Translation: “I’m So Corrupt I Can’t Even Keep Track”

May 25, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Foreign States, Trump

In response to a House Oversight Committee document request, Trump’s lawyers sent a slick pamphlet describing how he’s NOT going to track money he receives from foreign governments, strictly prohibited by the Constitution’s emoluments clause.  Much has been written by legal scholars about Trump’s egregious violations of the Constitutional provision, and it’s all been ignored by the GOP and surprisingly, the press.  The Brookings Institute has published some of the best analysis of Trump’s real and continuing problem of taking money from foreign governments. It’s an impeachable offense, but no one is even trying, at least yet, to do anything about it.  Bloomberg has written about how money is pouring into Trump’s DC hotel which is housed in the Old Post Office building, both from foreign governments and GOP World, which has established the hotel as its new headquarters.  Oh, BTW, Trump is also violating federal rules prohibiting leasing to an elected official, but that’s another story the press is ignoring.

Before the inauguration, Trump said that he was putting all of his interests in a trust, which he didn’t, and wouldn’t be involved, which he is.  The pamphlet generally outlines how his spider web of hotels, resorts, and golf clubs will attempt to track payments, but basically says that it’s just too difficult, “impractical” I believe it says, to track all the payments.

So there.  Emoluments Clause?  We don’t need no Emoluments Clause – it’s just too hard to keep up with the graft, so we’ll just not try.  Just another day in Trumpland.

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5 Comments to “Translation: “I’m So Corrupt I Can’t Even Keep Track””

  1. As long as he’s useful to the GOP to distract us from what they are doing, nothing will change. They’ll get all moral and indignant just in time for the 2018 elections…but hopefully too late to save them.

  2. @AK Lynne

    Agree. The national Tea/GOP sees Drumpf as a useful idiot championing their anti-everything agenda.

    In some moments I can imagine Tea/GOP’s disloyalty rising to the level of treason, in that their disloyalty to the Constitution is so extreme that they are its enemies.

  3. maryelle says:

    Before the inauguration, who could have predicted that the Rethugs, who would now control both houses of congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court, would have come to this roiling mess of a government in only 4 months? More than half the country knew it, given their penchant for stupidity, greed and obstinacy. We knew the minute Trump won the electoral college that this would not end well. The Repug blindness to all of Trump’s violations of laws, security intel and broken promises regarding his finances makes them complicit in his crimes against the American people. They bear just as much responsibility for the damage being done to our country and should be held accountable.

  4. Years from now, when posterity reads the account of this horror, they’re going to say, “They let him get away with WHAT?!”

  5. Well, all the sins pointing to impeachment are piling up lick a snowmageddon. For anyone who has never had to deal with snow, that is a helluva lot of snow. And I ask all those who think that he is not impeachable, by his own mouth and behavior, how many teeth does a dog of any size need to bite your butt?