THIS is What I’m Talking About, Gun Lobby. This.

March 29, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Clark Aposhian, chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, who you would think knows a thing or two about gun safety, parked his car in this driveway overnight and some damn fool stole the AR-15 he had in his car.

Do not ask me why Aposhian had an AR-15 in his car.  Perhaps he had an early morning call to go shoot some terrorists.

It doesn’t just look bad.  It is bad.

Police are always concerned about a stolen firearm, but especially one of this caliber, Askerlund said.

Investigators have no leads yet on who stole the assault rifle.

Aposhian declined to comment.

Declined to comment?  Oh really?  What?  Did Wayne LaPierre oversleep and not call to tell him how to blame that on President Obama and the Liberals?  I’m sure it’s our fault.

Thanks to Carl and Brian for the heads up.

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18 Comments to “THIS is What I’m Talking About, Gun Lobby. This.”

  1. Sam in Kyle says:

    He’s trying to follow Wayne LaPierre’s advice about getting more guns out there for our safety.

  2. Guess we will find out who stole it when the next mass shooting in Utah happens in 3…2…Happy Easter~

  3. This makes me want to let everyone out there know that there’s Texans for Gun Sense Rally on Saturday, April 6 in Austin on the steps of the capital. We’ve got to speak up LOUDLY on this issue, folks! We can’t let that vocal minority drown us out. We should also be calling/emaiing/tweeting our lawmakers daily for the next few weeks while they consider expanded background checks. How can this be controversial? AR-15s. These people should be – well – shot! 🙂

  4. Corinne Sabo says:

    He may at sometime find out what is like to duck and cover.

  5. I wonder how you sleep at night, knowing the person who stole your assault rifle knows where you live? And that he might want more? And he has the element of surprise? Sweet dreams Clark Aposhian!

  6. maryelle says:

    Even the people who THINK they are responsible gun owners fail to secure their lethal weapons. That’s why the vast majority of Americans are demanding that weapons of war be removed from the hands of IDIOTS.

  7. This is in Utah where the only long guns that are required to be registered are those covered by the National Firearms Act, i.e. machine guns and shortened or sawed off weapons. Their degree of concern suggests his weapon had been modified for full auto fire. Because you never know when a herd of elk will come charging straight at you.

  8. When the gun is used during a crime then this idiot should be charged as an accessory since he left it unsecured.

  9. Luckily~ there’s no registration or database of ownership so when it IS used in a(nother) crime, no one will know, glf.

  10. If anyone has any doubts about the damage that these small caliber, high velocity rounds shot from an AR-15 do, lookie here: and here:

  11. So sick of guns!! I come from a family where my Dad (who would of turned 97 on the 30th!) and brothers and cousins would like to hunt, which I know is different, but I could NEVER relate! Have your guns, but what is up with all these military type ones?!

  12. There is a certain elegance about a Kentucky long rifle, or even a Colt .45, and I say that as a gun hater, but that thing is one ugly hunk of metal.

  13. OldMayfly says:

    Over at Daily Kos, “Inland” says, “It isn’t about gun control–it is about massacre control.”

    I read that Mr. Aposhian’s assault rifle has a heat-detecting scope. It would be difficult to hide the children from a nut carrying that rifle. Mr. Aposhian, if he himself isn’t a nut, is dangerously foolish and immature.

  14. Dave in UT says:

    I now live up here again (used to be in Ft. Bend County). This is the state where a guy packed an AR-15 (at least unloaded) into a mall to prove a point (that he could). And where the lege just passed a law saying that you do not need a background check to get a concealed carry permit. And in the central part of the state (Manti) they think that the US Army is going to invade and take over their town and take all their guns away. The army was holding maneuvers in the area on FEDERAL land. And unlike TX, about 80% of Utah is actually owned by the USA, not the State or private parties. People here forget who owns it all.

    Oh well, once in a while up here even makes TX look sort of normal. Not very often, but some times.

  15. Ralph Wiggam says:

    I firmly believe that if you are crazy enough to want a gun like that, you are way too crazy to own a gun like that. Catch 22.

  16. Ralph, I agree with you. I also think anyone whose weapon is stolen from their car should have all their other weapons confiscated, because clearly they are not a responsible gun owner. (Any person who thinks a car is a secure lockup for desirable merchandise is…misinformed.) Mr. Aposhian should not own guns.

    I own guns. I don’t leave them in the car overnight, or brandish them at people. I shoot tin cans off the tops of other tin cans, and–should I be attacked by dogs while out on our land–I will shoot the dogs. (So if you live near me–keep your dogs on your own property. They will be scared off, if they’re not attacking, and dead, if they are.) I don’t think anyone not in a combat zone needs an assault rifle. It’s not a hunting tool; it’s not a varmint control tool; it’s not for putting down a cow with a broken leg or killing the sheep or steer you’re about to put in the freezer. It’s only good for killing your fellow citizens in large numbers, and anyone who wants to do that–or daydream about doing that–needs psychological treatment, not an assault rifle.

  17. maryelle says:

    Right on, Ralph!

  18. RepubAnon says:

    It seems obvious that one of the ATF’s black helicopters (the ones with the big electromagnets) swooped down in the dead of night and grabbed that man’s gun. It isn’t as though some criminal type might want one…