This is what election fraud looks like

January 31, 2016 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Let’s say you’re a typical Iowa Republican, which means you’re already used to receiving bad report cards all your life, especially in reading comprehension and social studies.  You revere the Constitution, but don’t actually know what it says, like Ben Carson.

And then you receive this in the mail:


Oh my god, you think, they got me!  You’re not sure for what, but you’ve heard the drumbeat about rampant voter fraud requiring more restrictions that, if they were on your gun, you’d shoot somebody, but this votey-crime stuff is only supposed to happen to blah people, not you!  Then you open it up and see this:

AmericasBelleXO_2016-Jan-29You loser!  You avoided voting just because of the study involved, and you homeskuled your kids to save them just this kind of dumb-shaming, and yet here are your voting grades for ANYone to look at.  You’d better get out and vote next week before semester grades come out.

Which is exactly what Ted Cruz meant for you to think when he sent this out.

You’ve heard me time and again tell you that politics is a con job, meant to separate the credulous from their votes, by playing on their fear and ignorance.  You’ve heard me say over and over that no political operative ever went broke by underestimating the political IQ of the American electorate.

Here is exhibit A.

And what does Ted Cruz say when he’s caught?  Basically, the end – increased voter turnout – justifies the means – fraud – and what are YOU gonna do about it, huh?


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23 Comments to “This is what election fraud looks like”

  1. This is shocking!

    Looking over that yellow Voting Violation form, I see a potential Republican caucus goer managed a “C” on her report card? Sarah Massey with the 75% score is bound to be embarrassed by this ruse. As the genius of the bunch she might be able to read her own name.

  2. e platypus onion says:

    List is nicely alphabetized,likely Piyush Jindal trying to spell Mississippi. Give me an M,give me a C,give me an S,give me another S,give me an M,give me two Ts and you have Mississippi-(Cajun spelling of course).

  3. Interestingly enough, the Secretary of State in Iowa has some cherce woids for the Cruzer. Talk about dirty politics!

  4. daChipster says:

    epo, if I know my campaign sleaze, those are sorted by age within address, like a walk-list. If bearded-Spock me was designing this mailer, those would by your immediate neighbors that you are shamed in front of. If MS in computer science me was building the query, you’d see the registered neighbors on either side of you and across the street. This probably is the next couple of households after yours, because these list guys don’t have a lot of imagination, and IT talent costs money = less grift-profit.

  5. Republican voters are so used to swallowing swill that they didn’t even notice the fraudulent pile of crap inside that envelope. And Cruz & Co. are counting on it.

  6. Not just shocking but grisley, criminally grisley! Is this getting any play around the world, as in going viral? It should!

  7. daChipster says:

    Also, bearded-Spock me would not have sent this out from the campaign. This is why Beelzebub invented SuperPacs. Dumb mistake.

  8. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Raphael El Chapo Cruz attempted to insert humor into the last snacilbupeR debate, twice. He’s 0/2. He probably thought his little mailer was funny. 0/3.

    Funny would be the Iowa Secretary of State sanctioning him.

  9. I’d say that Cruz was his own worst enemy, if there weren’t already so many volunteers for the job.

    What a slimeball! But I do want him to win a couple of primaries, so that Trump will get all miffed and flounce away.

  10. Ted Cruz and his brainy bunch got got so used to lying and scaring people, they thought it would work to get them to the caucus.

  11. So Cruz wants to turn out more people to vote for Donald Trump?

  12. Jorge Peralta says:

    Let’s not forget that this campaign is Texan’s fault. We (not you or me, but the majority ‘we’) voted this psychopath into office, and he would not be a candidate had ‘we’ not done so.

  13. Isn’t there some gross violation of privacy about planting their neighbors’ voting records in front of everybody? Granted that whether or not people voted may be public record, but plastering the names and numbers up and down the street is a different category.

