Trump Blaming Obama for His Own Incompetence

April 29, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Remember when President Obama fired Mike Flynn from the DIA in 2014?  Well.  In an attempt to cover for his own incompetence, Trump is now blaming Obama for Flynn, even though Obama fired him and Trump rehired him despite knowing he was taking money from foreign governments.  In leaked emails from Colin Powell, he described Flynn as a “right wing nutty” and “abusive with staff, didn’t listen, worked against policy…”

Flynn was so bad that apparently he was perfect for Trump, but his history as a foreign agent finally was too serious for even him to ignore.  In Trumpworld, where Cheeto Jesus makes no mistakes, Flynn is now all Obama’s fault.


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18 Comments to “Trump Blaming Obama for His Own Incompetence”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    There’s reach, there’s over reach, then there is who knew “short little vulgarian fingers” could reach so far. This is Donnie’s world and his mantra is SODDI (some other dude did it.) Reality check? That is something Dolt45 will never know. The day when he is carried out of the White House to the nearest psychiatric unit clutching his cute little red county maps, he will be no more or no less insane than the day he was inaugurated. He augured in that day.

    2018 and before, the important thing is to continue reminding everyone what Mikey Pence knew and when he knew it. The entire Donnie cabal is illegitimate. Let no one forget that.

  2. Don’t do as I do. Do as I say. I blame the low IQ Bigots that put him in there. Pence is even worse, And now we have a 5 star Bigot as AG. I need a drink.

  3. Pretzelogic in Philly, PA says:

    J&PKM – What did V. Asterisk Dense know? I suspect the answer may be both “everything” & “not that much”. On the one hand, he’s known for being more or less dumb as a stump. But on the other hand, as the “head” of the transition, vetting Flynn-flam was his responsibility. And we know, from multiple sources, that Dense was informed about Flynn-flam’s “susceptibility to blackmail” *before* Dense publicly claimed to know nothing about it (i.e. LIED). And then there’s the extended delay from the time the acting Attorney General formally warned the White House to the time Flynn-flam was fired (again), which no one in the regime has ever been able to properly explain. Obviously, it wasn’t because Flynn-flam lied to poor, innocent, unaware Dense…

  4. That Other Jean says:

    There’s nothing new in Trump’s obsession with Obama. He’s been blaming Obama for everything wrong, back to the Eisenhower Administration, ever since he started campaigning (when he wasn’t blaming Clinton).

    Since he’s been President, “Obamadidit” has been his excuse for trying to dismantle everything Obama ever touched. Trump isn’t big on personal responsibility, especially if it’s supposed to be his. The Flynn debacle couldn’t be his fault–nothing is.

  5. When you stand on the shoulders of giants, and your tiny, tiny hands shrink with each passing day, all you have left is your big mouth.

  6. Some on this site have almost posted something pithy and oh so true about Drumpf’s need to eradicate the residual of Obama’s eight years in office. I see this need as partially racist: “we have to sanitize the WH/nation/world/universe of the cooties that BLACK pretender president left behind”; and partially just SOP for Drumpf. In some animal societies I have read that when a new dominate sperm donor takes office, he winds up killing as many off-spring of the old dominate sperm donoras he can. I see most of Drumpf’s pointless “executive” orders as “killing” Obama’s legacy in a very literal sense. This is not as much racist as it is “I won and I get to make the rules now.” Except he doesn’t.

    Other JJ posts liken Drumpf’s maturity and emotions to an elementary schooler. I see nothing in 100ish days to cause me to call out that assessment. He IS just a child.

  7. Micr, yes, lions do that: kill the nursing cubs so the females will come back in heat and breed the newcomer’s cubs ASAP before he’s ousted by the next one. Or two or three– there are usually several males, often brothers. The females tend to come in heat at the same time and they need to spread the workload.

    Granted, Obama blamed Baby Bush for a lot, but the economy was in the toilet at the time so it’s understandable. Things were in pretty good shape before Donnie started hurling dung everywhere. (I think he said recently that a trade deal with South Korea “destroyed America.” I looked out the window. Didn’t look destroyed to me.)

  8. How many chances does SS get? Remember liars, the fiery lake of burning sulfur – the second death?

  9. Donnie is a 70-year-old child. I may have said this here before, but he reminds me a bit of Shakespeare’s Richard II, who had been king since he was about nine years old. Apparently nobody had ever told him that there were things he wasn’t allowed to do, so when he tries to do them and gets slapped down, he’s shocked and hurt and finally collapses. What we need is a Bolingbroke to smack Donnie’s privileged ignorant arse off the throne.

  10. And all of his unstable, childish tactics and tantrums are such a convenient distraction while the Republican politicians are sucking up our lifeblood.

  11. Teh Gerg says:

    Obama Derangement Syndrome is tailor made for Trump and the Trumpholians. They know that the unshakable conservasheep will believe ANYTHING that’s blamed on Obama.

  12. There is actual documentary evidence that Mike Dense knew all about Flucking Flynn’s shadiness in detail. I wish I could remember where I learned this, but I’m sure it will be making the rounds of Real News soon. VP Dense may not be aware of it, but he is circling the drain with the rest of the Ruskies in the Orange Whore deministration.

  13. That Other Jean says:

    Debbo, if I remember correctly, Rachel Maddow has been saying that Pence knew about Flynn because the Acting Attorney General (the woman Trump fired) reported it to him in writing. That may be why the Congressional committees charged with investigating the administration’s Russian ties hasn’t called her to testify in a public session, yet. Has she testified in one of their closed-door meetings?

  14. It wasn’t Flynn’s history as a foreign agent that was finally too serious for even Trump to ignore.

    It was Flynn’s getting caught at it.

  15. Tilphousia says:

    Hmmm. Flynn wants a deal. But first he has to tell all. Then the investagators will see if he can have one. How long will this take? Only the Fates know and those ladies won’t tell. Hope it’s worth the wait.

  16. Trump and his separated at birth minions have always lusted after center stage, morality be damned. What they don’t know and wouldn’t believe even if you told them is that all theatrical stages have a trap door, and the fall isn’t brief.

  17. Maggie says:

    pretzel, Pence knew “enough”. that alone should get him jail time.

  18. Zyxomma says:

    Lock. Them. Up.