The Fun Guys Over At Club for Growth

February 27, 2013 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

The Super Deluxe, New and Improved conservatives over at Club for Growth – and it appears that the only thing they’re interest in growing is their wallets – have decided that fighting Democrats isn’t working so good, so they’ve decided to fight Republicans.

Excellent choice.

Republicans and Republicans is so much more fun to watch than Cowboys and Indians.

The have gone and put up a website where they announce who they are going to “primary.”  I do not know when primary turned into a verb but I don’t like that day.

The website is called PrimaryMyCongressman dotcom and they allow you to nominate Republican congressmvarmits to get – oh crap, I gotta say it – primaried.

Now if you scamper on over there, they use opposition research type pictures of these Republicans and allow public comments at the bottom.  Only problem is that the same four comments show up on every page.

I do not know if Richard Zipper is a serious or not, but it doesn’t matter.  There it is.  For the world to see.

Now I’m not saying you should get any ideas about going over and helping with comments about these “liberal” Republicans.  I’m not saying that at all.  You got it?  I am not saying that.

But if you accidentally do that, make it funny.

Thanks to Kyle for the heads up.

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11 Comments to “The Fun Guys Over At Club for Growth”

  1. daChipster says:

    Ol’ Dick Zipper? Know him well. Hangs out with Hugh G….

    never mind.

  2. Juanita, that link is busted. It needs the http and the :// to make it an external link.

  3. Sad thing, they are serious. They actually believe this is a good thang~ #WINNING

  4. Did you see they said they gave $5.5 million to Ted Cruz??

  5. Juanita Jean says:

    Thanks, Origuy, I fixed it.

  6. It is so tempting to go see if I can sic them on Lamar Smith.

  7. I’m sure Richard Zipper’s comment (great name) was a joke, but one that the GOP will never get.

  8. This is why we all laughed when John Boehner accused Obama of trying to destroy the GOP. Like they need any help, doing that.

  9. Wow! Hot Republican-on-Republican action.

  10. Aghast Independent says:

    Seems to me they have been attacking their own since the engineered ouster of Gingrich by Tom Delay and company back in the 90’s, or when they stabbed their own Prez (George H. W.) in the back in ’92. Ya gotta admit, they are good at it….hopefully some more of that kind and generous spirit will continue to spread among the GOP.