The World is Not Laughing at Us, Trump.

June 19, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Trump says the world has stopped laughing at us.


But they are laughing.

At Trump.

Remember this?



Well, Sweden’s PM Stefan Lofven with Lars Lokke Rasmussen of Denmark, Erna Solberg of Norway, Juha Sipila of Finland and Bjarni Benediktsson of Iceland in Bergen all thought it was funny.


They are trolling you, Trump.

Plus, that Bjarni Benediktsson from Iceland is pretty cute.

Thanks to Rhea for the heads up.

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11 Comments to “The World is Not Laughing at Us, Trump.”

  1. Aggieland Liz says:

    Ok, that’s hilarious!! I needed a good laugh, too, after yet another What-Happened-In-2016 post :p

  2. Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

  3. It’s funnier with the antique disco ball the Saudis had. This looks like a Hasbro turtle toy or a flattened soccer ball.

  4. It is a soccer ball.

    I hear that it’s not all good, but Scandinavians seem to be high on the list of the sanest people on the planet. They have low inequality, high health and literacy, most or all of them have free universities and health care, and they are overall pretty happy folks. Funny thing is that they’re also among the least religious people in the world. Try pointing all that out to your nearest ranting “Christian” who thinks society collapses without their loony version of religion.

  5. I was priviledge to visit Iceland this spring. I loved it. Highest rate of college grads internationally. 97% literacy rate. Icelandic Police don’t carry weapons. I only saw one church in Reykjavik. Iceland is number 13 in world for healthcare (we are number 37, below Berlize, and falling). They have the third largest geothermal power plant in the world. And tall blonds seem to be as common as house cats…

  6. maryelle says:

    Trump’s grammar and behavior are the stuff of cautionary tales.

  7. Opinionated Hussy says:

    The other thing about Iceland – other than the fact that nearly everyone under age 65 speaks English really well – is how politically knowledgeable and engaged they are. It is an amazing country.

  8. The Australian Prime Minister get a lot of laughs recently, aping tRump.

  9. Tilphousia says:

    Sociopaths have no sense of humor and many are bullies like cockwomble. The world is laughing at traitor trump for being such a ridiculous example of humanity. He’s everything that they hate. If trump could read, he should read up on Iceland. A sterling example of a country that works. If the morons of the so called Christian Right don’t wake up and see that all people are entitled to believe as they choose, I fear a flood of violence. Those narrow minded people are not Christian, just screeching morons with no morals, principles, or ethics. Just screech and hate.

  10. My favorite actor is Ingvar Siggurdson, another hot Icelander. Check him out here:

  11. Lunargent says:

    And this amazing singer from the Faroe Islands.