    Still not quite up there with previous GOP mailer tactics such as claiming that a candidate had been endorsed by local pols when that was not true, or claiming that because of expected high turnout, Republicans would vote on Tuesday and Democrats should show up to vote on Wednesday, both of which have been done.

    Anybody know of similar scumbag tactics by any Dems? I only hear about it from GOoPers.

  14. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Jorge Peralta, there are a few reasons we might slap around Texas, Cruz being just one of them. 8 years of Dubya is high on that list, but then we’d have to slap half the nation, twice. The task that evades us is getting out the word to voters who are voting against their own interests. For that we can fault the DNC, especially Debbie WTF Schultz, for not helping us.

    I wish Texas all the luck in the world dumping Raphael El Chapo Cruz, if he runs for Senate again.

    Nice news of the day: Dr. Ben Carson. Yes! He and his wife Candy have done some good things. To be exact 6,700 good things at $1000 each in the form of scholarships. That’s $6,700,000.

  15. AliceBeth says:

    Wait a minute. Are those real people’s names? Were they sent to neighbors or relatives? If so, how in HELL did he get this information??? Can he be charged with something? And if not, why not???

  16. I believe the officials in Iowa came down hard condemning this.

  17. UmptyDump says:

    I can’t wait for pollsters to measure the backlash that this mailing will have on the caucus outcome for the Cruz campaign. I didn’t think a campaign tactic existed would be dumber than Trump calling the Iowa electorate stupid, but Cruz and his people have invented one. They just made the caucus vote personal and confrontational with individual letter recipients. How in the world does one expect one to get votes by upbraiding people? No campaign tactic could better represent Cruz’s malignant personal style and lack of character, and the caucus tomorrow will be payback time.

  18. JAKvirginia says:

    Thank you, UmptyDump. My thoughts exactly.

  19. IF there is a special reserved section of hell for criminals who preyed on the elderly, children, the not very bright, who took their worldly possessions and their dignity, then Raphael Edward “Canadian Ted” Cruz has at least a table for 1 waiting his demise. He misinterpreted the Iowa law, then published the lie as a threat to garner votes.

    Gawd I hate this guy.

  20. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Micr, apparently Cruz is confused between Yosemite Sam and Uncle Sam, what with Ted being a Canadian and all. He sure has been busy shooting shots into his feet leading up to the Iowa caucus. And, his Pervangelist daddy slipped his restraints and was out campaigning and comparing Ted to the persecution of Christ. Those are a few of the reasons I placed Marco ahead of Ted in Primo’s Pool.

  21. Elizabeth Moon says:

    If a candidate sent something like that to me, no matter what my “grade,” I would never vote for him/her, and probably not his/her party, ever again…and I would send him/her a letter that would blister the eyes of whichever staffer read it.

  22. Been surfing the web concerning this (bleep!!!). Reaction is generally outrage. Not once did this jerk think of all of our brave men and women in uniform who died so we might carry forward our way of life, our rights! Like the right to vote – unimpeded! This ploy i simply the world of a coward.

  23. Linda Lester says:

    Cruz is really frightening and I hope that the people of Iowa will be insulted and vote accordingly for anyone but Cruz–Call out the birthers and ask the media to show these people that this man is a snake oil salesman and flim flam man–His endorsers are Tony Perkins who supports executing abortion providers, Mike Bickle who thinks Christians should be “hunting” Jews and making them tow the line to Christianity, the Duck idiot–Cruz believes Jesse Helms is to be admired (Jesse a know segregationist)–the list goes on–He claims to be a Christian first, American second (I question that)–take a look at this father too–Cuban who was right in there fighting with Castro–claiming to be some kind of man of the cloth and using his pulpit to promote Darth Vader Cruz–Daddy cruz did not become a citizen until 2005–again, hope the Robotic voters come to their senses–sorry to be living in Texas with Abbott and Dan Patrick promoting him too–all tea party extremists!! I can only hope sanity returns to this country.