Thought You Hated Rick Perry to the Max? Hell, You’re Not Even Close.

December 29, 2015 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Get a large load of this poop.

pension-shocker-rick-perry-is-double-dipping-into-the-texas-state-coffersThe Republican [Perry] doled out tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses for top aides in his last weeks in office, including $137,205 on a single day the month before leaving – more than he gave in the previous four years combined, and more than almost any other outgoing American governor gave in 2014, records show. The aides all left with Perry, and soon after, one joined a political group promoting his 2016 bid.

But there is plenty of poop to spread around.

Texas officials increasingly are taking advantage of loose rules to hand out big bonuses just before leaving office, or to well-paid aides who themselves are on the way out, even though the money is supposed to be used in part to retain staff, a Houston Chronicle examination has found.

State officials have spent nearly $50 million over the past decade on bonuses for departing employees and often have not justified the gifts as required by law, the review found.

Do you want to know why I quoted all that instead of just telling you?  Because you wouldn’t the hell have believed me.

He gave 16 in December 2014, his last month in office, including $12,700 for his budget director, Kate McGrath, who had gotten a $7,000 one-time gift nine months earlier; $8,900 for his legislative director, Ken Armbrister, who made a $180,000 annual salary; and $13,500 for his chief of staff, Kathy Walt, who had a $270,000 salary and later joined the political group promoting his campaign, RickPAC.

That’s MY money, you damn nincompoop.

But what snaps my velcro is that he wasn’t the only state Republican “conservative” doing it.

Overall, the state spent $355 million on bonuses between September 2005 and September 2015, including $259 million on so-called “one-time merit payments” that are subject to almost no rules and are not audited.

Damn, y’all.

Not one penny of that money went to the people who earned it at the bottom of the pay scale. It all went to people making six figures to begin with.

So, that happened today.


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18 Comments to “Thought You Hated Rick Perry to the Max? Hell, You’re Not Even Close.”

  1. JAKvirginia says:

    Why not? It’s not like it’s THEIR money they’re using.
    Looks like hush money to me. Wonder why?

  2. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    ♬ Oh Indictable You ……

  3. What’s going on with the charges of abuse of power against Perry? Haven’t heard a thing since the summer. Has it all been swept under the rug a la Scott Walker?

  4. And the idiot Texans I know bitch about school funding. Morons the lot of them. Present company excluded of course.

  5. Old Mayfly says:

    But JJ, running a successful racket is all about robbing the citizens and enriching the gangsters. They are doing it right.

    Vote for racketeers and you get a racket.

  6. “O Indictable U” isnt that where pRick attended college?

  7. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Micr, with any luck, “O Indictable U” will be where pRick serves some time for his crimes.

    Old Mayfly, snacilbupeR and racketeers do bring the rackets, but the main problem is convincing their ignorant base to stop voting against their own interests.

  8. Next time Texas Republicans bitch and moan about taxes, we know where to point them.

  9. Sorry TX you get what you vote for. Just think a republican as dogs and love rolling in the grass where they manage to get fleas. I use to think people in TX were very smart people. Of course that was in the early 60s but now to many keep voting against their own financial interests and keep getting rolled over and over. When are republican voters going to wake up and stop giving your hard earned money to these flea bag republicans. WAKE THE HELL UP. Vote democrat.

  10. WA Skeptic says:

    “You get more money with a briefcase than you ever will with a gun” Jimmy Cagney movie, 1960~ish.

  11. But IOKIYR… Conservative m’ arse.

  12. Typical snacilbupeR “conservativism”, aka, corruption.

  13. Millions for sycophants, not one cent for starving children. And they dare to call themselves followers of Jesus Christ…

    But then, weren’t the AntiChrist’s followers supposed to act in ways that would bring Christianity into disrepute?

  14. Worse yet, these same scumbags who walked away with all those parting “gifts” will be back for more over the coming years. Unless TX turns and stays blue, the bet is that they will get it. A bit of a prediction: Perry, A-butt et al. will go down in infamy when the courts start hauling in the “little people” who got rich from these hand-outs and they start turning state’s evidence against the big hogs in order to save their own skins.

  15. If one had a devious mind, one would wonder if what is being paid is bribe/hush money, not bonus money.

    But if Rick Perry did it, it must be on the up and up, right?

  16. Isn’t that what dictators do?

  17. I can’t hate Rick Perry to the max. If I did it wouldn’t leave room for Trump or Cruz or Huckabee.

  18. I can’t comment without offending momma, so I’ll just share a quote from the song Pretty Boy Floyd:

    As through this world you wander, you’ll meet lots of funny men
    Some will rob you with a sixgun, and some with a fountain pen.