This Will Hurt Your Neck

June 17, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Sumbitches, Trump

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Yesterday, Newt Gingrich, career philanderer and prolific liar, made the head-snapping pronouncement that a US president “cannot obstruct justice“, and can fire anyone he wants to fire, regardless of legality.  His comments were made at the National Press Club where he was peddling his new collection of fairytales, Understanding Trump, which is his usual pile of manure delivered with the gravity of a college professor.  Apparently to Gingrich, there is a completely different set of rules for a Democrat in the WH than for a Republican.

Never burdened by the truth or a sense common decency, Gingrich is famous for delivering these kinds of proclamations that swing from one wild lie to another, changing his “sincere” belief to match whatever argument he’s positing at the time.  This proclamation, though, is especially egregious; when he was speaker of the house, he lead the impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying about having a sexual affair and obstruction of justice.   To make matters worse, at the time of the impeachment, he was having an affair himself with his current wife, Calista, while going after Clinton for his affair.  He was forced out of the Speaker job in 1999 under a storm cloud of ethics violations and election losses.

Gingrich is a shameless liar and his books are useful as two things: Kindling and toilet paper.


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32 Comments to “This Will Hurt Your Neck”

  1. Can also be used to line the bottom of the bird cage.

  2. Somebody needs to hold this little **** up by the scruff of the neck, point at him, and just laugh their heads off in front of a large crowd, all similarly laughing. He will then be allowed to crawl offstage on his hands and knees (after being dropped) and will never have anyone’s respect again.

    Yeah, in my dreams. But it’s a good dream.

  3. Paul and Rhea beat me to it so I’ll just 2nd that!

  4. Jane & PKM says:

    Paul, advisable only if the bird cannot read. Birds, particularly parakeets, are known to faint when frightened.

    Speaking of birds who cannot read some smoking moron of a snacilbupeR self-appointed mouthpiece actually declared that Donnie and Jared are exempt from any violations of the foreign emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. snacilbupeR. Known for their inability to read, while interpreting print that does not exist. Grab some ‘facts’ out of thin air and invent the documentation to support them without aid of paper or ink.

    Those Gish Galloping gas lighters have skills. 2018 will be a fight. Most concerning is: are we prepared for a battle with a bunch of liars who lie so blithely, then scream “victim” should anyone be so rude as to point out their lies. Only combatants I’ve observed on our side remotely prepared for the task are Senators Franken, Harris and Warren. Although after a mere 25 years in the Senate, Didi Feinstein finally seems to be losing patience with the snacilbupeR and their crazed toddler, Donnie.

    Or, there is an infinitesimal chance the snacilbupeR will tire of being the laughing stock of the globe thanks to Dolt45. A video and a picture that seriously need to be incorporated into campaign ads starting now.

    Weren’t Newt and Calista scheduled to invade the Vatican? Why are they still here?

  5. Which is it today, Newt?
    That’s the real ‘which’ hunt that’s going on right now.

  6. I keep being surprised Newt Gingrich is still alive. Maybe his death in my mind is merely wishful thinking.

  7. BarbinDC says:

    What can I say? Grifters gotta grift.

  8. Mother Jones' cat says:

    All of Newt’s 1990’s sins are now forgiven as he is now a devout Catholic along with his ex-mistress/wife#3. That’s why wifey is going to be the Ambassador to the Vatican. Don’t you know Pope Frank is looking forward to that? We will be seeing a lot more photos of a despondent Pope.

  9. Using newtgingpoor’s book for toilet paper is useless … for obvious reasons.

  10. fran Seyer says:

    he is an asshole, which is an insult to assholes….and his 3rd wife….yikes!

  11. Gingrich is a poop stain in the tighty whiteys of American politics. Anyone who takes him seriously is a gullible fool. I’m looking at you national press.

  12. I stopped thinking Newt was worth anything at all on January 7, 1995, when he said, regarding women in the military, “…females have biological problems staying in a ditch for thirty days because they get infections…”

    Some of us never forget.

  13. This is the 45th “anniversary” of the Watergate break-in.
    How do we celebrate this?
    Also, don’t you want to be the first in your block to recuse yourself? From something.

  14. Old Fart says:

    I could be wrong, but my impression of the real decline into pure partisanship by the Repubs happened when Megababyhead came onto the national stage in a big way. I can’t recall a time when he promoted the national good above partisan gain, ever.

    The guy defines shamelessness; (supposedly) walking out on your wife when she is dying of Cancer and purporting to embody family values…

    I just wish the serial philanderer could be held up to his own mirror of righteousness…

  15. Where is Karma when we need her?

  16. Marge Wood says:

    Calista is going to go live at the Vatican? Is Newt going with her? Hmmm….

