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March 27, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

Last week was one of the most disastrous weeks of Cheeto’s administration where his biggest promise, kicking 24 million people off of healthcare, came crashing down to decisive defeat.  Republicans, knowing he actually is nuts and would sign anything they put in front of him, finally woke up and decided that taking healthcare away from their voters would actually lower their chances for re-election, their only true goal.

So, CJ put that promise back on the shelf and has now moved to making government “sleek”, by assigning his son in law, Jared Kushner, to yet another new job.  So far, his primary job has been trying to keep his father in law from chopping up the Resolute desk and using it for kindling to burn down the White House, and so far, that has been pretty much a full time job.  Now young Kushner is going to head up the shiny new White House Office of American Innovation, a supposed think tank made up of an amalgamation of billionaire inventors and business people who have been charged with making the US government run like a business.  Of course, the US Government is not a business and CAN’T be run like one, but no matter, here’s our new shiny thing to talk about while the Congress continues to ignore the actual threat to the US government – the Russians.

I’ll give this one two weeks or so, then we’ll be consumed with another incendiary tweet from His Orangeness.

Jesus.  No, really.  Jesus.

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12 Comments to “The Latest Shiny Thing”

  1. Dang! Remember when Bill enlisted Hillary to carry the message of affordable health care to the Hill and the ruckus the R’s made of that? Trump now has Ivanka in a private office (with all the frills) and Jared has also now been drafted for another WH office, also with frills. At first I thought Ivanka was installed (I bet this washer idea) to keep an eye on daddy and try to sweet talk him out of his recurrent temper tantrums and even make sure he wasn’t stepping out on Melania. It still may be just that but doggone it, she’s been given some kinda title, just like Jared. Hell, he may even come in handy as the muscle to settle old CJ down when one of his temper fits turn on the antique furniture in the oval office. And not one semihemidemi peep out of the R’s about this! Just not interested? Or are they saving their powder for the big one? At any rate, damn strange stuff seems to be the order of the day for this administration.

  2. “I’ll have the best people,” he said. Amazing coincidence that so many of the best people are related to him.

  3. maryelle says:

    In Trumpspeak, the “best people” means best grifters.

  4. In the 1970’s I worked for a city. It was run by a good ole boy mayor and a succession of “on their way up” young city managers. They said “we’re not a business so we don’t run like a business”. The city had maybe a 100 employees and the city picnic in June was like a family reunion.

    Then I worked in a real “business” for a number of years. The coldness and ultra-competitiveness encouraged by managers from the president down was discouraging and I left.

    I worked the remainder of my career in a county office. Should be a happy ending right? Nope. After about 8 years of operating in what I call the family way, a county judge candidate campaigned on “running the County like a business” Well I had 8 good years. I also watched a friend from the old “family” days have a cardiac event at his desk at 11pm one night.

    Maybe business ought to be run like government used to be run. Not like an employment program for accountants.

  5. I thought that Jared was going to broker peace between Israel and Palestine. I woulda thought that is pretty much a full time job by itself. Now he’s gonna help us innovate too. I’m sure it’ll be an idea factory just like gingrich used to run.

    Call me cynical if you will, but “white house office of American innovation” kinda sounds like the front name of another grift operation.

  6. That Other Jean says:

    Maggie, Wally, maryelle–well, his “best people,” including those he’s related to, have to be grifters: they’re the only people he knows. Birds of a feather. . .

  7. Lisbeth Echeandia says:

    There seems to be deep lack of understanding as to how the whole ‘government thingy’ works. No Jared, we are not your ‘customers’. You and the rest of the Trump family so deeply involved in the Government are employees of the American people. Really need to have that cleared up.

  8. The Barking Yam’s short attention span is, in some ways, a blessing….

    Running government like a business. They’ve been saying that for yonks. They’ve had complete control of some states and the chance to try it. If it has been tried, it has never worked. It can’t work because the missions of government and business are very different. You can’t take a cow to the Olympics as a show jumper, and, while you can milk a horse (they do it in central Asia), you’re not going to get bovine amounts. But they keep planning to try.

  9. Jane & PKM says:

    Dolt45 and his family have already written their one line summary for the history books – Monarchy of Morons.

  10. Best people?

    I not only question the “best,” in some cases I question the “people.”

  11. Think of the money woe could save on salaries if we put IRS auditors on commission.

  12. Tilphousia says:

    Cockwomble and all his little insults to humanity don’t run businesses. They grift. Their so called businesses are nothing but houses of cards propped up with Russian money. Wonder what the spawn will do when Putin’s decides his insane puppet needs to go and he pulls the money? There is no where to hide from his reach.