Totalitarian Trainwreck Watch – Elections Schmelections

November 28, 2016 By: Primo Encarnación Category: Uncategorized

While the world shakes its collective head in wonderment at America’s collective head up its fundament, Dat Guy throws shade on his own election.

In yet another Twitter explosion of flotsam from a wrecked mind, the Resident-Elect has taken exception to the recounts going on in states like Wisconsin, where 18% of his lead was erased BEFORE THE RECOUNT because of inflated totals that several precincts have admitted to. Other irregularities include a precinct with 0 registered voters casting 12 votes (8 for Dat Guy but ALL 12 filled down ballot with Republicans) exit polls that do not reflect the final vote totals, as well as Clinton under performing in precincts with electronic ballots versus precincts with paper ballots.

Clearly, there are discrepancies which require study in states that Dat Guy won; however, it appears to be unlikely, at this time, that enough votes could change in order to change the outcome of the election in the Electoral College. Any normal soul, one not crippled by self-doubt and twisted by self-love, would let this process play out. Imagine, for a second, if he had Tweeted “I welcome recounts. Faith in US Elections bigger than any one candidate!”

But that’s not how Dat Guy thinks, if we want to call what he does thinking. Instead, he views it as a personal attack. From his point of view, the story line is all about himself, and his obvious magnificence. Anyone hinting that he was not the preferred choice of a vast majority of voters is now committing high treason because (if his brain actually ran to any historical parallels in French) “L’etat – c’est moi!”

In order to hit back, as he always does, Dat Guy went into a frantic Tweet-spasm accusing all and sundry of the same things he and his campaign are. Everything that further bruises his inflamed and pustulent ego is fodder for his short, fat fingers. Summarized, they say:

I won in an Electoral College landslide. I would have won the “so-called” popular vote if I wanted to. In fact, I did win because there’s millions of illegal votes. In fact, there’s fraud in VA, NH and CA. The desperate Dems. The lying media. HRC concession is binding. And this is a Green Party money-making scam.

Somewhere in the slimy recesses behind his octo-chins, Dat Guy dimly feels that the best defense is to be offensive. He hopes that by throwing enough dirt in the air, he can blunt any criticism via the I’m-Rubber-And-You’re-Glue Gambit, or at least use both-siderism to minimize damage. Beyond that I doubt that he has the candle-power to have fully thought out the consequences of his actions.

Unfortunately, the effects on our country are the same whether he is intentionally trying to destroy the integrity of US elections in order to maintain his hold on power, or whether he is simply too stupid to understand that that is what he is doing.


Claiming that elections are invalid, crooked, rigged or otherwise stacked against the strong man, and that his enemies are using the crooked system to steal from “the people” while delegitimizing dissent, dissenters and the free Press is not just another page, but an entire chapter from the totalitarian play book.  Convincing his rabid followers that such things actually are treasonous because “L’etat- c’est Dis Guy” is an important step towards one-party “free and fair” elections where 95% of votes cast support the “Dear Leader” – to be 99.9% next time as the remaining 5% are purged not just from the voter rolls, but from society itself…

That’s what leads to Resident-For-Life Dat Guy.

What has 10 thumbs, 8 chins and 0 brains?   DIS GUY!

What has 10 thumbs, 8 chins and 0 brains?



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38 Comments to “Totalitarian Trainwreck Watch – Elections Schmelections”

  1. The Fact Checker report on the “millions of illegals voted for Clinton so I won the popular vote too” lie:

    And this interesting column from the Guardian suggests that his refusal to detach his business interests from his (gag me) governing could cause problems in the electoral college:

  2. Primo, nailed it!

  3. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    What do Castro, De Gaulle and Marcos have in common, Donnie? It can be said they began with good ideas, but stayed too long. Whereas you Donnie have no good ideas and outlived your purpose long before graduating from that fancy disciplinary school.

  4. JAKvirginia says:

    One of my favorite movie lines, “How, from where we started, did we ever reach this Christmas?” And the reply? “Step by step.”

    There are many who are complicit in the current scenario if only by their silence. Step by step…

  5. Tilphousia says:

    After Pres Obama was elected, rethuglican so called leadership sat in an expensive DC steakhouse to discuss how they could derail any recovery from the disaster of Bush and plunge the country into depression. Why? So the GOP could hold onto power. A depression wouldn’t effect them. They were all wealthy old fatty white men. They didn’t care about anyone or any thing except their own interests. Personally I think they all should by tried for treason and executed. When are the sheeple going to WAKE UP?!

  6. @JAKVirginia: “What would you have me do– give up, give out, give in?”