  17. I doubt there will be many pictures of The Holy Father and that home wrecking husband thief together. She presents her credentials to the Secretary of State and not the Pontiff.
    Other than pro forma invitations to receptions there is little for her to do. There is a desk in the Rome embassy to handles any heavy lifting regarding Vatican City relations.
    Callista can apply for free tickets to the Wednesday General Audience thus embellishing her resume. ( doh I had 31 audiences with the Pope last year.)
    Not a bad deal for the Gingriches. Receiving the Government Dole, and living in government housing in the Eternal City rumored to have some of the finest gigolos and ladies of negotiable virtue in the world.
    Hopefully neither will contract some vile disease which the tax payer will have to foot the bill for.
    What else would one expect from Republicans with their true moral standard?

  18. slipstream says:

    He seems nice.

  19. Bananas says:

    NoNoNo not bum wipes. Bad idea, scratchy, totally ineffective and will clog your pipes summink horrible.

    Either shred & compost or better dump into recycle bin so those poor trees can be used for something worthier and not have died in vain

  20. George in Lee County says:

    Kindling, toilet paper, and door stops.

  21. Lunargent says:

    There’s a legend that salamanders are immune to fire, and immortal.

    This one sure is. And it ain’t a good thing.

  22. “… salamanders are… immortal.
    This one sure is.”

    Lunargent, I always thought this one was immoral. Still not a good thing though.

  23. WA Skeptic says:

    Hey, Newt–royalty is subject to laws just like the rest of us. Did you ever hear of the Magna Carta?? And how about the fact that the present wannabe dictator was ELECTED and will be UNELECTED IN A VERY SHORT TIME.

    Gadzooks, this idiot makes my blood pressure go through the roof.

  24. Teh Gerg says:

    Thanks loads, CNN and Fox Propaganda (and News upon rare occasions) for keeping Gingrich in the public eye. Newt the Pewt got the Bewt two and a half decades ago for monumental hypocrisy and raging dishonesty. He has stayed as huge a liar and unabashed propagandist all that time. He has no opinions worth reporting, but I guess he can always be used as a really, really bad example of just about anything.

  25. Larry from Colorado says:

    I have used some really bad toilet paper in my life, the using a page out of his book would be the ultimate bad idea.

  26. Tilphousia says:

    Would never use newts book for toilet paper. Clog the septic tank and murder all the little buggies that actually work. Newt is one of life’s pieces of excrement that has floated but not unfortunately floated away. Far far away. I wonder that newt’s tongue hasn’t shriveled from constant lying. Sending Callista to the Vatican is a slap in the face. She should be refused and sent packing to somewhere acceptable. Hmm just where are the mosquitoes thickest? And carrying the most incurable diseases? And send newtie there too. Of course the bug who bit them would probably die.

  27. “Hopefully neither will contract some vile disease which the tax payer will have to foot the bill for.”

    is it possible for one “vile disease” to contract another vile disease? asking for a friend.

    I believe Mr. Gingrich is invoking the “Nixon defense”, as expressed to David Frost, during his famous interview with the then president: the president can’t break the law since, by definition, the president is the law. it’s considered a somewhat extreme position of executive power, even by republican standards, such as they are. this power isn’t explicitly stated in the Constitution, Nixon just pulled it out of his ass.

  28. So Newt writes a book that is very complimentary towards Trump.
    And then his wife, who has no experience and is an admitted adulterer, who broke up a marriage, is going to be the ambassador to the Vatican.
    And his son’s wedding planner will be deciding who gets billions of dollars to build low income housing. In NY and NJ.
    And of course both Trump’s and Jered Kushners businesses have received that money in the past.

    Does Trump even know where the swamp is and he is standing in the middle of it?
    And why are his supporters so ignorant of who and what this man is and does?

  29. maryelle says:

    Trump’s lawyer’s lawyer is spewing the same bullcrap that Newt espouses AND claims that Agent Orange is NOT under investigation. The alternative truth lives on.

  30. oldymoldy says:

    How many times do we have to go over this?
    gingrich and trump should’ve crawled under a rock (rocks?) 30, 40, 50(?) years ago.

  31. AlanInAustin ... says:

    Here’s what I do – and recommend others do – when the Newt is appearing on a major news program (like today, on This Week in Washington). On the FB page for the show, write something like:

    “It is unfortunate to see a show like sacrifice its credibility by having disgraced former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich as a guest. Elevating him to the level of serious political discussion you claim to have only legitimizes his extremist views and ignores his proven questionable moral decisions.

    I am sure there are many more qualified and honest people who would *love* to have your show as a forum. They could bring a level of honest, fact-based discourse this nation sorely needs right now. Please get more of them.”

  32. Hey, world! Now you know why Newtie got kicked out of his House seat and Speaker position! And his most vociferous (if you want to be so polite) commenters were from his own party! They’d had it with Mr.Obnoxious!