The Drinking Game Continues

November 11, 2017 By: El Jefe Category: Trump

When Trump nominated his first slate of appalling appointees to high office within the administration, he inadvertently create a drinking game for us.  Here’s how it works – think of the most unqualified, dishonest moron possible, and when he nominates that person, DRINK! This game has wreaked havoc on my liver since last January, and the game is actually picking up.  Trump is now appointing lower level positions and Senate Republicans are simply playing along.

Let’s play the drinking game today – first, the qualifications of a new nominee; this nominee is a 36 year old young man, 3 years out of law school who has never argued a case in court.  Hell, he’s never even argued a motion in court.  He’s a blogger who writes highly partisan posts, likes to call the last Democratic candidate Hillary Rotten Clinton, and wrote a piece during the last administration about how Barack Obama was destroying the Constitution by introducing legislation for background checks after the Newtown massacre.  He was a speechwriter for Mitt Romney in 2012, and an aide to Luther Strange when he was appointed to be senator after Granny Sessions was named attorney general.

Who is this candidate, and what’s he nominated for?  Why he is Brett Talley, and he’s been nominated to a lifetime position as a federal judge in the Middle District of Alabama.  Oh, and it gets better; after coming to Washington with Luther Strange, he then took a job in the Justice Department in the office that does…wait for it…appointments to federal judgeships.  Can you spell inside track?  And one last little tidbit…he was unanimously rated by the American Bar Association as “not qualified” for this appointment.

Ignoring the profound absurdity of this nomination, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved him on a party line vote on Thursday sending the nomination for confirmation in the Senate.  So, let’s summarize.  Trump’s 4th ever nominee to a lifetime appointment in the federal judiciary is a 36 year old lawyer 3 years out of law school with zero trial experience, a radically partisan history including public support for the NRA, rated not qualified by the ABA, and who likely lobbied the Justice Department for his own nomination.

Next step for us?  DRINK!

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19 Comments to “The Drinking Game Continues”

  1. And when Trump needs to pump up his base (and they’re really base) – the easiest way to do it would be to indict Hillary Clinton. Once Brett Talley is ensconced on the federal bench, guess who the go-to judge for political prosecutions will be?

    I expect he’s in the running to become Trump’s Roland Freisler

  2. 1smartcanerican™ says:

    It seems that the only qualification necessary to be part of the reign of the Dotard is to be totally unqualified and easily directed by others.

    Giving a lifetime judgeship to this unqualified person definitely fits in this administration’s track record so far – and once again, America loses.

  3. Welcome to the New Russian Revolution. Without firing a shot, Putie has his puppet on rapid destroy mode.

  4. @ 1smartcanerican™: It’s much worse than that – with these judges in place, the courts can be used to overturn any laws that a Democratic Congress and President can enact.

    Remember, for example, that the Supreme Court’s decision in NY Times v Sullivan is the only reason the Trumpistas can’t sue the media outlets for defamation. Prior to FDR’s “court-packing” speech, federal child labor law were routinely struck down by conservative judges as an unconstitutional burden on the right to contract.

    If this goes on until 2024, expect to see the US courts return to the early 1900s, when federal courts were routinely used to crush dissent. Look at the prosecutions of anti-war demonstrators during World War 1 as an example of where we’re heading.

  5. What’s the mechanism for removing these judges? There has to be something.

  6. @RepubAnon
    @Jane & PKM

    +1 to each of your comments

    The appointment of Judges, not JUST the appointment of a Supreme, has kept me up at night with scoliosis since this mother frocker Hair Drumpf was elected. “…with these judges in place, the courts can be used to overturn any laws that a Democratic Congress … can enact.” Just the unvarnished truth.

  7. Now silly me thinking Judges had to be experienced in the courtroom. You know I have watched a lot of television and I have served on two juries ( one civil and one criminal ) am I qualified? Technically I have more courtroom experience that this nominee. This has to be the worst era for this country!

  8. Jane & PKM says:

    fierywoman, federal judges can be removed. The process requires impeachment by the House and trial in the Senate. Historically it is extremely rare for a judge to be impeached. For fun check out Harry Claiborne of NV.

  9. If the d’s had any guts the first day they are back in charge of the house they pass an omnibus impeachment of every rethuglican judicial appointtee since addled ronnie raygun ( that includes ALL of lying poppa, texas twit and demented donnie’s) then launch investigations as to their behavior while they were fouling the judicial system.
    But gutless as they are they will just sit back and complain that people actually expect them to do simething about past crimes.
    After all the SYSTEM is more important then anything else even if the r’s have so perverted and abused it that it is unrecognizable.
    D’s they bring a thesaurus to a gunfight.

  10. Kinda reminds me of one of my clients when I was a public defender. Client wanted to fire me and act as his own lawyer. At a hearing the judge asked him if had any experience in the criminal justice system. I didn’t say, but I wanted to, he has more than me and I’ve done over 200 jury trials.

  11. Objection Your Honor: Hearsay.

    Judge Talley to the witness: “Sir, you will have to speak louder.”

  12. Just because they’re not getting the big headline bills through Congress doesn’t mean they’re not doing a lot of damage. Judges are one example. Everything happening, and not happening, at the EPA and Interior is another example.

  13. Hmmm! Once this “kid” is ensconced on the bench he is in a world of hurt. Watch how many of his verdicts are overturned by say the Supremes. Once a judge has that kind of reputation he is a sitting duck for removal. And it can be done by re-assigning him to shuffling paperwork until he quits and goes into private practice somewhere or drinks himself to death.

  14. Get out the vote!

  15. lobstershift says:

    I am going to call Jeff Flake’s office on Monday — he’s on the Committee and voted for this guy. He’s bowing out, so why is he going along with all of this? Also, Ben Sasse. The full Senate has to vote. What about McCain? Any other Republicans who could be shamed into voting against him on the floor?

  16. What Ormond said!
    ~ ~ ~
    And here’s my other thought about this post:
    Donald Trump doesn’t really care one way or the other, so long as it stays out of his way but Steve Bannon LOATHES government. Hates it. Despises it. Wants to kill it.

    It was in the news this week [thought I wish they would stop giving this man a voice] that Trump and Bannon still keep in close touch.

    Want to guess who’s giving Trump his ideas as to who to nominate? Tweety himself isn’t NEARLY creative enough to come up with these folks on his own.

  17. Just wait till he see what the job pays it pays.and how much real work it involves. Probably has student loans and a lot of other debt. Given five years I see him on someones pad.
    Then he can be impeached, indicted and sent to live among some people that should be very interested in his welfare.
    For those that wish to cheer him up, soap on a rope might be appropriate.

  18. Linda Phipps says:

    Federal judges CAN be removed from office. Looking forward to a democratic win in 2020 and a thorough housecleaning. Sad for the people who will suffer under this misadministration.

  19. Fran Seyer says:

    Just read that his wife works in the WH as a lawyer…….? So appt may be illegal……not that legality makes any difference.