The ABC’s of Trump

February 09, 2018 By: Juanita Jean Herownself Category: Uncategorized

You know who has real power in America? It ain’t the president. It’s the person who reads to the president.

Trump, unlike every other president since Gerald R Ford, does not read his Daily Intelligence Briefing.  Instead, he wants it explained to him.  Do you know the last president who did not read Daily Intelligence briefings? Richard Nixon.

Trump has opted to rely on an oral briefing of select intelligence issues in the Oval Office rather than getting the full written document delivered to review separately each day, according to three people familiar with his briefings.

Honestly, I don’t fret over Trump not having diddle squat reading comprehension.  What I worry about is the fact that we don’t have anybody who can tell the damn truth anydamnwhere in the damn White House.

John Kelly?  Nope. Not that guy. Hope Hicks? Oh, sure.

Aides say Trump receives his in-person intelligence briefing nearly every day, although his publicly released schedules indicate that the sessions have been taking place about every two to three days on average in recent months, typically around 11 a.m.

Yeah, they have to wait until Fox and Fools is over.

Are we great again yet?


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14 Comments to “The ABC’s of Trump”

  1. Jane & PKM says:

    Refusing a daily intelligence briefing is almost an act of honesty by Orange Foolius. Intelligence and deliberate st00pid are two different worlds, so it would be a waste of the briefer’s time.

  2. George W. Bush reading My Pet Goat to a classroom of school children, is a certified stable genius compared to the guy who needs a live, in person, audio book version of the PDB.

  3. Wonder if Kim Jong Drumpf gets dramatic musical accompaniment to his daily intelligence briefing?

  4. Micr: Actually Kim probably does read his intel reports. Kim was educated in Switzerland and probably comprehends waaay more than Trumpus the Flatulent.

  5. Meanwhile the d’s continue their role as the washington generals to an incompetent thuglican globe trashers.
    Tax giveaway to 1% done check
    More money for the pentagon to use as fuel to coddle officers and indoctrinaite fools to become good soldiers who simply “obey orders” no matter how foul, inhumane and illegal many of them are. Check
    No deal on DACA check
    Giving away all leverage by letting the thuglicans avoid even having to vote on raiseing debt ceiling just before election check

    The d’s seem to just like surrendering and then wondering why people won’t come out for them when the d’s once elected can’t rush fast enough to kiss their rethuglican’s shoes in abject surrender with a few moments of kabuki theatre, such as pelosi’s meaningless stunt on the house floor in a bogus attempt to distract from the d’s selling out the dreamers.
    Does anyone remember the thugs demeaning its members that introduced impeachment during Obama’s years? i don’t they were always polite and understanding to birthers, benghazi whack jobs and other conspiratory members. they even rewarded them with Committee chairs and enhanced profile in the party.
    Meanwhile the d’s promote mercenary, intellectual munchkin from west vitrginia who taught his daughter that profit is more important thenothers lives ( epipen) and have leaders deride and insult those who broach the subject of impeachment of demented donnie.
    Remember card check? Unions supported d’s in ’08 on this and were sold out by d’s.
    Dreamers your the next commodity on the d’s sale block just like the unions were sold out.

  6. @k

    I care nothing for Munchkin myself. But even his Republican Lite version of Democrat is far better than yet another seat in the Republican column.

  7. 45 has gone from refusing his daily brief…
    to refuting it.

    When you look at it, the refuting of the non-bias of the FIAS application for Page comes back to a horrifying potential…

    We walk into *any* courthouse in the land under the expectation that our political stance will in no way bias our interaction with the court(s). While I understand that *sometimes* that may not be true, for the most part I believe in our Judicial System.

  8. Ray in Jerrytown says:

    Did that cause you to flash on The Satanic Verses, too?

  9. @Micr ok but his only committee assignments is postal rates and stationary procurement.
    Basically put in the back and inform him that when his opinion is needed they will be given to hime.
    He is such a coward.
    If he had any courage he would try to redeem his rethuglican party by running against wingnuts. But it is easier to just buy a d nomination ( espiacially under rahm and his disiphiles who preferred thuglicans over progressives).
    But now when he screws up, as he will, the d’s get the blame. Once you get these quisling d’s in office with power of incumbancy and the DNC and DSCC cravenness he can block a better D.
    Look at lipinski in Ill.

  10. e platypus onion says:

    Drumpf will not release Dems rebuttal memo citing security issues. He isn’t too secure when he is made to look like a fool.

  11. Linda Phipps says:

    To micr: your suggestion of a musical accompaniment to the briefing brings to mind Trump’s all White Trump girls sashaying in their cute little short skirts. Remember them? I will never forgive him nor the parents of those little girlies. My hatred of all things R runs not only deep, but long as well.

  12. Wonder who reads the briefing. No one in current White House has a valid security clearance. They were too stupid to complete the paperwork. That includes traitor trump.
    K, the whole system needs a good overhaul. The first is to get money out for good. Second elect men and lots more women who put their oaths of office and constituents needs ahead of party and self.

  13. @Linda Phipps

    RE: The Freedom Girls dance troupe.

    If we are thinking the same incident, Kim Jon Drumpf’s campaign refused to reimburse the Girls’ travel expenses. Last I heard the Girls’ parents had sued the campaign. Haven’t read a current status of the litigation.

  14. @Tilphousia
    First thing is to trash the corporate d’s ( looking at you corey booker) who will sell out the party and any, or all, of its constituencies for the illusion of power, wingnut welfare and being able to rub shoulders with the hoi polli.
    Until that trash has been flushed nothing can be done.
    To clean up the party start by eliminating rethuglican lite operators from any party organization.
    Ban any consultants that get paid more then average income of US, Ban any person who has ever worked as lobbyist or lawyer for coporate world, ban any members of the nra, ban any of the delusional no matter what flavor of delusions ( christian, islam, jewish, zoroasterian etc) they subscribe to.
    Maybe then progress could be made.
    Failure to do this just means more broken promises from the party ( i.e. card check) and greater disillusionment among the people who want to be constituents of the D party but can’t donate the million dollars necessary for the d’s to listen to.
    Otherwise just give it up.


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