Trump’s Next Stunt

October 21, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

It’s becoming clear that Trump is getting ready to pull some stupid (read dangerous) stunt in the next couple of weeks.  This morning, he tweeted that next Thursday, he is releasing all classified documents about the Kennedy assassination investigation.  The documents are believed to be a treasure trove for historians (and conspiracy theorists) and should cause quite an uproar.  This tweetnouncement comes on the heels of a puzzling WH announcement yesterday that Trump has signed an amendment to GWB’s Executive Order 13223 signed in 2001 right after 9/11.  The original order was given to activate the ready reserve of armed forces and the expand the authority of the Secretary of Defense as he was ginning up the “War on Terror”, meaning he was going to attack Iraq.

When Trump signed the amendment yesterday, questions started flying about what it meant.  No one really knew, until word got out this morning that Trump signed the order so the Air Force could recall 1,000 pilots.  That’s right, kids, 1,000 pilots who’ve moved on in their lives are being recalled.

This goofy sumbitch is going to start a real live rootin’ tootin’ shooting war to distract from the FBI investigation and the chaos that has become a part of our daily lives.  Oh, and there’s this little detail:  There are 3 special elections coming up in November and December to take Jeff Sessions seat in Alabama, Jason Chafetz seat in Utah, and Tim Murphy’s seat in Pennsylvania where Dems stand a chance of gaining ground on the Repubs prior to the 2018 elections.  In Alabama, the Repubs nominated lunatic and weirdo who wears a tiara on his cowboy hat, Roy Moore, to run against Dem Doug Jones who wasn’t give a prayer to win even a month ago.  Now, the latest poll, conducted by none other than Fox Noise, has Jones TIED with Moore.  Is it because Jones is that strong?  Not likely.  It’s more like, as written by John Archibald wrote in, Roy Moore is falling in the polls because,

“…every time Roy Moore speaks, Roy Moore comes out of his mouth. And as history has shown, the more Moore is heard, the more Alabamians – even staunchly conservative, deeply religious, red-on-red Alabamians – begin to have doubts.”

If Alabama goes to the Dems, that makes the Senate 51-49, making control even more possible for the Dems in 2018. Repubs always do better in elections when the government has voters terrified of dark skinned scary people, especially when those dark skinned scary people don’t like the US.

Am I saying that Donald Trump is going to start a shootin’ war to distract from his own troubles and get Republicans elected to Congress?  That’s EXACTLY what I’m arguing.  Even in the chaos that is today’s US government, patterns emerge.  And one pattern that is clear is that Trump will do ANYTHING, (like releasing controversial classified material or starting a war) no matter how many people will get killed or lives destroyed to make himself feel or look better, at least in his own mind.

And I’ll bet you a loaf of my homemade bread and a case of my home brewed beer that I’m dead on with this one (no pun intended).

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18 Comments to “Trump’s Next Stunt”

  1. Beststash says:

    All I can say is that I hope you are wrong. The Nationalism of today is scary. Our country is being slowly destroyed while we focus on a reality show form of government that seems to have no limits in it’s nastiness and white privilege efforts. I fear for our children’s future.

  2. I agree with your assessment of trump, he is always up to something to take our eyes of the investigation of trump. I can see him there like spider saying” hey, maybe this will work, they will get off my back if we are at war” Then his yes men and women will say “yes sir”. Off topic, but did you see where Price’s wife in Georgia asked a question about how can we legally quarantine people with HIV. Yup she said it…

  3. Bingo El Jefe!
    As he keeps proving to all fo us, Trump IS this malignant narcissistic psycho.
    He will do ANYTHING to get attention and stay in power.
    Starting a self serving war (Hello W!), and everything you mentioned will answer all his needs.
    Count on it.

  4. I just saw an item on Yahoo News about the pilot recall. USAF pilots are all officers, and while an officer can retire from the military, s/he is always subject to a recall to active duty. While one would think we don’t need an expansion of the military at this moment, it seems easy to believe the dictator tot is planning something that would necessitate that. Then he’d have something exciting to watch on Faux News.

  5. I am afraid you are correct El Jefe. These are scary times.

  6. TRUMP is awesome!!! His grossly stoopid tweets and actions should show the country and the world what a bunch of stoopid bigoted aholes the rePUKEian party really is!!! The reason is that congress trumps trump!!!! All congress has to do is grow a brain and vote all his BS as negated, BUT THEY DON”T!!!! Think on that for a real sense of fear!!!

  7. Trump already wanted a Soviet-style military parade for himself. He wants to be a big shot, and even President of the United States isn’t enough for his bloated ego; he wants to be a war hero too, a conqueror riding in triumph through Rome, as it were. He’s unaware that Roman conquerors had somebody in the chariot with them, reminding them “Sic transit gloria mundi,” which means, “Remember you’re gonna fall on your ass some day soon.” (I translate loosely.) The only question is where he’s going to start his war– short odds on North Korea– and how many people will die to satisfy his craving.

  8. Not saying you’re wrong, but apparently the JFK paper release was arranged in 1992.

  9. Still looking at this, but apparently, many of the documents were created in the 1990’s, and the CIA has begged Trump not to release parts because it will compromise existing operations. It seems he’s ignored them, but not for sure yet.

  10. Lex, “He will do ANYTHING to get attention and stay in power.”

    I’d add, “and get more $.”
    That’s why I call him Orange Whore.

  11. 1. It ain’t the Prez who declares war, its Congress. He has to go before Congress like FDR did and ask them.
    2. Not all them 1,000 pilots will be responding. Some of them are of an age where they can’t or shouldn’t be piloting anything anymore and that includes golf carts.
    3. If and when any do respond, I’m betting my pocket lint that the generals are savvy enough to make them look good but actually assign them to some place safe for awhile so the Prez can be “handled”.

  12. “If Alabama goes to the Dems ..”

    You can even write that?

  13. I’ll put $5 on something stupid in Syria.

  14. Tilphousia says:

    What else can one expect from a coward, psychopath who doesn’t think that death is reality as in traitor trumpworld everything is faked for ratings. Over 100,000,000 people will die horrible deaths if traitor trump goes to war with N Korea. He could t care less that only congress can declare war. Why barking yam probably thinks he can do it by executive decree. After all, that’s what he calls governing.
    Impeach the bastard now.

  15. Orange Whore. And $$$, lol thanks Debbo!

  16. I have no doubt that Donnie Douchebag is totally capable of starting a shootin war as a diversion. But after reading some in USA Today and Business Insider, I get the feeling he’s taking action at the request of the military. Apparently the Air Force has been trying for awhile to find ways to keep combat pilots from retiring due to an increasing shortage. John McCain is quoted as saying that the deficit of pilots is reaching a crisis point. It seems to me that this might help accomplish it’s goal in the short term. But what’s it gonna say to young folks looking at a career in the military? Recall for 3 more years after early retirement? Think that might sour the milk a little? DOH!

  17. As for Roy Moore, as more comes out about that so-called charity, the better the polls for the Democrat! All digits crossed on this one! I have family that were transferred to Alabama years ago and have hated it ever since. If the Dem wins, they just might be able to breathe a little better since they have tried everything else but cannot get out of that state!

  18. Just read on “The Hill’ that the AF isn’t going to do the recall and remain 1500 pilots short. Apparently training an old dog the new tricks of the current machines takes just as long (memory problems, medical problems, family problems) or longer than training fresh new ones; if they can anyone that wants to work for Dumbo.