-right twitter accounts.  Alt-right, you say?  You know, those guys who hate everything: women, African-Americans…hmm…It’s actually easier to say what they support, twitterwhich is white supremacists.  White supremacists with guns.  Since Steve Bannon of Breitbart joined the Cheeto campaign and is now White House chief advisor to… I just can’t say it – to Him, the alt-right has spilled out into the public arena spreading their racist, misogynist, and hate filled rhetoric all over social media.  Yesterday, a week after the elections, Google and Facebook decided it was time to close the barn door, now that the entire herd of horses got out last Tuesday.  Twitter followed suit today, joining the other social media company at the back of the pack, cancelling hundreds of alt-right accounts spewing the same hateful rhetoric.

Thanks, Twitter, for helping us out and being so timely.  (That was sarcasm.)

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14 Comments to “Twitter Joins Google and Facebook in Leading from the Rear”

  1. Cannot congratulate in any way these two outfits. They have always had the right to monitor and refuse statements that transcended the rules. Juts plain damn lazy!

  2. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Somewhere betwixt deliberate disingenuous and greed lies a whole lot of excuse making for not recognizing hate speech when they see it. And, ducking the facts when Orly Taitz and Das Donnie were firing up that whole birther scheme against President Obama. This crap should have stopped not in 2016, but way sooner in 2008/2009 or before. The there’s CNN with Jeffrey Lord gaslighting the facts. And why Cory Lewandowski was paid by CNN while also on Donnie’s payroll screams for bringing back the Fairness Doctrine updated for the technological advances of media sources.

  3. PKM, can I get brains like yours somewhere?

    I can see social media feeling as if they’re the messengers who aren’t responsible for this stuff (the messengers weren’t supposed to know the contents of what they delivered), but this isn’t 1106, either.

  4. I recognized it as “sarcasm” but would be willing to bet that there are some who won’t. Must get a nap now, Bernie is giving a speech tonight, it will be streamed. My daughter just moved to Lufkin. Is that where Louie Gomhert is from? If so, must warn her.

  5. “We can’t possibly screen everything people post…. Whoops, I guess we can.” Fine. Thanks. (sarcasm font)

    El Jefe, I strongly suggest that you not refer to that man as “Him,” since some people capitalize the word to refer to their god. How about “the barking yam”?

  6. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    djw, you already possess the improved model over mine. Mine aren’t my own, btw, as all the credit belongs to teachers, my parents and now my wife, all who remind/reminded me to use mine more often.

    Those “messengers” are tools, and not so useful tools when they hand over the equivalent to a communications chainsaw to the white sheet and mo’ guns crowd. You spotlighted one of their many excuses. Now we need to discover ways to hold them to a basic standard of decency. This won’t be easy with the ‘governance’ coming our way.

  7. JAKvirginia says:

    Freedom of Speech objections in 3… 2… 1…

  8. JAKvirginia says:

    Just by-the-by… Saturday is World Toilet Day. Y’all have fun with that.

  9. Those tools made lots of money for both google and facebook, and we all know that in a free market money wins over silly things like truth, propriety, common decency and common sense (both of those last two, as Mark Twain pointed out, are not all that common anymore.)

  10. “Dat Guy” is an expression that seems to work.

  11. Does this mean that the race-baiting , p***y grabber will have his account suspended?

  12. PKM, agreed; all things will be harder with the clown car in control.

  13. RE: what to call the President-elect

    Several years ago I found myself involved in a civil case that went to trial before a north Texas district court. The judge was a curmudgeon and feisty and short-tempered. He desperately wanted the plaintiffs to prosecute their case, but plaintiffs’ counsel was deliberate as well as feisty and short-tempered. Defense counsel objected repeatedly. Judge sustained repeatedly, mildly (to me) telling plaintiff counsel to get on with his case. At that point a 30 second long profanity laced exchange occurred that very nearly sucked the walnut stain from the court room’s paneling.

    A 15-minute recess was called and Judge invited both counsels to his office.

    At that point I gave a note written on the reverse of my business card to the court reporter telling her I wanted a dirty copy of today’s transcript. When she gave it to me I headed to the last page like a 14-year old who just found a copy of Lolita at Half-Price Books.

    And the transcript read “Inaudible” for about 4 sentences.

    My words for the Presidential-elect, may therefore, be “Inaudible”.

  14. I refuse to refer to that human scum as “Alt Right,” because it’s too sanitizing and entirely misleading. They are white supremacists, Nazis, KKK. In other words, loathesome. Eeuuuuuuwww.