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Today is the previously scheduled “Muslim Day” at the state capitol.  They’ve been having it for several years, including the time one Republican state representative made any Muslims visiting her office pledge allegiance to America before they could talk to her staff.

My friend Vickie, who is Jewish, is there today and sent me this fabulous picture.


“Today and every day I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters.”

— Vickie Vogel

And my friends Pam and Hazel sent these ….



I wish I could be with them today.  They are what makes America great.


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3 Comments to “Today”

  1. charles phillips says:

    Well, Pam looks the part, but Hazel needs a shave!

  2. Marcia Shultz says:

    My daughter and I were there supporting our Muslim neighbors. It was inspiring to be a part of community love!

  3. I’m off point I know, but the Molly White link ruined the point of this post for me. I have friends and a relative in Belton. I bought one of the best dogs I ever owned from my sainted mother’s friend in Temple. These people, on the surface, are warm friendly etc etc. WHAT THE HE77 IS WRONG WITH THEM THAT MOLLY WHITE COULD LIVE AMONGST THEM AND BE ELECTED BY THEM AND BE SUCH AN A$$HOLE??? Good grief!