    “Give me a little peace!”

    “A little? Why so modest? How about eternal peace– now there’s a thought.”

  7. I may have been the only 1, but I started smelling something from the time he started saying that if he didn’t win, he would know the election was rigged. I guess it just falls into the category of “takes 1 to know 1.”

  8. Primo Encarnación says:

    When the fall is all there is…

    it matters.

  9. How do we fight in The Resistance? We must organize and form an organization dedicated to ridding our country of this menace.
    I nominate Barack Obama to lead us against the Republican threat to democracy. His former life as a community organizer fits him to lead the charge.

  10. Linda Phipps says:

    I just read somewhere that the putative Scattershotter in Chief wants to “prosecute” Hillary for going with the recount. He doesn’t know that he can’t do that. I would love to see him try, with his fancy schmancy lawyers and get massive egg in his face.

  11. “Who says ‘Poor [Donald]?’ My god, if I went up in flames, there’s not a living soul who’d pee on me to put the fire out.”

    “Let’s strike a flint and see.”

  12. And for those who want to keep track, here’s a list of Donnie’s 282 campaign promises:

    He may have a little trouble with 277. “I will give you everything.”

  13. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    If Donnie is to be removed, praise the dogs may it be before the Electoral College meets. Otherwise we are facing a succession of Mike “the theocratic” Pence and Lyin’ Ryan.

    Peculiar thing about the pundits thinking there was too large a margin of vote in the 3 states that are being challenged by Jill Stein to reverse this mess. My thinking is that the cheating over reaching snacilbupeR became greedy with that ~70,000 margin in PA and will be caught in a recount. Of the 3 states, data and history say PA should have been the closest of the 3.

  14. I am an FDR Democrat, but believe a two-party system helps keep us all more or less honest.

    The GOP has been teetering ever since W. “got religion” so he could “get selected.” W changed “Grand Old Party” to “Greed, Oil, Pietism”. Trump will be the death blow for the GOP.

    I wonder what new party will emerge? Maybe something more sane and humane than the “Republican Lite” Democrats.

  15. Sometime over the week-end I noticed one of the talking heads showing a graphic that said Clinton voters somehow represented 60-something percent of the GDP and Trump voters somehow represented 30-something percent of GDP.

    Before I stick my foot ever so deeply into my piehole, doesnt that mean the nacilbupeR party has become the party of the poor? The party of the can’t quite succeed? The party of (wait for it…) economic “losers”?? And doesnt the president-elect HATE and DEMEAN losers?

  16. JAKvirginia says:

    @Rhea et al: Great script, no? I played John in a college production of “The Lion in Winter”. Although historically Henry never had a Christmas court at Chinon, it’s still a great piece of writing

    Now we have King Donald, The Pussy on Twitter.

  17. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Oldmayfly, the old snacilbuper were correct. Eisenhower when he warned about the military/industrial complex and oil men, then Goldwater when he warned about the embrace of the theocratic religious wrong. Dubya covered all those harbingers of “don’t do it.” While Donnie is an opportunist taking advantage of a country wanting change.

    As an FDR Democrat, maybe you can explain it to the Democrats in Dee Cee that having strayed so far from what made them successful is what ails them today. My family covers 3 generations – FDR, JFK and Obama. Before I was born, but I’m sort of partial to Jimmy Carter.

    Howard Dean was correct (50 state strategy), while Debbie WTF Schultz (and others, not all her fault) and the policy of depending on Electoral College votes was wrong. One country, one people means not only all 50 states, but every person in each of those 50 states.

    The DNC definitely needs to work on messaging, when people who receive Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, and a number of other social safety nets voted with the snacilbupeR to elect a member of the tax dodging .01% who would let them starve and/or die from medical neglect.

    Unions helped make “middle class America,” as did the GI Bill. Congress could start by restoring the GI Bill of the post WWII days. Returning the strength of the unions will be more of a state by state battle. Winning the 3 branches in Dee Cee is a start, but we need more governors and state legislatures, too.

    Oldmayfly, please keep writing and delivering your thoughts to your representatives in both parties.

  18. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Micr, one graphic that sticks in my head is Obamacare. Those in Red states with snacilbupeR governors got screwed. Jan Brewer’s AZ being the worst with insurance rate hikes and a whole one big insurance company ‘competing.’ NV had a GlOP governor, but he opted in and our rates only went up 6%. While Jane and I do not directly benefit (no subsidy, etc) we benefit indirectly from Obamacare. Previously we had seen huge rate increases, diminished insurance coverage and out of control deductibles. Obamacare stabilized what the insurance companies could do to people in states that participated.

