Too Good Not To Share

September 30, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Our friend Deb sends this bumper sticker.




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22 Comments to “Too Good Not To Share”

  1. Sez the fat kid.

  2. I think we’re missing a T. As to the sign, it’s hilarious. But hopefully any guy who hangs out in this joint has got enough sense to realize that displaying one even ironically would be a BAAAD idea.

  3. SteveThe Returned says:

    Trying to imagine which sticker would get my car vandalized faster—that awesome “Lose A Few Pounds,” or a “Hillary 2016.” Either one would lead to vehicular damage in my neck of the woods.

  4. Right on, Maggie! The double standard is alive and well in America.

  5. JAKvirginia says:

    Maggie: Up vote! (And you are WAY too kind.)

  6. Considering the fact that my Clinton yard sign was taken within the first few days after I put it up, the Deplorables are out and ready to do mayhem. So now I have 2 Clinton signs hanging inside my storm door, which is locked at night, when the snakes are sneaking about ready to strike.

  7. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    P.P. my thoughts exactly. Jane and I are due north of Bundy/Moocherville, NV. The rednecks would miss the sarcasm and the good folk might think to lynch me. Donnie has put a serious dent in irony/sarcasm.

  8. Maryelle: You are braver than I am. My neighbor…and others.. have Trump signs in the neighborhood. One has a four foot banner on his privacy fence. (Surprised the guy up the street with the NRA “come on my lawn and I’ll shoot you” sign has NO Trump sign yet…..). LOTS have no signs at all, though.
    Would love to put a Clinton/Kaine sign up, but ……

    My favorite is around the corner: they have lots of Trump and GOP signs, a “Hillary for Prison sign, and a “Jesus says I am the way….” placard in the front window.

    Lord help us all.

  9. There are a few more Hillary signs visible in my area. However, there are a few locations that a plastered with Trump signs. I know my neighborhood. A Democratic precinct guy lives just down the street and every election has seen his lawn covered with Dem signs. I know he has put some Hillary signs out. But his lawn is clean and clear. Wonder if they were all stolen? What? Who would be scrufulous enough to do that? My sign is stuck like glue in the front garden. Folks going to work can’t miss it. So far so good!

  10. e platypus onion says:

    From Dakota Free Press today-a reader sent this in to Cory, a note some anon neighbore left in the mail box.

    This is from Rapid City in a totally red, redneck state.

  11. EPO: Yep. That’s the repugnantcan’s polite way of saying “Hey libtard, don’t make me throw a brick through your window.” Hey, he said please.

  12. Sometimes I forget how serene elections can be in the deep blue northeast. Hardly and signs at all here – and I had to look up who the Repubs are running locally. They don’t have a chance.

  13. Lose a few pounds or lose an election.

  14. Not allowed to post political signs or bumper stickers through the rules of the one that owns the house. However, I am glad to say that living in a rural town of about 200 people, there are far more Democrats than I would have imagined.
    My thoughts would be a new presidential seal That replaces the old text with “Emperor Trump” at the top and “No Fat Chicks” at the bottom. We could probably also replace E Plurbus Unum on the money with that, along with his portrait on each bill.

  15. epo, that is actually very civil for SouDakota. (Intentional spelling.) I am a fan of bumper stickers and have about a dozen on my car. Most of them are of the smartass variety, but I have Hillary stickers too. In Minneapolis it’s not a problem, nor in my liberal college town of 20,000, but farther out in more rural Minn? Not so much.

  16. So for the first debate Clinton got Trump to attack women, specifically women he deemed not up to his standards of beauty and weight.

    Next debate: puppies.

  17. Aggieland Liz says:

    @LynnN…or kittens…!

  18. Lunargent says:

    Yeah, he’s already shown that he doesn’t tolerate babies well.

    Though that was really a competition thing. It’s hard to pay attention to more than one squalling infant at a time.

  19. Sandridge says:

    TrulyTexan @14,
    Our currency will display the following legend with his portrait if Papa Don wins next month. I doubt that paper would be circulating for very long before the mushrooms clouds bloom though.

    The coming US of A currency legend (if worse comes to worse):

    Donaldus Imperator

    Et omnia mea

    (Donald Caesar
    It’s All Mine)

  20. Sandridge says:

    @6- maryelle,
    Speaking of snakes, a two-headed Texas rat snake was recently found around the Waco area and is now in a zoo (a Bush Crawford ‘ranch’ refugee?).
    I was hoping that they’d have a naming contest for the poor critter. I’d go with “Kellyanne”, “Donnie”, “Karl”, or “Teddy”, depending on its gender (or length).

    Y’all’s two-headed rat snake naming picks?

  21. Lunargent, that’s really funny. Ruth Marcus has a good column in today’s Wapo about Scumpf as a middle school schooler. Very apropos. Very.

  22. Sandridge says:

    Well, if we had gotten all the RWNJ’s settled on their own little universe, Navassa Island in the Caribbean, the Cat 4-5 major hurricane Matthew is projected to make a direct hit on Navassa.
    Helluve missed opportunity to clean house…

    Navassa Island is is uninhabited and located between the westernmost point of Haiti and the eastern coast of Jamaica.

    Enh IR sat loop of Matthew, 2 Oct 02:15 UTC: