The Kushner Empire

June 26, 2017 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

Just when you thought the sleaze was all out of the tube, here comes Deutsche Bank.

One month before Election Day, Jared Kushner’s real estate company finalized a $285 million loan as part of a refinancing package for its property near Times Square in Manhattan.

The lender, Deutsche Bank, was negotiating to settle a federal mortgage fraud case and charges from New York state regulators that it aided a possible Russian money-laundering scheme. The cases were settled in December and January.

I am becoming increasingly suspicion that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are Boris and Natasha. I don’t know who is Bullwinkle in this whole mess, but I do know someone with the same IQ.

Bullwinkle: I’d like to apply for a job as an usher.
Boris: What experience have you had?
Bullwinkle: I’ve been in the dark for most of my life.

Rocky is obviously Mueller.  Or, if you want to fill the entire Bullwinkle cast – Dudley Doright.

I mean, if we’re gonna have a cartoon, at least let’s have a funny one.


Thanks to everybody for the heads up.

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10 Comments to “The Kushner Empire”

  1. You don’t know who bullwinkle is? Just follow your nose until you find the bull. 🙂

  2. So, you see, Dudley DoRight and the good guys will eventually prevail. The GOP will eventually have to deal with Boris… but not until they absolutely have to.

    Meanwhile they will get their tax breaks and pretend health care for the idle rich.

    But once the GOP gets that which they can, then has to remove Boris and his crime family, and what’s-his-name VP ascends and becomes the Great One, I wonder, and do not know what the Constitution says on the issue, but I wonder who will be around to cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate?

    I believe they have to get their thrills now, before Boris leaves office, as the worm will have gotten a bunch slimier.

  3. Lunargent says:

    As I posted elsewhere:

    Before this election, I knew of course that there are oligarchs, always trying to bend things to their own advantage.

    But I never realized that the entire globe is awash in an ocean of Dirty Money. Or what a threat it is to the freedom and well-being of people everywhere.

  4. So is this the beginning of the first WMDBS stage play? Rocky and Bullwinkie: The Drumpf Years?

  5. JAKvirginia says:

    Just to round out this story a bit….
    It’s complicated. I will try to be brief.

    – Jared and family by 666 at the height of the real estate bubble for $1.5+ billion. (Too much.)
    – Building not fully leased. Not enough rental income to cover debt payments. Family paying millions each month to hold property.
    – Banks holding loans put property on their “watch” list. Several floors in building sold to a tenant give them some cash but creates another “owner” to be paid if sold.
    – Kushners come up with “great” plan to demo exosting building and build new. Existing is about 45 floors. New one could go higher.
    – The new building would cost estimated $2.5 billion (including demo). Added to existing debt load, including this new loan, total building costs could reach $4.5 billion.

    Rrealities: There’s no way this plan could work or be profitable, unless the new building had like 200 floors fully rented. It’s a mess. And the Kushners are scrambling to stay afloat. After the original purchase if 666, Trump characterized Jared as “one of the smartest people” he knew.

    Kind of puts everything in.perspective, no?

  6. Deutsche Bank – the front for the Russians. There. I said it. And yes I am glad. Bout time folks really understood this. And no, I am not going to put the CD of “The Russian Army Sings Its Greatest Hits” on my player (daughter gave it to me one Christmas long ago). Would rather listen to the disc with the choir of Welsh miners singing in something even harder to pronounce that Cyrilic lyrics. Hey, Wales: Am Dewey Sant!

  7. Jane & PKM says:

    666 Fifth Avenue the mark of the greedy beast, Jughead Kushner.

    Thanks Ivanka.

  8. That guy in front of Natasha and Boris is obviously Miller. (What the hell is that pointy-headed Nazi’s first name?)

  9. Debbo dear, I think its Steven.

  10. Non of Ponsonby Britt’s characters should be slandered this way.