“The Usain Bolt of Stupid”

February 08, 2018 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Colbert was on a roll last night, mocking His Orangeness for his latest idiocy of demanding a huge military parade to honor himself.  Calling him the “Usain Bolt of stupid,” Colbert said that Trump was his own competition for idiotic ideas.  He also advised Trump to ignore his attorneys and take on Robert Mueller.  It’s was pretty entertaining.  Have look:

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7 Comments to ““The Usain Bolt of Stupid””

  1. OH, glorious!!!!

  2. Good stuff!!!

  3. Usain Bolt must accelerate from a standing stop to OMG fast. Kim Jong Drumpf. otoh, never stops. He is in a veritable perpetual motion of lunacy.

    Steve Jobs reputedly possessed a reality distortion field that allowed him to imagine selling products that didnt yet begin. Kim Jong Drumpf sees 1855 through his reality distorted vision. What de Massa wants de Massa gets.

  4. **snortle! chork!**
    Between the two of them, Colbert and Mornin’ Joe will get Trump in front of Mueller yet.

    Joe has taken to telling Trump, over and over, “Your lawyers think you’re too stupid to testify! They’re sure you’ll mess it up! You just show ’em how smart you are, Mr. Pressydint!”

    Because impugning his intelligence will, for sure, get him on that witness stand.

    Keep up the good work Colbert and Joe Boy!

  5. Yes to a parade, the military marching all those SOB dumps and those he picked to govern us, out of our country. Perhaps to Puerto Rico where they can enjoy the company of real Americans and sun and surf.

  6. What was the point about the menu at the end? Or was there a point?

  7. If there’s parade, all the weapons will be unloaded…


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