Trump Tweets Book Recommendation – During Disaster in Houston

August 28, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Dammit!

Yesterday morning, as the slow motion disaster in Houston was unfolding, Donald Trump demonstrated for the 1,348th time since January his absolute tone deafness and poor self control by pushing Post on this tweet:

That’s correct, folks…while the sun was rising on the biggest disaster in the history of Houston, Trump was plugging a book written by his buddy, David Clarke, sheriff in Milwaukee Wisconsin, who is well known for his cruel treatment of prisoners, encouraging the guns everywhere culture and for festooning his uniform with meaningless lapel pins to make himself look highly decorated. ¬†Trump nominated Clarke to the Department of Homeland Security, a job he declined after the ensuing uproar.

So, Trump is plugging his friend’s book on Twitter on the day that Houston was going underwater, people were dying, and thousands of homes were being abandoned. ¬†Thanks, Donnie J, for keeping your priorities straight.


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23 Comments to “Trump Tweets Book Recommendation – During Disaster in Houston”

  1. He is in full brag mode.
    This is a tremendous storm! The best and biggest! Everyone is saying what a great job we are doing . Wow!

  2. Did Houston vote for Trump?
    If not, they are not on his radar.
    Only those that reflect his glory, merit attention.

    The rest of the nation is watching and worries about Houston and surrounding states.

  3. Right on cue. This kind of stuff goes into the impeachment file as back-up info to all the nefarious stuff with Russia. And Trump is doing it to himself! He can’t – but he will – blame anyone else for the ensuing warfare.

  4. Chloe Bear says:

    Wonder who wrote his book for him. Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) took away his degree because he plagiarized his thesis.

    His tuition to NPS was paid for with Federal tax dollars and paid time off was given to him by his department. I think both should be reimbursed.

  5. Trump’s gonna Trump.
    You people OK out there?

  6. Trump can read?? WTF WOW.! Who knew?

  7. Why does this surprise, I was waiting for another insensitive remark during this hurricane. Again showing he does not care about anyone but himself and a small circle of like thinking “guys”. 9 trillions gallons of water impossible to comprehend. No place for the water to go, all those buildings and parking lots, no ground left to absorb any water. Be safe.

  8. Sam in St Paul says:

    I went on Amazon and reviewed Clarke’s book. Needless to say, it did not fare well.

  9. Do they provide crayons with the book?

  10. That Other Jean says:

    Really, Trump has only one priority: Donald John Trump. All else is white noise.

  11. Doea anyone think Ample Rump/.45 lost any votes over this? Doubt it. Don’t believe he lost any votes in Texas as a result of his ignoring Texas during the catastrophy.

  12. I seriously doubt that Dump read that book. While Clarke used a ghost writer, Dump uses a ghost reader.

  13. Maggie ONeill says:

    The good news is that Trump will back down in the face of loud opposition.
    For now.
    the scary thing is he, or I should say the people who are running him, want a brutal someone to run Homeland Security. I am really concerned how savagely ICE is behaving. ZERO compassion, as this hurricane as shown.

  14. Linda Phipps says:

    Rastybob: I doubt the Gargoyle read the book. That it was written to his buddy is enough to tout it.

  15. Paul wins the day!

    Yes, Maryelle, I’m sure his ghost reader read it for him. He has the *best* ghost reader.

  16. Charles R Phillips says:

    A moronic racist praises a book allegedly written by a racist idiot. Why am I not surprised?

  17. @ChloeBear
    Nancy French who has written for Scarah & Bristol Palin among others

  18. Chloe Bear says:

    Thanks Bananas! Figures an author with an other than stellar resume.

  19. Where is Brownie when you really need him?

  20. During a flood of let’s say, biblical proportions, Trump recommends a good book to curl up with, and it’s not the Bible? With delivery by Amazon? Does he think they’ve got drone delivery up and flying?

    I’m glad Trump wasn’t around to make recommendations to Noah, or I probably wouldn’t be typing this.
    “You don’t need so much pitch to seal the cracks. Even if there is a flood, it can’t possibly last more than 30, maybe 35 days and nights.”

  21. “Available at Amazon”? Trump is actually suggesting people give money to the owner of the Washington Post?

    Maybe he couldn’t read that part of the ad.

  22. Tom Mathews says:

    Sheriff Clark was telling everyone he had got the Home Security job, and I think had had himself measured for a Home Security uniform and chest medals already. But he is SUCH a famously obnoxious, hateful kook, and when they’d gotten a chance to check him out more closely, Trump’s headhunters dropped him. After a couple of weeks of them not returning his calls, he put it out that he was declining the job. Dishonest weasel.

  23. As Harvey raged, DJT also took time to tweet about his bigly win in Missouri while also trashing Claire McCaskill. Sad!

    Really, are we surprised donnie admires his fellow sociopaths, ex-Sheriff Joe and David Clarke? Showing his true colors, ain’t he?