The “Caldron of Conflicts”

November 26, 2016 By: El Jefe Category: 2016 Election, Trump

trump-idiotThe NYT has a good opinion piece today about how we are entering uncharted waters with the ascendency of Cheeto Jesus to the (….urp) Presidency. ┬áHis conflicts are so extensive that the security and the US will be constantly and deeply threatened every minute of every day of every month of every year this dangerous demagogue infests the WH.

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27 Comments to “The “Caldron of Conflicts””

  1. e platypus onion says:

    Castro died so there goes one witness to Drumpf’s criminality. Drumpf will prolly claim he knocked Castro off when his company did illegal business with underembargo Cuba.

    Drumpf has committed numerous crimes since he strted his run for an office he doesn’t want. The only investigations of him will be done by minority party Dems and wingnuts are sure to block them when they get close to impeachable crimes against the hellbeast.

  2. e platypus onion says:

    ps that above pic is the one Drumpf hates the most and has basically ordered the media not to use it. Is this how the media ia designed to work?

  3. The media is designed to make the rich people that own it money. Whats good for the rich is good for every body. I hear,
    It will all trickle down. Don the con will go down in history as the greatest con man that ever lived. The American voter is as dumb as a post, and as naive as a 3 year old.

  4. Old Quaker says:

    Rast: You sound bitter. Me too. We have a lot to be bitter about… and worried, and scared….
    It is a nightmare. I wake up each morning and pull up the New York Times on my tablet and remember all over again that we have a master crook going to the White House.
    He’s put an angry ex-general as Nat’l Security Advisor, wants another as Sec of Def, and another as Sec of State, once he ceases to be anused by Romney and Guillani kissing his ass. How does an depot put together a gov’t? He gives the military control of civil dept of gov’t.

  5. Again, all of these have to go through committee. None of them will be taking their Cabinet seat until well into the new year if at all. In the meantime, Stein has raised the money to do recounts in 3 critical states that showed a mismatch between fantasy and reality and that recount is about to get underway. If this pans out as a complete turnaround that will not only benefit the top of the ticket but the down ballot as well, there could be more Dems available for those committees in both houses of Congress and the committee process could well be a lot fairer than just an R rubber stamp.

  6. If Trump “drains the Washington swamp” it will only be so he can dredge up the bottom feeders and put them in his Cabinet.

  7. Hot Damn! About time the Dems started to stand up for themselves.

  8. Chloe Bear, it wasn’t the Dems who initiated this. It was Jill Stein. True, we are sending her money, but without her standing up for this, we would be going nowhere.

  9. Anomalous Propagation says:

    Stein encouraged those who wood vote fore hir to vote four OleBaldy … this is penance on hur part.

  10. AKLynne, I think the Dems should have initiated this days ago. Hillary won’t be prez, but the recount will shed light on any and all things done illegally. If so, DT may not look as triumphant…

  11. Rastybob: about the average voter, I couldn’t agree more. The associated press has an article today (I saw it in the Houston Chronicle) saying a new report from a nonpartisan group claims Russians had an extensive campaign to put fake news on social media. It boggles the mind to think that millions of people think they’re well informed by reading such crap. Everyone: If you get a chance, check out the story by Mike Glenn (also in the chronicle) about the search for surviving concentration camp liberators in Texas. Now is definitely the time to do it. They’re fading fast. And maybe some who were unwilling to talk about it in the past will open up now that Steve Bannon is gonna have the ear of POTUS.

  12. e platypus onion says:

    Papa- under Fitzwalkerstan in Wisconsin, everything is done illegally and then Walker and wingnuts change the rules in hindsight to protect their asses. The stuffed, koch bros paid for Soopreme Court gives them the legal cover they need to continue their cheating,thieving way.

  13. e platypus onion says:

    FYI-ahead of Wisconsin recount, they are throwing out thousands of extra Drumpf votes. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Now if they can keep Walker and wingnuts from interfering with or slowing recount down.

  14. JAKvirginia says:

    America + Trump is a conflict of interest.

  15. I think I’ve figured out why the snacilbupeR supported and voted for the Cheetoh-faced Ferret-wearing Shitgibbon Cocksplat. They want to get little Georgie Porgie off the top of the Worst President Ever list. They know this is the only surefire way and, for once in my life, the snacilbupeR are correct!

    (Personally, I wish they’d found another way.)

  16. If the Electoral College chooses Hillary, there will be war.

    Civil war.

  17. Aggieland Liz says:

    War is never civil. If those ba$tards cheated I want to now, I want to know how, and I want the result corrected.

  18. gabberflasted says:

    Aggieland Liz, I’m with you. Our Military has sworn to uphold the Constitution, as has all law enforcement and ALL office holders, both Federal and State. I am pretty sure that local office holders take the same vow.
    I did so, in 1962 at Fort Leonard Wood. Thousands upon thousands of our citizens have done the same.

  19. Ormond O –

    Terrible as that prospect is, I think that it’s preferable to
    everyone just rolling over and submitting to becoming a de facto dictatorship.

    They’re coming at us from all sides. For instance, they’re set to gut the Civil Service.

    Imagine what will happen if Trump can actually tell any federal employee “You’re Fired”. Which is how he thinks it works. And the GD ReTHUG Congress is moving to make it a reality.

  20. Chloe Bear says:

    AK I know I am delighted the Ds are joining the bandwagon — finally. We should have been leading the charge. If the roles had been reversed trump would have been screaming that the election was rigged.

  21. Polite Kool Marxist says:

    Not counting the ballots in 2000 and not calibrating the voting machines in 2004 brought us the disaster known as Dubya twice. We need to get it right this time before the disaster known as Donnie cheats his way into office.

  22. As much as I’d like to see the election results reversed, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Someone official (I didn’t keep the link) said that would require evidence of widespread voter fraud.

    As opposed to widespread presidential corruption, which we’re seeing in Donnie already.

  23. Widespread voter fraud? Nah! Evidence of hackery would work very well. And if the hackery can be traced back to some guy working out of a 2 room flat in Minsk and is bankrolled by any part of the Russian government, that could be seen as an act of war.

  24. Aggieland Liz says:

    The problem, maggie, is it could be a two room flat in upper Manhattan being routed through Minsk. Or perhaps an FBI office suite in Quantico. We need to know and we need to know now. If we don’t look good and hard at this we may never get another chance to do so. I don’t like the set up at all.

  25. Right you are, Aggieland!

  26. Rhea –

    NOT voter fraud.

    Election fraud. Big difference.