The REXon Valdez

June 29, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

It appears that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had himself a snot nosed walleyed his fit at the White House in front of a crowd that included Reince Priebus, Jared Kuchner, Tillerson’s Chief of Staff Margaret Peterlin.

Tillerson exploded over issues that had been building for months.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was Johnny DeStefano, a political operative for Trump, telling Tillerson who he could and could not hire at the State Department.

Tillerson also complained that the White House was leaking damaging information about him to the news media, according to a person familiar with the meeting. Above all, he made clear that he did not want DeStefano’s office to “have any role in staffing” and “expressed frustration that anybody would know better” than he about who should work in his department — particularly after the president had promised him autonomy to make his own decisions and hires, according to a senior White House aide familiar with the conversation.

Yeah, well, we all know that the president’s promises are biodegradable.

Tillerson, who I imagine is pretty much used to getting his way, decided that maybe the president’s young and inexperienced crew might respond to hollering and promises to get a switch off the willow tree in the backyard.

They didn’t.

Kushner, who has cornered the market on gall, reportedly told Tillerson’s chief of staff that his “outburst was completely unprofessional.”

Oh, I imagine that Tillerson is going to have something to say about that, don’t you?

Screw Mika and Trump – this is the fight I want to watch.


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16 Comments to “The REXon Valdez”

  1. BarbinDC says:

    I’m wondering if Tillerson lasts the year. If he has a shred of dignity left, he’ll be outta there by summer’s end.

  2. Welp, I predict in short order for Rex T –

  3. maryelle says:

    If he had a shred of dignity…he would never have agreed to join Trump’s Circus.

  4. Jane & PKM says:

    BarbinDC, confess. Were you laughing when you typed “shred of dignity”? For most people that pathetic dinner shot of Mittens Romney with his begging bowl would convince most people that working for Donnie and dignity is an ain’t gonna happen proposition. Count on it. Rexxon Drillerson is in this for the duration and his own payday. He wants his Russian fossil fuels deals and whatever else he can plunder while at State.

    LOL The hubris of Jughead Kushner attempting to “save face,” when it is his butt in a sling over at the Special Counsel’s Office. Stop it with the whining, Jughead. Take the spanking like a man that old Rexxon delivered to you and DeStefano.

    Ms. JJ – “this is the fight I want to watch.” Should be interesting. The old man in the long pants vs the boys in the short pants with Dolt45 in a diaper having the final say.

    Thanks Ivanka

  5. Well, we all have to remember Jared Kushner is family, and that blood is thicker than oil (profits).

  6. So now an unelected son-in-law POTUS advisor (consiglieri sp?) Can dictate to a Senate aproved SoS?

    Lets see how much power Exxon et al have vs the Kushners.

  7. BarbinDC says:

    Jane & PKM: I wasn’t laughing because the fact that the State Department hasn’t been staffed is causing all kinds of problems over there. Including an mass exodus of the very people who have the institutional memory and expertise that we all rely on. Especially after Jared’s aborted attempt to “solve” the Middle East situation–all by his lonesome. All he achieved was to piss off the Palestinians no end.

    He is probably surprised that the Vulgar Talking Yam (VTY) has reneged on his promises that Rex would actually be in charge of State hiring. Just one in a long line, I’d say.

    Further, whatever Rex’s dealings with Russia as Exxon’s CEO, he could well find himself in the crosshairs of Mueller’s investigation. Mueller is apparently looking at EVERY aspect of those dealings with everybody in both the campaign and the administration. Good thing Ol’ Rex is rich enough to afford the best lawyers. He may need them.

  8. This may be another example of what happens when you turn government over to people who’ve never worked in government. Those who think they can “run government like a business” do not work and play well with others and think they can wave a magic wand and have everything they want happen. The barking yam is example #1, but he’s hauled in plenty of others, most of whom start out wanting to destroy the department they’re now in charge of. At least Drillerson is an exception to that last one.

  9. That Other Jean says:

    I’d almost feel sorry for Rex, but he should have known that Trump’s promises have a half-life shorter than nobelium-259 (58 minutes). It was obvious enough by the time Tillerson took the job. If he’s staying in it because he’s expecting Exxon’s deasl with the Russians to make money for him, he’d do well to lawyer up with the rest of the White House.

    Pass the popcorn; this should be an interesting fight.

  10. OK. Now there’s another soon to be a book that I would read! The Barking Yam is too dumb to realize that unhappy former executive department heads can really write some explosive stuff. I mean really explosive. Bet that Barking Yam has never heard of old Pompei and all the muffled bodies covered in ash. Its not just the explosion, BY. Its all the stuff that comes after and it can take a long long time to play out.

  11. WA Skeptic says:

    Wow–someone who says “no” to Tillerson. Give that guy a medal. Exxon top execs expect bowing and scraping their entire lives.

    RT was only in it for the big bux from the Russian oil deal. So funny to watch him get dissed by the Pale-faced Twatwaffle and the staff!

  12. Right on, WA Skeptic! He did say that he never really wanted the job but got kind of strong armed into it. Now he owns it, and twits like Trump and DeStefano tick him off! How things change when YOU are the dog in the fight!

  13. Gosh Rex Tillerson, billionaire, is not having a good time playing at SecState while Donald Drumpf plays at being president.

  14. Sandridge says:

    Screw poor widdle Rexxie. Somebody at his level should’ve known very well that if you lie down next to a fat python you’re gonna get squeezed.

  15. Old Quaker (Colorado) says:

    Rexx shouldn’t have gone along when Trumpets cashiered a staggering number of Foreign Service Officers at State. All that experience and knowledge is lost. I’ll bet those jerks don’t even know what a Foreign Service Officer is, how they arrive at that status and what they do. Dumping them is insane.

  16. Cue the tiny violin playing a sob song.

    Rex, when you lie down with dogs…etc.

    (Apologies to dogs everywhere)