    Micr, without seeing what charts the talking head was displaying, I have no idea what they were using for “averaging.” But, the numbers might add, if we consider that many in the .01% preferred Hilz to Donnie. That and the fact that many like Donnie are not part of the GDP; they produce nothing and contribute ZERO in taxes. Fun with numbers.

    But, never being shy about shoving my boot, spurs and all into my piehole, I’d wag a guess that talking head was talking about working folk like you and me. Those who contribute tend to vote Democratic, while those who live in fear that the ‘others’ are out to get their money/entitlements vote snacilbupeR. Racists would literally blow up Social Security and other programs from which they depend to deny a POC the benefits to which he or she have contributed 50 years or more.

  19. Let’s see… Many gang meetups, er, “rallies” where Hair Furor encourages chants of “lock her up.” Followed by, meh, mebbe we won’t go after her. Followed by another round of muttered threats of prosecution.

    For sure, The Great Trumpkin cannot prosecute his political opponents by himself. That’s what his political appointees are for.

    Jerry Ford was right to pardon Nixon for the good of the country – and we KNOW he was a bad actor. Given the wingnuts’ propensity for prosecuting Clintons just for the pure fun of it, I sincerely hope Obama does the same thing.

  20. @PKM

    I couldnt find the graphic but here’s a link

    Secy Clinton’s 500ish counties won generate 64% of America’s GDP.

  21. Aggieland Liz says:

    @PKM we have a little town called Hearne in Robertson Co that nearly died of white flight and the resulting cut-yr-nose-off-to-spite-yr-face war that went on between the white folk who were tied to the land or too poor to leave and the suddenly jobless black folk who had nannied, cooked, washed, and, tended the families and properties of the wealthy whites who pulled up stakes and left for the nascent suburbs rather than have their kids suddenly be equal to the kids of their domestic help. I have watched this town tear itself apart over things that were just no-brainers-but those poor white folk carried a grudge and would rather do without than share, especially with a POC. Saddest damn thing I have ever seen; it makes my soul wail! (Hearne had the dubious distinction of being the only town Wal-Mart had ever abandoned for a while; being Wal-Mart, they wrecked what small town economy had managed to survive before leaving. In a splendid turn of events Hearne converted the gigantic abandoned store into a high school to replace their small and old one-it was probably an Obama-era block or community grant that allowed it to happen!) There is no doubt in my mind that you are correct in your assertion!

  22. Was about to supply y’all with the economy-counties article link but PKM got there first.

    PKM, yes, it would be good to get the three branches in Washington, but that’s not the *start*– we need the state legislatures and governors to start, so we can eliminate the gerrymandering that’s keeping us out of Congress.

    This article points out that Dems have been gerrymandered into dominating the urban votes, so they naturally focus on things that matter to urban voters, such as civil rights and LGBT issues. The rural voters– who have disproportionate clout in the House and electoral college– have different concerns that the Dems don’t speak to, so they don’t vote Dem any more.

  23. Aggieland Liz @21,
    There is a West Texas town with striking commonalities with your Hearne example: Tulia, TX, in Swisher County.
    De facto segregation, vicious, petty Anglo population, corrupt government and LEO’s, declining economy, even running ‘speed traps*’, etc. Of course the area votes ~90% Repuke.

    A major event in each of these towns/counties was a phony, trumped up ‘major drug bust’ that consisted in arresting ~25% of the area’s entire POC population in one massive action. Yet more idiocy in the so-called “War on Drugs”.

    These arrests were triggered by the supposed ‘intelligence’ gathered by one rogue, undercover, corrupt cop (and it may have been the same one**), who kept almost no records, made chit up, and cost these places a fortune in lawsuits. Read the “1999 drug arrest scandal” paragraph at the Tulia Wiki link below.
    PBS and others have even made documentaries and books about it (“Another documentary, titled Tulia, Texas, filmed by Cassandra Herman and Kelly Whalen, premiered in 2008 at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin and aired on PBS February 10, 2009.[22]”).,_Texas

    **– “All charges were based on the word of undercover officer Tom Coleman, a so-called “gypsy cop” who made his living traveling through impoverished rural Texas offering to work undercover cheaply for short periods of time for underfunded police departments. …The Texas Department of Public Safety awarded “Lawman of the Year” to Coleman.[8][9] “. (WTF?)
    *– I used to commute through there once, of course got a phony speeding ‘citation’. Paid it, but spent many months getting even (living in a faraway temporary corp lodging apt, one still produces a bit of trash and garbage, some of it got ‘special handling’ disposal every week on a certain highway, heheh… ;] F ’em).

