This Is Priceless. Priceless, I Tell You.

February 28, 2012 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Oh, you’re gonna love this.  Go get a cup of coffee and savor this moment. Read slowly so you can take it all in.

The Justice Department indicted a Rockwall, Texas doctor Tuesday morning for allegedly receiving $375 million in phony Medicare billings in what is considered to be the largest health care fraud case in American history.

First, congratulations to Attorney General Eric Holder for uncovering this massive fraud involving Dr. Jacques Roy of Rockwall, Texas.

And then, stroll on over to the FEC and see who Mr. Jacquez Roy wants to run our government.

Click the little one to see the big one.

How nice.  He supports the Tea Party.  Because, after all,  Medicare fraud would be so much easier with a smaller government, particularly a smaller Justice Department.

Thanks to Alfredo over at the Dairy Queen, who is serving up more than Hunger Busters today, for the heads-up.

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14 Comments to “This Is Priceless. Priceless, I Tell You.”

  1. ks sunflower says:

    Ah, now it’s clear: they want small government so they can rape and rob at will.

    We should have known this. Remember how the GOP got all ticked-off when Clinton wanted to budget money to put more police on the streets, more enforcement muscle. Why didn’t we connect the dots back then?

    So glad the DOJ is going after these slime balls.

  2. If he had maxed out his contributions and/or spread them around like lawyers do, he might still have protection. Cheapo, stealing millions, giving hundreds.

  3. The Tea Party Express.

    Their motto—All for us, not a g-damned thing for anyone else.

  4. If this had been someone contributing to a Democrat Faux News would have their entire news organization waving microphones in their faces…hopefully Rachel or Keith will at least bring it up but otherwise MSM will just pretend it never happened because Republicans never apologize or explain…I hate their non-apology…IF YOU were offended THEN I’m sorry (it’s your own fault for being offended).

  5. Terry Smith says:

    He (allegedly) scams 375 mill and his max donation to the Tea Party is $500? I bet he’s a big tipper, too.

  6. I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

    On a side note, every time you mention Alfredo at the Dairy Queen it makes me hungry. Is that wrong of me?

  7. shortstuff says:

    Why am I not surprised?

    Just goes to show….you just can’t make this stuff up.

    And Marlene is right….if this had been someone donating money to PP or (God forbid) ACORN, the GOP whackjobs would have been screaming bloody murder. Isn’t it funny how SILENT they are about this.

  8. fenway fran says:

    I just read my morning paper and saw this. But I had to come to the Beauty Salon for the FEC details! Thanks! Made my day.

  9. ISTR that Columbia Healthcare under (now-FL-gov) Rick Scott was charged with about $2B in scams of the federal government, and fined $670M.

    Maybe the largest individual or natural person fraud?

  10. Texas….. unfortunately…. thy name is “corruption.”

    Worse in Lubbock. Texas Tech screwed Mick Leach out of about $800K…. They hired a coach from Alabama…. who has “allegedly” screwed investors out of about $1.7 million.

    You CANNOT make this stuff up.

  11. He’s just following a path carved by such Republican stalwarts as Florida Gov. Rick Scott, the last recipient of “largest Medicare fraud in US history” honors …

  12. Yeah, it’s good they caught him, but seems to me that whoever is supposed to be keeping track of Medicare billings has been seriously fu*king off and should be considered for an immediate forced career change.

  13. That’s not all!!! I was looking around and the POTUS must think there’s a lot of corruption in North Texas!!

    on 2/17 – 7 were arrested for $225 MIL in Medicare Billing Fraud (with 94 more people facing charges)

  14. ** should be 104 more facing charges

    (7 hours of meetings today – causes brain farts).