Trump Asked Comey to Drop the Russia Investigation

May 16, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

The NY Times is now reporting details of Comey memos that documented Trump’s request of Comey to shut down the investigation of Flynn and the Trump campaign’s involvement with the Russians.  MSNBC is reporting that Comey kept a VERY detailed paper trail and was very worried about Trump’s interference.

So…is that a faint voice out there?  I think I can hear the faint strains of…

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16 Comments to “Trump Asked Comey to Drop the Russia Investigation”

  1. I thought so! FBI types are like that and when your the boss, even more so. Cannot wait for the public committee hearing! Believe me, for this one there will never be enough pop corn.

  2. maryelle says:

    Now he’s gone and done it and Comey will have the last laugh.
    Do the words “obstruction of justice” mean anything to ya’?
    Comey’s notes are viewed as credible evidence in a trial, with or without the tapes.
    Trump has stepped in it up to his *ss!

  3. maryelle says:

    Comey’s notes are referred to as Memorandum For the Record,
    or MFR. Apparently, the FBI and CIA agents keep these as a matter of course.

  4. “In an administrative battle, the party with the most paperwork (documentation) will win.”. T. Benson

  5. slipstream says:

    Rose Mary Woods, please report to the Oval Office. Your advanced secretarial skills are needed.

  6. A few years back I got roped kicking and screaming into a project to help a county Adult Probation department automate. They call these notes made contemporaneously or very shortly after dealing with a probationer “chrons” or “chronologicals”. The were written in mind numbing detail and went on for page after page after page after page etc all the way back to the first contact Adult Probation had with a defendant, usually when the defendant or his attorney were sniffing around for probation as an alternative to incarceration.

    If the FBI does this as well, expect excruciating detail, ala a court room transcript, of each telephone conversation. This should get raunchy pretty quickly now!

  7. maryelle says:

    Melania had better put a hold on the moving van and Barron’s school transfer. Might not have to move in after all.

  8. charles phillips says:

    Don’t get too excited, he ain’t roped and thrown just yet!

  9. Sandridge says:

    Those of you who might be getting all excited and optimistic over any of these revelations, just calm down, pour a stiff drink, and put away any nearby weapons.

    Then look at, or read (transcript down the page) an interview from a couple hours ago on the PBS NewsHour with a (very) typical maddog raving Republic Senator.
    The transcript will not properly convey this slavering lunatic’s ferocious intensity and contempt for our Constitution and country, watching it is better, but don’t destroy your screen (if you don’t want to stream this interview, the Newshour will likely be rerun on your PBS station until morning).
    Sen. Risch (Rabid-Idaho) is simply forcefully stating what 99.98% of Rethugs fervently believe to be the actual facts of all this traitorous affair.

    Then remember that the Rethugs hold almost ABSOLUTE POWER in the ‘United’ States today, and will do nothing to prosecute or impeach anyone in an authoritative position in their Party.
    They are not going to derail their dismantling of everything good and of benefit to 98% of US citizens in favor of their masters.
    They have been working very hard for many decades to get to where they are now, nothing is going to dissuade them. Not even blatant treason for profit.
    They will simply lie, deflect, like Risch, and hunker down until it blows over. Even Trumpov is leaving the US for an extended time, he’ll get a Teflon coating and by the time he returns nobody will remember this (except us).

    Really worth watching/reading (take some BP meds 1st):

    Like most of y’all, I really, really, really hate these SOB’s with a white-hot nuke-fusion heat…

  10. I would love to see a graph of the Xanax/Ativan consumption by WH staff over the last few weeks.

  11. @BillR

    Not to mention the ‘scripts and OTC consumption for stress-induce diarrhea and irritable bowel.

  12. The morning edition of the WaPo is carrying a story on how Trump told Comey to jail journalists for leaking classified information. How droll. After he spewed his guts to the visiting Russians. And McMaster had damn well better be careful. No one is really going to believe that what Trump did for the Russian visitors was constitutionally within in powers as President. Even Presidents have to abide by the old rule of loose lips sink ships, especially this one who can’t help himself but go off script spontaneously. The rabid Republicans are actually very anxious and frightened Republicans. They know Dear Leader is nucking futz.

  13. Tilphousia says:

    We won’t let them forget. And traitor trump’s welcome is likely to be a sub zero experience. He is the most hated blob of obscenely morbidly obese lard in the free world. The United States hating Republican Party will own this rabid demented sycopath forever.

  14. elise from CA says:

    One of Comey’s biggest challenges was probably translating the con’s utterances into a semblance of readable English.

  15. Micr, I’ve worked in corrections as a case manager for several years and I can attest to the excruciating detail required in government documentation. The FBI is undoubtedly very good at it.