  24. Aggieland Liz says:

    Yes, Sandridge, I remember Tulia! I even remember thinking, at the time, how unlikely it was that a) all those people were guilty, and b) that if there was a drug problem it was limited to POC (I really like this “POC” thing, it’s unspecific). Such has not been my experience; if there’s a drug problem, it’s across the board-kinda like the poverty problem!

  25. Hear ye! All the experts gathered at the salon – what is this I hear about a certain point in ARticle 1 of the Constitution – I think the ARticle number is correct – about Trump being ineligible to be Prez cuz he is still running his business as Prez-elect and using the power na prestige of that position to profit himself? As a result the electors do not have to vote for him and if they do, the votes are invalidated unless Hair Drump rectifies his position in time and frankly he is not likely to as he feels he is entitled to whatever he does. Anyone else hear of this?

  26. JAKvirginia says:

    Maggie: Just read again Article II of the Constitution concerning the President, Vice-President and the Executive Branch. (Article I deals with Congress.) The only standards on Presidential salary stipulates that the salary comes from Federal sources, it cannot be increased or decreased during the term and no other pay may come from the Feds or the States. There are no prohibitions on private financial/business interests.

    Having said that, there have been and continue to be debates about improprieties and conflict of interest. And there are statutes against government employees enriching themselves off of public monies. This is a huge grey area in Constitutional law. Most Presidents have simply created blind trusts to manage their holdings to avoid the distraction of conflict of interest claims. But there is no law that states a President must do it.

    In this era of stocks and bonds, the Fed spends billions on products and services from private business. Insider information about spending bills give an edge to politicos to invest in any private company that might benefit from Fed expenditure. How you turn that into prosecutorial action is the difficult part. Just ask members of Congress. How do you think they come in at $175,000/year and leave 10 or 15 years later as multi-millionaires?

    And so it goes…

  27. So that is what Hair Trump meant when he said the law on blind trust was “soft”!

    Recall my undergrad profs unequivocally stating that families holding the blind trust are a huge No-No, something that is just never done such as a Prez candidate refusing the reveal his tax info. Hmmmm.

  28. JAKvirginia says:

    Maggie: Hmmmmm, indeed.

  29. JAKvirginia says:

    Okay. It’s OT. Another dose of The Daily Stoopid:

    Dat Guy says people who burn the US flag should be punished!

    Two points:
    1: Supreme Court says that’s free speech.
    2: To properly dispose of a US flag, you burn it.

    (Four more years… four more years…)

  30. Hey y’all, remember all those cartoon decals/stickers with “NoObama”, or little Calvin peeing on POTUS instead of a Ford-Chevy-Dodge?
    Where do you get some updated ones to show how much one despises the SOBOTUS-elect (the SunuvabitchoftheUrination)? NoTrump, or I’d like one with Calvin urinating on the orange combover…

  31. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    JAKvirginia, maybe Donnie would like to address his gal pal $carah who wears our flag on her shoes or his gun toting supporters who love their flag themed bandanas, tees, and accessories.

    Micr, your author is onto something. Economic success would be an indicator of those who understand what Dubya did to the economy and what President Obama has done to restore the economy. It would be interesting to do an overlay of the SAT scores for those areas, too.

  32. JAKvirginia says:

    PKM: Or Stars and Stripes panties? How does that grab you, ladies? (Rude. Sorry.)

  33. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Sandridge, that combover deserves a steaming pile. This comes close:

    Merchandise available:

    Be patient. Someone will ‘remodel’ the poster of the dog urinating in Teddie Crooze’s mouth with Donnie.

  34. PKM & JAKvirginia – patriotic toilet paper maybe?

  35. JAKvirginia says:

    Papa: Only if they’re a patriotic butthole. What? Well, okay then.

  36. PKM, SAT scores? Really? This bunch is full of people with a complete disdain for education. And not everyone is forced to take those tests. They can opt out.

  37. “I nominate Barack Obama to lead us against the Republican threat to democracy. His former life as a community organizer fits him to lead the charge.”

    Uh, The Great Brown Hoper has moved on…

  38. I’m planning to get a flag decal and put it on my bumper upside down. I think I’ll go one on the with front bumper too.

    PKM, thanks for the Cafe Press link. I like bumper stickers and I’m keeping my Hillary stickers on. I’m wearing safety pins too. In fact, I’ve got 3 very large safety pins that are family heirlooms over 100 years old. One is about 150. They’re all at least 3 inches long and I wear them on coats. (It’s cold in Minnesota!)