Trump To Go Blind Trying to Prove His Fake News Theory

August 21, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Fake Media said you needed special glasses.



EIther that or no impulse control.

Your bet is a good as mine.


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12 Comments to “Trump To Go Blind Trying to Prove His Fake News Theory”

  1. Obama said not to stare at the sun without special glasses. Upsurge of Republicans demanding ocular health care.

    I used my special glasses to see the crescent sun here in Maryland. My husband is spending our 35th anniversary in Charleston with another woman (a friend who moved there), and says it was partly cloudy but they got to see some of the total eclipse.

  2. I thought it was something about tiny hands that made you go blind!

    Or was that growing hair on your tiny hands.

    I get so confused!

  3. So typcal, Trump does the opposite of what he is advised.
    One can only hope he learns the consequences.

  4. Sorry, typical.

  5. Trifecta.
    Trump Stupid Earth.
    Trump Stupid Moon.
    Trump Stupid Sun.

  6. He has great retinas, the best retinas! All those people who said not to look at the sun are just SAD, believers in fake news…

    Note: The sun does not cause brain damage.

  7. Jane & PKM says:

    Most of my vocabulary needed to describe Dolt45 would result in a thorough soaping of my mouth by Mama. However this Mike Luckovich cartoon of what “locked and loaded” means in #DumbDonnieSpeak expresses my sentiments nicely.

  8. Thanks, Jane & PKM, that picture is truly worth a thousand words, many of which would certainly offend Mama.

  9. I got an 83% eclipse in Minnesota just before the overcast hit — and more rain. (Don’t be surprised if you’re soon reading about flooding in Minn.) I got to see a perfect crescent and it was very pretty.

  10. i was able to expand the picture and the old tub o lard has his eyes tightly closed. Simply more snake oil being sold by the liar in chief.

  11. SteveTheReturned says:

    Is there ANYONE in this country needing deliberately worse vision, than trump? Lord help us…..

  12. maybe b: He’s just squinting. Really hard. Real men don’t need no stinkin 3D glasses. Sad.