Trump Forced McCabe Out of the FBI

January 29, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

If there was any shred of doubt about Donald Trump’s utter and total corruption, this story will disabuse any belief to the contrary. Today, Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI and acting director after Comey was fired last year, abruptly announced his retirement 2 months early.  Sarah Sanders, in a statement of the If My Lips Are Moving That Means I’m Lying category, denied (on national television) any involvement of the White House in McCabe’s leaving today.  As we already knew, that was yet another whopper of a lie, and it’s now been confirmed that he was forced out by Trump appointee Christopher Wray and put on leave until his official retirement in March.

The takeover of the leadership and politicization of the FBI is now complete, and the only thing that stands between us and fascism are the remaining honest agents within the agency, and the courts, which are also being rapidly politicized.

I fear our republic won’t last until January 20, 2021.

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8 Comments to “Trump Forced McCabe Out of the FBI”

  1. Marcia in CO says:

    It’s McCabe … not McAbe.

  2. autocratic, dictatorial, despotic, tyrannical, draconian, oppressive, repressive, fascist,……. take your pick

  3. Jane & PKM says:

    Deputy Director McCabe probably had accumulated leave time beyond what is allowed to be “cashed in” by law, so it’s use it or lose it. Otherwise, yes, Donnie is pouting about that and now turning his ire toward Rod Rosenstein his own appointee for not firing McCabe in a Jeff Sessions redux moment. Once again the “stable genius” of Dotard45 on display. First thing on a suspect’s bucket list – annoy those due to testify against you.

  4. Sandridge says:

    Having just seen an interview on BBC World News with the head of the (our) CIA, Mike Pompeo, a 100% Trump minion, I’m not near as ‘optimistic’ as you are, Jefe, about stopping the Trump regime, now. There may be only one solution left…

    “…and the only thing that stands between us and fascism…”

    Some of us have been warning y’all for years about where the lack of true leadership, and a weak, pointless pursuit of ‘bipartisanship’ in lieu of strong counter-moves against these traitorous fascists by former President Obama would lead to. And here we are.

    No question that Obama is a decent, intelligent person, but he was an abject failure as President where it counts most, the continuance and expansion of his own Democratic Party, and it’s (and his) legacy.
    Nearly all of his accomplishments have been obliterated, what’s left will be gone soon, just transitory waypoints. Not only his achievements, but every good policy enacted “for the people” in the last century and a quarter by both Parties has, or is going to be, swept away, burned on the pyre of Trump’s viciousness.

    There are only two practical solutions to this ongoing fascist coup d’etat, one is a very atypical, massive, Democratic voter turnout in November. If the voters can see past some momentous event(s), like a war or two (or a domestic action of some sort), that will be false-flagged as a distraction if necessary by the Republican regime currently in near-absolute power. Otherwise…

  5. Marge Wood says:

    Get a mail in ballot JUST IN CASE you end up in hospital or something equally interesting.

  6. Lyndon Johnson foresaw this when he said about another FBIer of his time, one J. Edgar Hoover, “Better to have him inside the tent pi$$ing out, than outside pi$$ing in”

    McCabe can now pi$$ into Drumpf’s tent at his leisure.

    My sainted father asked me after a younger, stronger new neighbor boy beat the $hit out of me at a neighborhood baseball game, why would you antagonize someone whose capabilities you do not know? In fact anyone, including the Drumpf WH, should understand McCabe’s capabilities after the briefest review of his public CV.

  7. McCabe is a lifelong public servant working during Republican and Democratic Administrations – he’s also a thoroughly decent human being. He is universally well regarded throughout the FBI. McCabe is the guy who secured the arrest of Ahmed Abu Khattala for suspected involvement in the 2012 Benghazi attack. Khattala, who at 48 was sentenced to 60 years in prison for terrorism. Under FBI questioning, he identified other members of the Islamic extremist militia group blamed for the Benghazi attack, including Mustafa al-Imam, who’s about to go to trial. He’s done more to keep Americans safe than we’ll ever know or than he can ever discuss.

    On the plus side, I can now tell you how to identify which of your Twitter followers are actually Russian Bots? Just Tweet something positive about Andrew McCabe and wait for the poorly spelled, grammatically incorrect vitriol to flow!

  8. My bad.


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