Today’s Latest Crisis – Since It’s Tuesday

December 05, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Hold the presses!  Remember that story about Trump’s private intelligence operation?  The ones about his support of pedophile Roy Moore? Trump’s travel ban?  The tax bill that will plunge the economy into recession?  How about nuclear war with North Korea?  None of those are current, so let’s move on to the next big crisis…

TRUMP JUST ANNOUNCED, IN THE FACE OF WORLDWIDE OPPOSITION, TO NAME JERUSALEM AS CAPITAL OF ISRAEL.  He also announced his intention to move the US embassy, touching off a Middle East crisis.

So, upending the US government isn’t enough; threatening nuclear war with North Korea wasn’t enough; NOW, we’re going to start a Middle East war because…it’s Tuesday.

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22 Comments to “Today’s Latest Crisis – Since It’s Tuesday”

  1. Stop the Earth! I want to get off!

  2. Jane & PKM says:

    Remind us to be anywhere but near a TV when the Friday news dump happens.

  3. That Other Jean says:

    Wait. . .what? Not even Israel can want this, can they? Jerusalem was announced as the capital of Israel in 1980, but the move was opposed by the Palestinians and other Arab countries, since control of Jerusalem is divided among several nations. Israel is pretty unobtrusive about it–foreign embassies remain in Tel Aviv. Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem may well start a war in the Middle East. Trump is willing to stir up war in Israel? Why?

  4. “Look! Over there! It’s a distraction!”

    Everybody looks.

    More damaging information is released, and there will be another distraction. Nuclear war with North Korea has the potential of being a really big distraction. Watch for that around impeachment time.

  5. Is he so stupid he doesn’t know what the capital of Israel is? (Hint: not Tel Aviv.) OTOH, does he have a clue where in Jerusalem he’ll find enough physical space for a US embassy? (Hint: probably not.)

  6. publius bolonius says:

    Isn’t it Israel that gets to decide to move their own capitol? Why does the GasBag get a say? That’s right! The GasBag knows all! Just pitiful and embarrassing. C’mon McD’s! Do your artery-clogging duty, already.

  7. RepubAnon says:

    My guess is that the hawks want a war with Iran. If they can get Hezbollah angry enough, they can hope to draw in Iran

  8. Sandridge says:

    JJ (and the SS) won’t let me make a full comment on the only solution the American people have to resolve this clear and present super-danger, you might try a guess…

  9. Jane & PKM says:

    Sandridge, it’s what’s best left unsaid but calls for a patriot, for sure.

  10. A U.S. embassy in Jerusalem? what? No Room? No way! Just demolish some of the old buildings that have been around since the Roman occupation (at least) and build on top of them!

    As for all the “announcements”, there is a world between doing and saying. I’ve noticed that when the Golden Gibbon says something very often there is a lot of inertia left behind.

  11. Sandridge says:

    Monsignor Sandridge says– Pass the KFC and McDonald double orders and may we pray:

    Let us all reverently bow our heads in frequent and fervent prayer, and with the help of Saints Cardiac, Methrombosis, and/or Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke,
    May we, your faithful and lowly supplicants, beseech Thee for Thy Soonest Divine Intervention, O Lord Above.
    (May I humbly suggest some quick golf course lightning?)

    SS. Cyril and Methodius:

  12. Kate Dungan says:

    Sandridge, Where’s the Praetorian Guard when we really need them?

  13. Kate Dungan,
    Et Tu BRoberte?

    A Cassius Chaerea for MMXVIII perhaps…
    ‘Tyrannicide’ has a certain ring to it…”Sic semper tyrannis” too.

    -metaphorically speaking of course–

  14. Guys, can we leave violence and hopes therefor to the bad guys? I was furious when similar remarks were made about Obama. One of the worst temptations in dealing with Trump is descending to his level.
    As to Trump’s Terrible Idea of the Month, this is too many kinds of stupid to describe.

  15. @ Sandridge
    You do remember that “Sic semper tyrranis” was John Wilkes Booth’s cry after shooting Lincoln? Not a good look.

  16. @Msb

    Does it cross that line if I fervently pray for Hair Drumpf to eat a bigly crappy Big Mac and die choking in the head before anyone notices?

  17. Tilphousia says:

    Hold on now. Traitor trump wants Jared to fix the Middle East. So with true trumpian ignorance and arrogance, he’s going to concoct a mess so huge the whole Middle East will go up in flames. Then he can hand his stupid son-in-law a watering can to put out the flames. Of course the evangelicals are jumping for joy. They think it will usher in the second coming. What they are too dumb to see is that they backed the anti-Christ.

  18. Sam in St Paul says:

    Sam Davis‏
    11h11 hours ago
    #Israel dear terrorists, instead of attacking American embassies and consulates, please notice there are many fine @realDonaldTrump properties around the world that are better targets not to mention Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric and Jared


  19. @ Micr
    I think Trump can be relied on to take all the revenge on himself that people could want. If it weren’t for all the harm he does, he would be pitiable.

  20. Tilphousia you are probably right. Donald doesn’t care where Israel’s capital is (only whether he can build a hotel there) but the Dominionists infesting the White House are doing all they can to usher in the end times. I wish they’d just rapture away somewhere and leave the Earth to the rest of us.

  21. Elizabeth Moon says:

    People that want to bring on the Apocalypse have not only misread Scripture, they’ve wandered off the edge of sanity. We have been blessed with so much that they cannot imagine they will ever be the ones wandering smoky ruins, hungry and ragged and pursued by angry men with guns.

    I grew up knowing quite a few refugees (Armenians, Jews, others) form various wars and having a vivid idea of what Apocalypse-type war is like. And if you read the wartime National Geographics and Life magazines (my stepgrandmother saved them for me when I was an infant and toddler) you could look at the photographs of the Blitz, or the firestorms from bombing in Germany, or the stark aftermaths of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and almost hear the iron-clad hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen. Imagining aftermaths was built into my psyche.

  22. There is some sort of a building in Jerusalem that was dubbed many years ago as the site of a possible U.S. embassy. But that was YEARS ago and of course it is too small at present. Building another one? Well, check this out. 20 years ago someone with a shovel broke ground for the new U.S. embassy in Morocco. 20 years ago. they are just now able to act ally touch with bare hands! things do not build swiftly in certain sections of the world. Of course, the Golden Gibbon never heard of that. If you told him the wouldn’t believe it or scream “fake news”.