This is War!

March 30, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized


So Trump and Ryan have declared war on the Freedom Caucus.

They don’t seem properly chastised because most of them are referring to it as “drama.”  And, Trump’s 35% approval rating doesn’t make his hands look any bigger.

What’s he gonna do – call Vladimir and ask him to buy some better Republicans?

Dude, they seem to have you and Ryan in a corner.  And you’re whining and whimpering.



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14 Comments to “This is War!”

  1. Lunargent says:


  2. Jane & PKM says:

    If the Donnie wing of the snacilbupeR are so concerned about the Freedumb Caucus, there is an easy solution. UN-gerrymander them out of existence. Without those “red zones” it’s unlikely that any of them would be elected once, much less repeatedly. Suck it up, buttercups. If you want the Freedumb obstruction bomb throwers gone, you may need to give up a few of your own toes in the process. Lyin’ Ryan gone. Seems like a fair and reasonable price to pay.

  3. The first Civil War marked the rise of the Republican Party. I wonder how this civil war will turn out?

    I’m not a betting man, but I’d put down a $5 bill or two with Abe Lincoln on the front that nobody involved this time around will be immortalized on US currency of the future.

  4. Gerrymandering got them these rightwing loons whose only electoral competition is loons even farther right, where that’s possible. Now they’re a bunch of whiny-ass titty-babies complaining about the monster they made. We’re suffering from them, jokers, and you can too. How about helping us get rid of them with impartial drawing of districts?

  5. Tilphousia says:

    Braw ha ha ha ha! Poor little spoiled brat. Guess trumpers and Ryan are just going to have to throw a tantrum. Won’t be trumpers first one. Or last. Pack it up and go home little boys. Government is a job for grown ups. And neither of you qualify. And just for the record, trump, YOU WORK FOR THE PEOPLE! We aren’t your “customers and government is NOT a business.”

  6. Teh Gerg says:

    The FreeDumb Cactus does help divide the GOP against itself. They’re repulsive, but they serve a purpose, just like a latrine.

  7. What Trump says doesn’t matter, but Ryan is threatening to go after Dem votes, which would require significant compromises. I doubt he has the guts to actually do it, but if he did we might get a functional Congress.

  8. The threat will be that he will endorse them in 2018. His approval rating will be in the negative numbers by then.

  9. Bumper sticker I saw yesterday.

    Explains the last few months, eh?

  10. Let the snacilbupeR go to war with themselves and fully shred and mutilate each other mostly out of existence. I’ve got no problem with that and it’s a good time for a new center right party anyway.

  11. Debbo, nice image. Also thinking of them sailing off the far right edge of their flat earth.

    Trump still hasn’t figured out how government works– that you have a lot of people involved, with varying agendas and degrees of sanity, and you have to figure out how to work with at least most of them. You can’t just say “Jump” and expect everyone to say, “How high, sir?” This is coming as a big nasty surprise to him on a daily basis.

  12. Rhea, one of my favorites:

    Let them take a long walk on a short pier.

  13. This is interesting. But I just don’t want to interrupt Drumpf or Ryan while they do whatever it is they are doing. In this case my enemy’s enemy is STILL my enemy. If the snacilbupeR destroy the members of the Freedom Caucus there might be a anti-snacilbupeR benefit.

  14. Noted the reaction of one ex-Freedom Caucus member . . . “they wouldn’t even vote for Jesus Christ” or something like that. All the snarling and hissing! Sounds like a dragon moulting!